Where Can I Find The Guideline For Accessible Information

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Cyber Remediate Vulnerabilities for Internet Accessible Systems

discovery. After gaining entry into information systems and networks, these adversaries can cause significant harm. Internet-accessible information systems include any system that is globally accessible over the public internet (i.e., has a publicly routed internet protocol (IP) address or a hostname

Accessible communication during COVID-19 and other

Persons with disabilities can create a plan to help them stay safe during an emergency. You can find an example of such a plan in the Accessible communication during COVID-19 and other emergencies: A guideline for persons with disabilities. Accessible communication benefits everyone.

A Planning Guide for Accessible Conferences

// A Planning Guide for Accessible Conferences // 6. Dining Facilities. Refreshment and reception areas should also be near the main rooms of the event, and have accessible washrooms nearby Use movable tables and chairs You can find more information on dining facilities in the Meals and Social Activities section of this guide


People can find that they are in an unfamiliar environment, with unfamiliar people using unfamiliar language. Alongside this unfamiliarity the person may be suffering significant illness and/or pain and consequently, it is a time when people often feel vulnerable. On such occasions, children, young people and adults with a learning disability

Guideline Management Crushing and Screening

parts that are accessible or, within reason could become accessible. Most of the serious injuries occur by entrapment in nip points particularly on tail and head drums. B. Nip points on the head and tail pulleys of conveyor belts and at tensioning devices are well-recognised hazards, but serious harm can occur at idler rollers as well.


Accessibility Guide includes important information to assist Guests with planning their visit to the park and enjoy its various attractions, rides, services and amenities. In this Guide, Guests will find specific information for individuals with disabilities along with general policies and guidelines.

1C Where can I find the information I need

For more information about the guideline, see: Information sheet 1A - About the NICE guideline on motor neurone disease For information on how to use the NICE guideline, see our pocket sized booklet: What you should expect from your care You can also find more information about checking if your treatment and care are

Guide to Accessible Festivals & Outdoor Events

schedules of accessible buses, trains and shuttles information on whether the buses on the route are accessible whether shelter is provided at the bus stop whether the train or subway station has an accessible elevator. Consider using accessible vehicles. for festival-specific transportation. For

Accessibility Checklist - The Florida Bar

Accessible parking should be located in the shortest route to the accessible entrances. There should not be a ramp from the curb encroaching into the access aisle by the accessible parking. If there is valet parking with no charge for persons with disabilities, then that would be an acceptable alternative. Accessible Routes /path (1) Yes

Guideline: Trans and gender diverse inclusion in sport

Where can I find more advice or information? This guideline does not cover every situation you may encounter and sometimes you may need to seek specific advice. For more information, contact the Commission or visit our website: 1300 292 153 or (03) 9032 3583 [email protected] humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au

How To Make Information Accessible

make your information more accessible for people with learning disabilities and others who may find it useful. We also want you to encourage other organisations to make their information accessible. This guide can help all organisations that offer NHS or Adult Social Care and must now follow the Accessible Information Standard by law. The aim

Guidance on the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

tains that serve the altered area accessible, is a necessary requirement in other altera-tions, it is equally necessary for alterations made to provide program access. Several commenters expressed concern that a read-ily accessible path of travel be available to ensure that persons with disabilities can get

CSA B651-18 Accessible design for the built environment

information on National Standards of Canada can be found at www.scc.ca. SCC is a Crown corporation within the portfolio of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada. With the goal of enhancing Canada's economic competitiveness and social well-being, SCC leads and facilitates the development and use of national and

WEB Guidelines ACCESSIBILIT 1 - lanecc.edu

For more information, go to the Math & Science page in this handbook. Multimedia Eliminate or limit blinking/flashing content to 3 seconds. Make sure all mouse actions can also be completed with a keyboard alone (without a mouse.) Use an accessible media player like YouTube or the DL Kaltura player.

AT03: Writing Accessible Documents

For more information on using styles in Word, see our guides in Toolkit. Tables The use of tables in Word documents is often unavoidable as it s the best way to display certain types of tabular information (see page A screen reader will find this difficult to navigate as it won t know where to start reading and may confuse the table

The Anatomy of an Accessible Page - LASC

Accessible Canvas Pages Component Accessibility Guideline How to Make it Accessible Headings Properly format headings. Use headings in the correct order. Highlight the text and select the Heading # from the Paragraph drop-down menu on the tool bar. Canvas starts with Heading 2, and there should be only one Heading 2 per page.

Welcome to the United States A Guide for New Immigrants

You can find this information on the USCIS website at www uscis gov. You can obtain USCIS forms on the website or by calling the USCIS Forms Line at 1-800-870-3676. For more information, call Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283 or 1-800-767-1833 (for hearing impaired).

2021 Building Official Information Guide

If you need further information or assistance concerning this guide, please contact: Purpose. Landscape Architects Technical Committee. Phone: (916) 575-7230 Fax: (916) 575-7283 Email: [email protected] Website: www.latc.ca.gov. California Architects Board. 2420 Del Paso Road, Suite 105, Sacramento, California 95834. Phone: (916) 574-7220

Guidelines for Conducting Integrated Environmental Assessments

These can range from global to regional to rapid response assessments and emerging issues assessments. The Guidelines should be considered a living document since they will be used and improved throughout on-going assessment processes. We hope that Practitioners and Users alike will find the Guidelines informative and user friendly.

City of Peterborough Guide to Accessible Documents

the checkpoints listed in this Guide to Accessible Documents. Online information (information posted to a City website) Online information will generally be available on a City website in HTML format. Where online information is more suitable in a document format, the information will be available as a PDF.

College Central Network (CCN) Web Content Accessibility

Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive. Criteria Supporting Features Remarks and Explanations Guideline 1.1 Text Alternatives: Provide text alternatives for any non-text content so that it can be changed into other forms people need, such as large print, braille, speech, symbols or

Accessibility Guideline ABAP external Version V3

Avoid using HTML controls. When you use HTML controls, you must ensure that accessible content is displayed in the control. Create a solution that can be used by all users and that looks the same in accessible mode and in non-accessible mode. (More information on this topic is available in chapter 3.8.) Avoid abbreviations.

Microsoft Excel Accessibility Checklist

The following checklist should be used as a guideline for creating accessible Excel spreadsheets. Specify table headers Use simple table structure with column header information. Header information is used to identify rows and columns for those using assistive technology. Add titles to tables

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards and

scrolling can be used to draw attention to or highlight content as long as it lasts less than 5 seconds. Automatically updating content (e.g., automatically redirecting or refreshing a page, a news ticker, AJAX updated field, a notification alert, etc.) can be paused, stopped, or hidden by the user or the user can manually control the

Accessibility Guideline WebDynpro external Version V1

SAP INFORMATION Accessibility Guidelines for Web Dynpro for ABAP and Web Dynpro for Java Version 1.0 October 17, 2007 Note: These guidelines are part of the book Developing Accessible Software with SAP Net-Weaver (ISBN: 978-1-59229-112-0; ISBN of the German edition: 978-3-89842-862-0).

stroke.org.uk Accessible Information Guidelines

Aphasia can make it difficult to make sense of new information. New information is often not accessible to people with aphasia. Making information accessible is a challenge. Health-workers and others need guidelines to help them make information accessible. Introduction The Stroke Association provided the funding for the development of these

Designing Websites That Are Accessible for All Families

By carefully considering images, the use of plain language, and how to display data and other content, states and territories can enhance the accessibility of their consumer education websites. Top 10 Accessibility Practices Images Guideline

Accessible Exhibition Design - Smithsonian Institution

A. Essential information in exhibition label text must be accessible to people who have difficulty reading English. B. Label design must present main exhibition copy legibly for all visitors. Such exhibition label information must be available within the galleries in alternative formats (e.g. Braille, audio) for people who cannot read print. IV.

MG-02 - Central or Intergroup Offices

Central/intergroup offices handling institutional contacts can find A.A. Guidelines and other service material on aa.org for shared experi-ence in providing these services. 7) Local A.A. Events An A.A. central/intergroup office is a logical body to manage the details of an annual dinner, picnic, or convention,

Guide to making information accessible for people with a

accessible information. They can ensure that the information is accessible to your target audience. For example, for easy read documents, they can test the clarity of the writing and make sure the pictures match the writing. Involving people with a learning disability from the start can improve the accessibility of your information. Who to involve

MG-13 - A.A. Guidelines - Sharing the A.A. Message with the

a clear and accessible view of their ASL interpreter. The interpreter is usually positioned near the speaker, therefore, the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing/DeafBlind members generally require seating arrangements near the speaker. Those A.A. members who do not know sign language can maintain regular communication with members who are Deaf by video phone,

DHU Accessible Information Standard Policy

Accessible Information Standard NHS England define the standard as follows: The aim of the Accessible Information Standard is to make sure that people who have a disability, impairment or sensory loss get information that they can access and understand, and any communication support that they need.

Accessible Health Information Technology (IT) for Populations

An Internet-accessible personal health record (PHR) in Spanish for migrant and seasonal farm workers, MiVIA s goal is to improve users health outcomes, continuity of care, and health literacy. MiVIA also allows for access to email and a member portal that provides community resource information in accessible language and format.

Item Writer Guidelines for Greater Accessibility

Guideline 2: Provide all necessary information in text. Part A: Do not include text as art. When possible, discuss the production process with the art team. If the item writer can provide input to art production, then it should be communicated that only an image that cannot be presented as text should be rendered as art. Example 1: Poor Practice

Guideline number 2

entered into or made available on an information system that a recipient has designated to receive such communication, and capable of being retrieved and processed by the recipient. 1.3 E-communication must be accessible by the recipient and capable of being retained to be usable for subsequent reference.

Guide to Accessible Festivals & Outdoor Events

Even if your venue doesn t need to comply with DOPS, you can use this document on accessible spaces required by DOPS. as a guideline to decide on the number of accessible parking spaces you should have. When planning event parking, create accessible spaces as close as possible to: paths to the nearest accessible venue entries and

National Guidelines on Accessible Health and Social Care Services

5.11 Further information 65 6. Guideline Six: Accessible buildings and facilities 67 6.1 General information 67 6.2 Providing information about accessibility of premises and facilities 68 6.3 Points to consider A checklist for accessible buildings and facilities 68 6.4 Further information 75 7. Guideline Seven: Consent 77

Guidelines for Accessible Information

Dec 11, 2008 Guidelines for Accessible Information 7 As an open educational resource (OER) which permits free use and re-purposing by others these Guidelines aim to provide easy and practical

Designing Accessible Course Materials

Guideline: Provide descriptive module and topic headings. To create the framework for designing accessible modules and topics in eCourseware, it is important to provide descriptive module and topic headings. Providing module or topic descriptions, such as Week 1 and Week 2, can help students with the sequence