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To register, or for more information about our scheduled classes or customized training, call (815) 455-8593 or email us at [email protected] To reach the Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC), call (815) 455-6098 or email us at [email protected] McHenry County College Shah Center 4100 W. Shamrock Lane, McHenry, IL 60050

Office of Community Outreach Classes & Events

The below OSHA/Safety classes are also available. Please call Erin Orwig at 309-833-6032 if you have interest. ELECTRICAL SAFETY-RELATED WORK PRACTICES This course is directed to qualified and unqualified persons working on or near electrical energized equipment and risk the possibility of electrical shock. This training will include the


In fiscal year 2008, OSHA has 2,186 employees.The agency's appropriation is $490.3 million. Continue to visit OSHA's Web site for additional facts at OSHA's mission is to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses, What is the Occupational Safety and and deaths. Since the agency was created in 1971,


Under the authority of the Illinois Swimming Pool and Bathing Beach Act [210 ILCS 125/et seq.], the Illinois Department of Public Health is responsible for issuing construction permits, inspecting, and issuing annual licenses for all swimming pools in Illinois except those at private residences intended only for the use of the owner and their

2020 OSHA & EHSM Courses - SLU

Prerequisites: Students must have OSHA 510 in the past 7 years and have five years of safety related experience approved by the director. Completion of this course allows the student to become an OSHA Authorized trainer in the OSHA Outreach Training Program and will be approved to conduct both 10- and 30-hour Construction Industry Outreach classes.

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osha #502 osha #503 osha #5402 osha #5602 If applying for OSHA #502, #503, #5402, or #5602, attach a copy of your current OSHA Outreach Training Program trainer card or an official transcript of Outreach trainer course completion and skip to line 41.

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Working with OSHA Particularly Hazardous Substances Three Major Classes Reproductive Toxins Affect reproductive capabilities Chromosomal damage (mutations) Fetal development (teratogenesis) Acute Toxins Chemicals that pose high level of immediate health risk Oral LD50 50 mg or less per Kg of body weight

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Businesses must abide by the CAL/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards and the Notification Law. Revised Standards, effective June 17 per EO, can be found here. See also FAQs and What Employers Need to Know about Revised Standards here (updated June 16, 2021) Statewide return to the rules and framework of the Blueprint for a Safer

Safety Data Sheets with New OSHA Physical and - Illinois

Safety Data Sheets with New OSHA Physical and Health Hazard Classes and Tier II Reporting.pdf Author: CANTERBURY Created Date: 12/28/2018 10:00:26 AM

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Electrical Safety in the Workplace 2 Course Goal The aim of this program is to provide comprehensive on-site training to high-risk workers (i.e. skilled trades and maintenance workers) and management on the requirements of Sub Part S, and the prevention


laboratory workers and employees at Illinois State University are protected from health hazards associated with the hazardous chemicals with which they work. The Chemical Hygiene Plan is part of the University's compliance with the 29CFR1910.1450 standard promulgated by OSHA entitled Occupational Exposure to

Overview of CE Requirements for Dental Hygiene Licensure Renewal

Overview of CE Requirements for Dental Hygiene Licensure Renewal (This document is intended only as a general overview. Please confirm specific requirements with your state dental board.)

A guidebook intended for use by first responders during the

hazard classes or division numbers placed in parentheses (when applicable), must appear on the shipping paper after each proper shipping name Class 1 - Explosives Division 1 1 Explosives which have a mass explosion hazard Division 1 2 Explosives which have a projection hazard but not a mass explosion hazard

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Please visit to view our upcoming classes. Once you login, you can click on the Member Services link listed in the center of the main page where you will then find the Classes link. The classes available for online registration will have a Register link next to the number of open spaces in the class.

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Some of you may have been trained in other work classes. Refresher training for those classes will be done separately. What is Asbestos? Asbestos is the name given to a number of naturally occurring fibrous minerals with high tensile strength, the ability to be woven, and resistance to heat and most chemicals.

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classes, as well as building maintenance. Public schools in Illinois fall under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Labor and work areas are covered either under the Worker Right-to-Know Law or the Laboratory Standard, but not by both. The chemical hygiene plan, required by Illinois law under the Laboratory Standard is an

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For outdoor physical activity / classes, face coverings may be removed, as long as individuals are practicing social distancing Ensure protective gear worn by employees and customers - Recommended guidance - Provide sanitization products for customer use (e.g., soap and water, hand sanitizer) Encourage individuals to use reusable water


Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), The Illinois Department of Health, and other Governmental Regulations & Guidelines as described in this document. This plan is available to any and all that seek direction on employees RTW and the resumption of 100% operations.

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OSHA Select Carcinogens Any substance that is regulated by OSHA as a carcinogen Group 1 ( carcinogenic to humans ) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Group 2A ( limited evidence of carcinogenicity from human studies). 2B ( sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from animal studies)

Occupational Injury and Illness Classification Manual

2.1-2 Occupational Injury and Illness Classification Manual 12/92 2.1.1 Nature of Injury or Illness Definition, Rules of Selection The nature of injury or illness identifies the principal physical characteristic(s) of the injury or

HAZWOPER Courses - Illinois Central College

This course provides the 24-hour HAZWOPER training mandated by OSHA under 29 CFR 1910.120. Students attending this three-day training course will learn topics covered in health and safety procedures and personal-protective equipment (PPE) selection and use during operations conducted at hazardous-materials sites. This class is highly interactive

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[email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] It is important that you send your enrollments in early. Some classes fill up quickly and we may not be able to schedule additional classes. In cases of excess enrollment, some attendance restrictions will be imposed and in cases of insufficient


Jan 18, 2021 Requirements Met: OSHA Asbestos Construction Competent Person (29 CFR 1926.1101) EPA Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan Supervisor (40 CFR 763) Indiana Asbestos Worker License Application Qualification (326 IAC 18 -2.1-3)* Illinois Asbestos Worker License Application Qualification (IL Code Pt.855.110b)*

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5) BHC: OSHA and Fork Truck Classes: Career Training Programs for Fork Truck Operator Safety, Driving and OSHA classes. Classes occur during the months of September - December. 5) OSHA: 6600 34th Avenue, Moline, IL 61265 Fork Truck: Location varies. Contact (309) 796-5718 for more information.

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FILED WITH OSHA CANNOT BE FILED ANONYMOUSLY. Mail completed complaint form to: Illinois Department of Labor Illinois OSHA Division 160 N. LaSalle Street Suite C-1300 Chicago, IL 60601-3150 or email: [email protected]

Hair, Skin & Nails and The Professional Cosmetologist 7 Hours)

Licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Approved by: Illinois Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Technology Board License #190.000483

State of Illinois Application for Approval of Illinois

Division of Environmental Health, Illinois Lead Program 525 W. Jefferson St., 3rd Floor, Springfield, IL 62761 217-557-1188 Failure to provide the requested information may result in denial of your training course approval. If you have any question, please contact the Illinois Lead Program at 217-782-3517, TTY 800-547-0466 for the hearing impaired.

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[email protected], or [email protected] It is important that you send your enrollments in early. Some classes fill up quickly and we may not be able to schedule additional classes. In cases of excess enrollment, some attendance restrictions will be imposed and in cases of insufficient enrollment, classes may be

High Visibility Clothing - University of Illinois Facilities

There are three classes of high-visibility apparel. F&S employees will wear Class 3 high-visibility apparel when exposed to vehicular traffic or construction equipment. Current F&S inventory of Class 2 high-visibility apparel is acceptable for use until it is replaced, at which time Class 3 garments will be used. Class 1 Do Not Use

Central Illinois Police Training Center / Mobil Team Unit #7

Illinois Police Training Act - 50 ILCS 705 & administrative code for training Act Auxiliary Officers state statute (65 ILCS 5/3.1-30-20) (from Ch. 24, par. 3.1-30-20) Please be advised that changes in Illinois law, precipitated by the passage of Public Act 94-984 (effective June 30, 2006) effectively alters the

Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Illinois, 2014

of the Illinois CFOI is to monitor, verify, and record all instances of workplace fatalities. Upon receipt of fatality data, CFOI staff works to verify fatalities and collect additional information on fatality circumstances and demographics of the decedent. This report presents data collected through the Illinois CFOI program for calendar year

OSHA Self-Inspection Checklist - EHSO

will also need to refer to OSHA standards for complete and specific standards that may apply to your situation. (NOTE: These checklists are typical for general industry but not for construction or maritime.) Contents

MANAGEMENT LABOR 2017-2018 Training Schedule and 150

Please visit to view our upcoming classes. Once you login, you can click on the Member Services link listed in the center of the main page where you will then find the Classes link. The classes available for online registration will have a Register link next to the number of open spaces in the class.

OSHA Training Institute (OTI)

training received at the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) in Arlington Heights, Illinois. While OTI provides training designed for federal and state compliance officers, and state consultation program staff, the OTI Education Centers provide training for private and public sector personnel and for personnel from federal agencies other than OSHA.

2021 OSHA & EHSM Courses

Great Plains OSHA Education Center Lead Organization MCC-Business and Technology 816.604.5416 1775 Universal [email protected] Kansas City, MO 64120 1 OSHA Courses The Great Plains OSHA Education Center (GPOEC) is a consortium led by the Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, MO. Members of the GPOEC

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OSHA is concerned cases of chronic beryllium disease (CBD) are occurring among dental laboratory technicians working with dental alloys containing beryllium. CBD is a serious lung disease that can be disabling and even fatal. The serious disease may

McClellan Handout - University of Illinois Fire Service Institute

OSHA REQUIRMENTS DEFINITION OF A TRENCH: an excavation which is deeper and longer than it is wide and is less than 15 feet wide at the bottom. A. Trench regulations Federal OSHA - 29 CFR 192 Subpart P Illinois Department of Labor- Illinois B. Additional OSHA regulations for worker safety Escape routes Air quality monitoring


The Firefighter s Handbook: Essentials of Firefighting and Emergency Response, Second Edition Thomson Delmar Learning Vice President, Technology

Required OSHA Programs and Training - General Industry

Required OSHA Programs and Training - General Industry The following chart summarizes major Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) program requirements for general industry. Listed alphabetically by topic, the chart includes the OSHA standard reference, as well as program, audit and training requirements. OSHA Program Topic OSHA