Motion Saliency Detection Based On Temporal Difference

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Static Saliency vs. Dynamic Saliency: A Comparative Study

by T Nguyen 2013 Cited by 61 In the temporal attention detection, saliency maps are often constructed by computing the motion contrast be- tween image pixels. In this work, 

CNN-based temporal detection of motion saliency - Hal-Inria

by L Maczyta 2019 Cited by 9 It involves all situations where local motion de- parts from its context with differences or not in appearance. Moreover, existing methods 

Review of Visual Saliency Detection with - arXiv

by R Cong 2018 Cited by 138 salient object based on the visual inspirations from the human different frames; (2) In video saliency detection model, motion.

Salient Object Detection Techniques in Computer - MDPI

by AK Gupta 2020 Cited by 5 Different deep learning-based SOD models utilize these complementary multi-layer features in various ways to learn robust saliency 

Saliency-directed prioritization of visual data in wireless

by I Mehmood 2015 Cited by 61 This is based on salient motion detection, which works on the It combines temporal difference imaging and filtered optical flow to compute the.

Research on Visual Saliency Detection with Comprehensive

saliency detection is to locate the motion-related salient object in saliency detection methods can be divided into some sub-classes based on different.

Saliency Detection Using Joint Temporal and Spatial

by HR Tavakoli 2013 Cited by 2 (e.g. camera motion, illumination change), which affects the background model [19] propose a saliency detection techniques based on center-surround 

Motion saliency detection based on temporal difference - SPIE

by Z Wang 2015 Cited by 3 Motion saliency detection based on temporal difference. Zhihu Wang,* Jiulong Xiong, and Qi Zhang. National University of Defense Technology, 

Training-Free Moving Object Detection System Based on

by X Bao Cited by 1 state-of-the-art approaches for moving object detection can be divided into two categories: els has a temporal difference larger than 5. We in-.

Video salient object detection via spatiotemporal attention

by Y Tanga 2019 Cited by 7 Figure 1: Salient object detection by using different deep learn- ing approaches. They are a motion prior based on the optical flow and the.

Consistent Video Saliency Using Local Gradient Flow - CORE

by W Wang Cited by 308 to address this problem till now, and most of them are based on bottom-up mechanisms. Different from image saliency detection, moving objects catch more 

Video-based salient object detection using hybrid optimisation

15 Oct 2019 Here, the saliency map was initialised for each keyframe by computing a spatial-temporal difference using cue, motion cue, and colour.

Superpixel-Based Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection

by Z Liu 2014 Cited by 196 level temporal saliency is measured by integrating motion dis- of saliency models based on different schemes and theories.19 pages

Video saliency detection by gestalt theory

by Y Fang 2019 Cited by 9 and temporal saliency are predicted based on spatial and tempo- ral features, respectively. denotes the motion difference between blocks i and j. In.


sobel edge detection algorithm, motion detection using pixel-based absolute difference algorithm and motion saliency detection.

Gradual Saliency Detection in Video Sequences Using Bottom

video sequences using color, texture, and motion features (based on our 2.2 Sample images to show the difference of saliency detection, fixation.

Spatio-temporal saliency detection in dynamic scenes using

by SM Muddamsetty 2014 3.2 Spatio-temporal saliency detection based on optical flow Step 2c : Local motion estimation using dense optical flow 42.132 pages

Moving object detection in aerial video based - QUT ePrints

by H Shen 2013 Cited by 61 To deal with this issue, we propose a novel hierarchical moving target detection method based on spatiotemporal saliency. Temporal saliency is used to get a  7 pages

Predicting Video Saliency with Object-to-Motion CNN - arXiv

by L Jiang 2017 Cited by 51 human attention, saliency detection has been widely studied this, motion based features [6], [11], [12], temporal difference.

Automatic glottis segmentation from laryngeal high-speed

by F Schenk Cited by 15 tation method involving rigid motion compensation, saliency detection and 3D By using the whole color information and establishing spatio-temporal.

A Brief Survey of Visual Saliency Detection - Portsmouth

by I Ullah 2020 Cited by 6 saliency detection by combining three different feature maps (i.e., color, orientation, temporal saliency integrated the motion uniqueness of.

Analytical review and study on object detection techniques in

21 May 2021 moving objects and finds the lingering objects based on temporal continuity of the foreground. Zhou et al. 43 presented bottom-up saliency 

Perception-oriented video saliency detection via spatio

11 May 2016 model is proposed. In temporal saliency detection, a novel optical flow model is created based on the dynamic consistency of motion.


by J Guo Cited by 12 al. [23] measured the spatial and temporal saliency based on global contrast, spatial sparsity and motion distinctiveness,.

Temporal spectral residual: fast motion saliency detection

by X Cui 2009 Cited by 106 method Temporal Spectral Residual, inspired by Spectral. Residual based image saliency detection [4]. Different from.4 pages

Saliency Detection in MPEG and HEVC Video using Intra

by T Shanableh 2016 Cited by 6 based on the concept of center-surround differences in both the spatial and temporal saliency using motion trajectories and video reconstruction error.

Learning to Predict Video Saliency using Temporal Superpixels

by A Singh 2015 Cited by 19 salient vs non-salient region; (ii) motion difference, Using rare or abnormal motion to detect saliency in a video is proposed by Mancas et.

Automatic Video Object Segmentation Based on Visual and

by Q Peng 2019 Cited by 6 cues to estimate the motion saliency and localization prior. Finally, based on different theories and methodologies have been pro-.

A spatiotemporal weighted dissimilarity-based method for

by L Duan 2015 Cited by 15 temporal saliency. Liu et al. [34] proposed saliency detection based on motion and color histograms at the super-pixel level.

Novelty-based Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection for

by P Polatsek 2016 Cited by 16 well as an optical flow based motion saliency map. Motion is further processed into a motion novelty map that is constructed by a comparison between most 

Video Saliency Detection Using Deep Learning - DiVA

Several different approaches to saliency detection have been investi- temporal complexity of another kind than the motion which the.

Motion Saliency Map Generations for Video Data Analysis

by J Hu ture saliency maps, a motion saliency map is a topographic Based on a spatio-temporal energy model of motion under suprathresh-.

DevsNet: Deep video saliency network for spatiotemporal

deep learning based video saliency detection studies like these two color saliency and temporal saliency by global motion cues in a.

Learning to Detect Video Saliency With HEVC Features

by M Xu 2017 Cited by 52 training data for image saliency detection, based on several of temporal and spatial difference on these features, more unrestrictive than [31].


by Y Yan Cited by 108 Unsupervised Image Saliency Detection with Gestalt-laws Guided In [9], a contrast based saliency map is proposed, where the color difference between the 

Multi-Feature Based Visual Saliency Detection in - MRIM

by Y Tong Cited by 5 Keywords: visual saliency detection, motion saliency, scene understanding, also different from that of single image because of the additional temporal 

Salient object detection: A survey - Tsinghua University Press

by A Borji 2019 Cited by 543 Keywords salient object detection; saliency; visual attention; regions of interest. 1 Introduction two different ways depending on the type operation.

Video Saliency Detection Based on Spatiotemporal - CNRS

by SH Lee Cited by 21 features of motion intensity and motion contrast to identify visually frame differences as temporal features for video saliency detection.

Encoding Based Saliency Detection for Videos and Images

by T Mauthner 2015 Cited by 42 and camera motion, as well as salient object detection in images. combining the results of different maps, e.g. appearance and motion.9 pages

Salient Object Detection via Video Spatio-Temporal Difference

by L Huang 2016 Cited by 7 the saliency map for each keyframe based on spatial difference on color cue and temporal difference on motion cue. Then, we propagate the saliency among the 

Video Saliency Detection via Sparsity-based - Fatih Porikli

utilizes superpixel-level graph-based motion saliency and spa- tiotemporal propagation. Xi et al. [53] proposed a graph-based video saliency detection 

Video Saliency Detection Using Bi-directional LSTM

by Y Chi 2020 Among them, the video saliency detection method based on the proposed a fast motion saliency detection method, Temporal Spectral 

Video Saliency Detection Using Spatiotemporal Cues - J-Stage

by Y CHEN 2018 other hand, motion similarity is introduced in the temporal saliency calculation process to further suppress the back- ground noise. Based 

Temporal Spectral Residual for fast salient motion detection

by X Cui 2012 Cited by 28 Temporal Spectral Residual for fast salient motion detection Video-based saliency detection is different from image sal-.

Visual Attention Modeling in Compressed Domain - ZTE

by Y FANG 2019 map and temporal saliency map to compute the final video saliency map. tational model for saliency detection based on multiscale im⁃.

Saliency Cut - ASU Digital Repository - Arizona State University

by Y Wang 2013 Meanwhile, motion saliency is calculated in temporal domain by 1.1.1 foreground object detection and segmentation 4. 1.1.2 motion field 

Measuring the Importance of Temporal Features in Video

rare in the dataset and not captured by any of the recent video saliency recent video gaze models therefore are based on temporal modeling components.

Underwater Moving Object Detection by Temporal - IJRTE

15 Sep 2019 detection technique based on a temporal difference technique that current frame to highlight moving objects with higher saliency values.

Author's Accepted Manuscript - Research Institute for Future

by S Zhong 2016 Cited by 15 In temporal saliency detection, a novel optical flow model is created based on the dynamic consistency of motion. We fused the spatial and the temporal 


Salient object detection has been a very popular topic in recent years, which is evolved from from a temporal-segment of a video using a block-based.