Abo Blood Group Alleles Chart Printable Word Format

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Understanding Genetics: Punnett Squares

alleles). Dominance in genetics is a relationship between alleles of a gene, in which one allele masks the expression (phenotype) of another allele. A recessive gene is an from the outside!allele that causes a visible or detectable characteristic that is only seen in a homozygous genotype (when an organism that has two copies of


O blood and another daughter (Jennifer) with type A blood. Jessica never married; her sister Jennifer did get married and had three sons (one with type A blood, one with type AB blood and one with type O blood). Both of Katherine's sons also get married Michael marries a woman with type O blood and together they have two


X-linked alleles are always expressed in males because males have only one X chromosome. Multiple Alleles: There are more than two-choices for the allele. Example is human blood group genes. There are three possible alleles for this gene. IA, IB, and i. IA and IB are co-dominant. There are four possible phenotypes: A, B, AB, and O.