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A Case Study on Cruelty to Farm Animals: Lessons Learned From

animal cruelty very seriously [and i]t doesnÕt matter whether the mis-treated animal is a beloved family pet or a cow at a slaughterhouse. Unnecessary cruelty will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.Ó San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael A. Ramos (February 15, 2008)

The Environmental Effects of Cruelty to Agricultural Animals

animal cruelty laws. For centuries before Òfree-rangeÓ became a marketing ploy, that was simply how it was done, and farmers took pride in caring for their animals. Factory farms hire lobbyists and participate in agency rulemaking be-cause they have by far the most to gain from an unregulated industry. Unlike


statistics on animal cruelty cases in the national clearinghouse of information on child abuse and neglect; and WHEREAS, 9H.R. 763, the Child and Animal Abuse Detection and Reporting Act would amend CAPTA to include animal abuse incidences in the information collected by the national clearinghouse. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED

The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome - NYTimes

that appears next to any article. Visit for samples and additional information. Order a reprint of this article now. June 7, 2010 The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome By CHARLES SIEBERT On a late May afternoon last year in southwest Baltimore, a 2-year-old female pit bull terrier was doused in gasoline and set alight.

17-0042A1 (Animal Cruelty) - California

Nov 09, 2017 SECTION 2. The purpose ofthis Act is to prevent animal cruelty by phasing out extreme methods offarm animal confinement, which also threaten the health and safety ofCalifornia consumers, and increase the risk offoodborne illness and associated negative fiscal impacts on the State ofCalifornia. SECTION 3.

The Admissibility of Evidence of Animal Abuse in Criminal

Feb 02, 2001 animals and people reside in the same household. Animal cruelty is often not aimed at the animal per se, but is used as a coercive tech-nique to induce fear in other family victims to prevent them from publicly disclosing family violence occurring in the home. 24 Thus, some animal abuse may be intended as a form of psychological child

&DEPUTY - National Sheriffs' Association

an overt act of animal cruelty, a case of animal fighting, or an instance of neglect or improper care of an animal. This special issue of Sheriff & Deputy is devoted to helping you, as a law enforcement officer, recognize and respond to animal cru-elty in your communities. Every state has a law, or set of laws, addressing animal cruelty,

§ 14-360. Cruelty to animals; construction of section.

Immunity for veterinarian reporting animal cruelty. Any veterinarian licensed in this State who has reasonable cause to believe that an animal has been the subject of animal cruelty in violation of G.S. 14-360 and who makes a report of animal cruelty, or who participates in any investigation or testifies in any judicial proceeding that arises

Do State Anti-Cruelty Laws Apply to Animals Used in

specifically exempted from t he scope of the state's animal cruelty statute research conducted in accordance with protocols approved by an animal care and use committee, as required under the federal Animal Welfare Act or the federal Health Research Act. 2001 Md. Laws 3128, amending Md. code, Crim. Law, § 10-603.

An Evaluative Review of Theories Related to Animal Cruelty

perspectives related to the etiology of animal cruelty: the violence graduation hypothesis and the deviance generalization hypothesis. The article begins by providing a definition of animal cruelty. ANIMAL CRUELTY DEFINED Among the most often cited definitions of animal cruelty is that put forth by Frank

Animal Abuse and Youth Violence

Defining Animal Abuse All 50 States have legislation relating to animal abuse. Most States categorize it as a misdemeanor offense, and 30 States also have instituted felony-level statutes for certain forms of cruelty to animals. How-ever, legal definitions of animal abuse, and even the types of animals that are covered

Animal Cruelty Laws: The Case for Reform

ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS B. General Anti-Cruelty Statutes It appears that every state has now passed some form of general anti-cruelty statute, prohibiting in broad terms unnecessary cru-elty in any form to any animal or a specified class of animals, re-gardless of ownership. Over the years, as a result of court interpreta-

Childhood Cruelty to Cats, Dogs and Other Animals

hood animal cruelty may represent superego lacunae, defects resultant from implicit parental permission to violate cultural norms. Animal cruelty is a conduct disorder which is associated with the male sex. In Tapia's study. IO all 18 children who had been cruel to animals were males.

Childhood Animal Abuse and Violent Criminal Behavior: A Brief

cruelty to animals. 9 Many of the school shooters committed acts of animal cruelty before turning their aggression on classmates, teachers, and parents. 10 There are also different cohorts to be studied and methods of research to be used.

Don't Be Cruel (Anymore): A Look at the Animal Cruelty

Jan 21, 2014 Cruelty to animals is commonly defined as a malicious or criminally negligent act that causes an animal to suffer pain or death.1 Historically, animal anti-cruelty statutes in the United States were enacted because, [I]f left to its own devices, society would exploit animals without regard to

The Hidden Costs of Sexier Lipstick: Animal Testing in the

of incipient animal rights legislation in Europe3 and additional formal opposition to animal cruelty in the United States.4 And even if many of the writers who followed Bentham have argued for the discontinuation of animal experimentation in the eld of medicine as well as that of cosmetics,5 it is the latter { because

Felony Animal Cruelty Laws in New York

Article 7 April 2011 Felony Animal Cruelty Laws in New York Stephen Iannacone Pace University School of Law Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Animal Law Commons Recommended Citation Stephen Iannacone, Felony Animal Cruelty Laws in New York, 31 Pace L. Rev. 748 (2011)

Animal Mistreatment in Business: Ethical Challenges and Solutions

Famous animal theme park Sea World was heavily criticized for cruelty on orca whales ( killer whales ). In 2013, a famous documentary called Blackfish revealed the stunning truth behind orca whale performance and accused Seal World for conducting animal abuse (Goodale, 2015). Original orca whales were captured from the

Animal Abuse is Violence.

our main article in this issue, written by our first repeat author, Sherry Ramsey, Esq., Director, Animal Cruelty Prosecutions, Humane Society of the United States. As you read her article on puppy mills, it brings into focus what a growing national problem this is and the burden it places on local resources.


Despite general recognition as the first animal cruelty law of any na-tion, Radford notes earlier cruelty laws of Massachusetts Bay Colony and Irish laws prohibiting pulling wool from sheep and attaching ploughs to horses tails. Id. at 39 n.29. 3. Stephen Farrell, Member Biographies: Martin, Richard (1754 1834), of Dangan

Legal Definitions of Cruelty and Animal Rights

action for such injury was instituted on the animal's behalf or for the protection of its rights. Anti-cruelty statutes have now superseded the common law and make certain behavior toward animals actionable in itself. No longer is it necessary for an animal's owner to show invasion of a

Animal Cruelty and Psychiatric Disorders

animal cruelty was found to be associated with ag-gression against people.6 17 A Swiss study of chil-dren18 who engaged in animal cruelty and aggressive behavior confirmed the association, at least in part, between sadistic behavior against animals and early childhood trauma. The important point, however, is that even though animal cruelty is

Enacting & Enforcing Felony Animal Cruelty Laws

over the years and anti-cruelty laws now exist in all fifty states.4 The early property based views, however, continue to influence current leg-islation.5 For this and other reasons, animal cruelty is rarely enforced and minimally punished.6 Animal Cruelty, HOUSTON CHRONICLE, Oct. 19, 1997, at 1. Three teenagers convicted of

Annotated Bibliography: Cruelty to Animals and Violence to

The article discusses the animal cruelty andassociation betweeninterpersonal violence, focusing on the approaches of advocacy organization, Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), and the U.S. state and federal governments toward the enforcement of animal anti-cruelty laws. It mentions an adult male racoon found ‐,

Why Eating Animals is not good for us - JSTOR

This article focuses on the animal cruelty, health, psychological and social consequences, as well as environmental consequences of an animal-based diet. Animals are intensively bred and raised in factory farms in the most inhumane ways. By far, the greatest numbers of animals reared and killed by humans every year is for human consumption.

Examining the effect of childhood animal cruelty motives on

found between exposure to animal cruelty (i.e., either witnessing or committing it) and the inmates type of charge. Miller and Knutson, however, did find a modest association between exposure to animal cruelty and the aversive childhood histories of the subjects (p. 59).

Animal Cruelty: A Review - IISTE

Animal Cruelty should be taken seriously because it is a form of violence and violence rarely exists in a vacuum; the study of Animal Cruelty can give insights to other forms of social vices. 3.1 Reveals tendency for other crimes Acts like Animal cruelty are linked to a variety of crimes, including violence against other people, property

The State of Modern South Korean Animal Cruelty Law: An

Oct 21, 2019 South Korean animal cruelty laws have also faced criticism internationally. Puppy mills and the dog and cat meat trade in particular have caused South Korean animal cruelty law to incur intense global scrutiny. 12. Recently, a United States-based international animal rights welfare organization, World Animal Protection, 13

CHAPTER 36-21.2 TREATMENT OF ANIMALS 36-21.2-01. Neglect

36-21.2-03. Animal cruelty - Definition - Exemptions - Penalty. 1. Any person that intentionally engages in animal cruelty is guilty of a class C felony. 2. For purposes of this chapter, animal cruelty means: a. Breaking an animal's bones; b. Causing the prolonged impairment of an animal's health; c. Mutilating an animal; or d.

Animal Protection Laws of North Carolina

Animal cruelty investigator may request a law enforcement officer or animal control officer to assist in seizing cruelly treated animals. N.C. GEN. STAT. § 19A-46(b) Interference with an animal cruelty investigator is a Class 1 misdemeanor. N.C. GEN. STAT. § 19A-48 All animal cruelty investigators must receive annual instruction in the

People and Animals, Kindness and Cruelty: Research Directions

This article addresses the challenges of defining and assessing animal abuse, the relation between animal abuse and childhood mental health, the extensive research on animal abuse and intimate partner violence, and the implication of these empirical findings for programs to enhance human and animal welfare.

The Social Problem of Animal Neglect and Cruelty

about animal cruelty. These calls run the gamut from starving horses to fighting dogs, to elderly people living with too many cats. While the show can be hard to watch, the simple exposure it gives to the public raises awareness. There is also a new show that airs on National Geographic entitled Rescue Ink. In this show there are seven

Animal Cruelty Laws State By State - Stray Pet Advocacy

A conviction of Aggravated Animal Cruelty is a Class 6 Felony with a maximum fine of up to $100,000 and imprisonment for up to 18 months, minimum of 90 days in prison or in-home detention. Subsequent conviction of Aggravated Animal Cruelty is a Class 5 Felony with a maximum fine of $100,000 and imprisonment for up to 3 years.

Animal Cruelty: The Nexus Between Admonishable Violence and

animal cruelty to violence among humans, and ways to strengthen control mechanisms. Credible findings have indicated a propensity for offenders of animal cruelty to escalate their acts of violence towards a human. Although animal cruelty has made a modest impression on society, a

AnimAl Cruelty Crime StAtiStiCS - Animal Welfare Institute

Animal cruelty is a crime throughout the United States, and certain forms of animal cruelty are felonies in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. The connection between animal cruelty and other forms of violence is well established (Ascione, 2001; Vaughn, et al., 2009; Walton-Moss, et al., 2005).

Important Information Regarding Animal Cruelty

Important Information Regarding Animal Cruelty: Reporting Animal Cruelty: If you have a case to report, call McHenry County Animal Control at (815) 459-6222. What is animal cruelty? Article 6 of McHenry County s ordinances states that 1. No person or owner may beat, cruelly treat, torment, starve, overwork or otherwise abuse an animal. 2.

Colorado Animal Cruelty Summary

Decency, which include the state s anti-cruelty and animal fighting provisions. However, there are also other laws related to animal cruelty defined elsewhere within the Code of Virginia, including Article 42 of Title 35, Agriculture, cited as the Animal Protection Act regarding rights of agricultural animals.

Animal Protection Laws of Colorado

Veterinarians must provide animal care records to law enforcement during an animal cruelty investigation COLO. REV. STAT. § 12-64-120 Veterinarians shall report suspected animal cruelty and are immune from liability in any civil or criminal action. COLO. REV. STAT. § 12-64-121 Any person, including a veterinarian, who reports animal cruelty in

Animal Seizures Handout -

File petition for bond where there has been arrest pursuant to criminal statutes prohibiting animal cruelty (Chapter 14, Article 47). Coordinate with law enforcement and DA s Office, as criminal summons is not sufficient for petition for bond (though you can file a verified complaint and pursue bond that way in