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This research investigates how military-oriented newspapers portray the U.S. military within these two topics through the lens of framing theory. Journalists 

Catalogue March 2021 - Daša Pahor

Istanbul by the Matbaa-i Askeriye (Ottoman Military Press), responsible for publication of all the leading newspapers and important first editions.

'Silence is the best solution'

legitimate Dutch military action. At that time, many Dutch journalists were generally obedient, the media was pillarised, and many national newspapers were 

Press Censorship and Access Restrictions During the Persian

by MD Boydston 1992 Cited by 15 steamers and military trains. In turn, the newspapers devoted a signifi- cant amount of space to military news of the Civil War.4'.

First Amendment on the Battlefield: A Constitutional Analysis

by DA Frenznick 1991 Cited by 20 Constitutional Analysis of Press Access to Military accompanying text (discussing Globe Newspaper and the right of access to judicial 

The Relationship Between the Media and the Military

by S Le 2016 Cited by 1 press pools and military escorts for many the impression remained that at the media and newspapers as a business model and the influence of government 

Foreign Military Educations as PLA Soft Power - USAWC Press

by JS Van Oudenaren 2016 Cited by 4 newspaper published in Chinese, which partners with Chinese state media of National Defense, China's Military Strategy, US Naval Institute News,.

Midget, The - Ulukau

Pubs: Community Press Newspapers; RFD Publi- cations. Conts Hawaii Military Press. Cont by The Military Sun Press. UHM mf. Civilian enterprise published for 

Assault on Grenada and the Freedom of the Press - Case

by TG Havener 1986 Cited by 4 news reporters were denied access to the military operations.4 This In observance of National Newspaper Week, October 9-15, 1983, President Ronald.

press access to military operations: grenada and the need for

by RW Pincus 1987 Cited by 26 The time constraints facing a newspaper or press group seeking an injunction against a battlefield access denial would be formidable, but not insuperable, 

The First Amendment Fights Back: A Proposal For The Media

by MT Mensore 1992 Cited by 6 protest military press restrictions, such as censorship and limitations on access to television, radio, wire service, news magazine, newspaper, photo, 


MILITARY PRESS IN WORLD WAR II1. Katrin Bromber. In the cause of World War II, finish the task, the army newspapers resorted to ideas of military hon-.

Public Affairs: The Military and the Media, 1962-1968

cases word finally surfaced in the form of damaging newspaper exposes. As the war in Korea continued, the American news media also followed events.

Freedom of the Press in Time of War - Chicago Unbound

by GR Stone 2006 Cited by 11 can history that a newspaper has been prosecuted by the federal govern- tion of the Union led President Lincoln and his military commanders to.

Security Reviews of Media Reports on Military Operations

Nov 10, 2004 unavoidable conclusion that the military's press restrictions, While Globe Newspaper found that access to criminal trials met all those 

Military Public Relations and the Domestic Base Newspaper

by WR Tubbs 2017 While called newspapers, the. United States military designed these publications to be a hybrid of traditional news and public relations.

Press Pools, Prior Restraint and the Persian Gulf War - Air

by CJ Mordan Cited by 12 Was the military's reliance on press pools in the Gulf War an unjust, helpful to the enemy.18 The Union government called for newspapers to voluntarily.17 pages

A Case Study of the Argentine Press during the Proceso of

by TR Samples military's leadership in the Argentine and international press.1 oldest existing newspaper in Argentina is La Capital de Rosario, which was founded on.


The Military Press Newsmagazine is published semi-monthly on the 1st and the 15th by Military Press Newspaper, a commercial, free-enterprise news-.

Chinese Military Reforms in the Age of Xi Jinping - National

by J Wuthnow Cited by 81 For current publications of the Institute for National Strategic Studies, please visit the NDU Press Web site at: Opinions, conclusions, and 

The Press and Politics in Nigeria: A Case Study of

by MP Seng 1986 Cited by 24 distribution of newspapers throughout the country.35. C. Military Rule: 1966-1979. The military took over the government of Nigeria in 1966 

persian gulf war - Drake Law Review

Id. The press pool arrived in the military theater of operations on August 12, four days news to the nation's major newspapers and weekly periodicals.

The Newspaper Problem in its Bearing upon Military Secrecy

by JG Randall 1918 Cited by 59 7 Everywhere throughout the war unauthorized news was continually finding its way into print through numerous unsealed channels. In striking contrast with the 

News Coverage of Military Sexual Violence Against Women

2017 Cited by 2 analysis of newspaper reports of military sexual violence over a 22-year period, from 1991 (beginning with the Navy Tailhook Convention 

For Morale or Propaganda? The Newspapers of Bonaparte A

Apr 25, 2003 staff of professional journalists of some renown. The result was a superior newspaper, whether for the military or civilian press. The.

Communication Policies in Civilian and Military Regimes

by A Gadzekpo 1997 Cited by 20 The Guinea Press was established and the Evening. News, a CPP party paper founded by Nkrumah in 1948, was converted into the Ghanaian Times, a newspaper 

americ a's - team - Freedom Forum Institute

by FAWP LAWRENCE cover a future war or military operation. Among them were editors, reporters, news directors, photographers, producers and ex- ecutives of newspapers, news 

Six Selected Confederate Newspapers Report Civil War Battles

by H Gabler 1971 hindrances to Confederate newspaper reporting of war news: Union raids on with the government in concealing vital military news.,.,1'^.

virtuous praetorians: military culture and the defense press

by E Sencer 2008 Cited by 2 military press, which betrayed signs of old institutions trying to adapt to countries, but the German variety, often raised in the local newspapers and 

Consistent with Security A History of American Military

by JA Gottschalk 1983 Cited by 28 Phillip Knightley relates in The First Casualty, military press censorship newspaper censorship, but the idea went largely unheeded primarily because.

DIA Iran Military Power - Defense Intelligence Agency

major foreign military challenges facing the United States. This volume provides details on. Iran's defense and military goals, strategy, plans,  130 pages

List 164 - Naval & Military Press

Over 7000 military books available online at Telephone : 01825 749494 it's original large newspaper size format.

ED296319.pdf - ERIC

by CW Ogbondah 1988 Cited by 4 examined two press laws: the Newspaper Ordinance No. government and the military governments of the post independence period.

Dalisay.Buildup.IJOC.pdf - University of Hawaii College of

the Pacific Daily News (PDN), a newspaper on the Western Pacific island of Guam, covers a U.S. military buildup, and the extent to which such coverage 

DoDI 5120.04, March 17, 2015, Incorporating Change 1on

Mar 17, 2015 the publication of authorized DoD newspapers, magazines, guides, This includes, but is not limited to, Military Department news.

JP 3-61, Public Affairs - Joint Chiefs of Staff

by STAT SO freedom of the press, but within the Department of Defense this right must be balanced against the military mission that requires.

Capture in the new Burmese media landscape

by JM MCELHONE Cited by 3 ernment and the military, according to watchdog groups such as PEN Myanmar, the Southeast Asian Press Alliance, Article 19, Human Rights Watch, and the.

The Role of Military Journals - Annex - RAND Corporation

The Polish military press may be classified according to the district newspapers become Army newspapers for those Armies organic to a.

Training to fight Russia's Major Military Exercises 2011 2014.

The military press included Krasnaia Zvezda (Red Star), the daily newspaper of the MoD, the weekly Voenno-Promyshlenny Kurier (the Military-Industrial.

CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE - The University of North

Contemporaneous Articles from Newspapers and Magazines press, the public, and the military, of the category of woman war correspondent and the.

informal censorship of the press ia vietavai by - TTU DSpace

by R Klein 1972 Cited by 907 Newspapers, magazines and books have displayed a con- tinuing interest in the military-press conflict of the. Vietnam war yet none devoted more than 

Federal Periodicals - National Archives

transfers, base policies, and a few articles about Marine Corps or military news. 15) MCAS Newspaper Rotovue The Rotovue is the biweekly newspaper of 

The Weekly Polska Walcząca (1939 1949): A Review - CEJSH

by E Godlewska first as a military newspaper, and then as a veterans' weekly, accompanying Polish press of the political and military emigration of this war.

GI Antiwar Newspapers and the Culture of Protest - La Salle

by BL Tischler 1990 Cited by 9 In some localities, publishers whose papers were distributed on military bases demurred from printing news that was potentially critical or damaging to the 

The General and the Civil War Press. By

by JW Miller between the demands of military commanders for press censor- ship and the equally strong attempts by newspaper reporters and publishers to protect their 

History of Relations Between the Press and the Military - jstor

The press also benefited from opportunities to pool their efforts and share stories in theater. Newspaper coverage of the major combat operations phase of OIF 

First Amendment Implications of Embedded Journalism

by J ELANA Cited by 30 12 After criticism over the military's press exclusion from the Grenada Invasion in Many newspapers published graphic, full-color images of the bodies, 

Avoiding Bloodshed? US Journalists and Censorship in Wartime

by D Smyth 2013 Cited by 6 Under martial law in Mexico, US military officers closed newspapers Jeffrey A. Smith, War and Press Freedom: The Problem of Prerogative Power (New York: 


THE MILITARY PRESS NEWSPAPER The Military Press is the largest military news, sports and entertainment tabloid in California, with a distribution 

Alumni Association records - Digital Collections

Nov 22, 2016 The College Star newspaper served as a means of connecting with fellow Items such as newspaper articles and military press releases are