What Is The Difference Between Individual And Collective

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Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

the collective unconscious, archetypes. Archetypes, he said, were what made up the contents of the collective unconscious and had a powerful effect on the individual. The discovery of the collective unconscious and the theory of the archetypes, are some of Jung s major contributions to psychology.

Individual contracting, collective bargaining and wages in

suggested little difference in most performance indicators between workplaces that maintained and those that abandoned collective bargaining in favour of individualised approaches. Where there were differences, workplaces that had abandoned collective bargaining had weaker improvements in productivity. Does individual contracting offer an

Testing the Difference between School Level and Academic

described the reciprocal influence of the individual and organization. Variables influencing organizational learning include leader openness to change, faculty openness to change, work locus of control, goal alignment, and collective efficacy (Hanson, Ruff, & Bangert, 2016).

Control and Instrumentation Cables - Anixter

Multipair PE Insulated Instrumentation Cable BS5308 Part 1 Type 1 Collective Screen, Unarmoured 300/500 V N.B. The above part numbers apply to cables with blue outer sheaths.

Collective Intentional Behavior from the Standpoint of Semantics

What is the difference between individual action, my brushing my teeth, and collective action, our carrying on a conversation, on the one hand, and individualintention,myintendingtobrushmyteeth,andcollectiveintention,

Fordham Law Review

the individual agreements deemed to be superseded. It is interesting to note that the Court apparently sanctioned union. approval of certain areas of contract which might be left up to the independent negotiation between the individual and his employer, not-withstanding the collective agreement.-'

A new case of consensual decision- collective movement in

relation between individual behaviour and collective decision making (Jeanson & Deneubourg 2009). The distribution of the number of individuals among two alternatives may be different according to the species and situation: it can vary from an equidistribution to a strong difference between the number of individuals choosing either direction.

Public Sector Bargaining: A Different Animal

FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PUBLIC SECTOR AND PRIVATE SECTOR BARGAINING The differences between public and private employee individual bargaining over the terms and conditions of employment are significant, but they pale in comparison to the fundamental difference between public and private sector collective bargaining.

Personal Vs Collective Identity and Collective Rights in Canada

Collective Rights Collective rights are the rights guaranteed to a group and protected for them. Collective Rights are different than individual rights - Every permanent resident has individual rights in Canada under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, such as the right to live anywhere in Canada. Collective rights are the rights Canadians

Fordham Law Review

collective agreements, there are also individual contracts of employ-ment, the terms of which are defined by the collective agreement. It is this individual contract of employment that is the basic source of legal protection against arbitrary union action. The reemergence of the individual contract of employment as a

Understanding the Relationship between Self- Construals, Self

defined as the fit between an individual s internalized cultural framework (cognition, affect, personality) and the cultural norms and practices of the host society. The cultural fit theory proposes that, the better the fit between the incoming individual and the culture of the host society, the better the individual s adaptation.

Individual Rights Versus Collective Rights

to recognize individual rights alone, or are collective rights also necessary? At the basis of the debate lie national minorities and ethnic groups. A national minority is dificult to define. What is the difference between a national minority and a minority? I once asked Max van der Stoel, the former High Commissioner of

Self and Collective Interest in Business Relationships

The distinction between self and collective interest has two important implications. First, the constructs of acquiescence and power use (cf Morgan and Hunt, 1994), or influence , by firms are premised upon the distinction. Without difference between self and collective interest, use of influence and the


individual contracts of employment and rights acquired through collective agreements cannot be contacted out of or waived.8 Where the agreement was entered into by a majority union at plant level even non-members are bound.9 As

Collective Investment Trusts Lower Costs and Greater Flexibility

A key difference between CITs and mutual funds is how each vehicle is regulated. Mutual funds are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), among other statutes, under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended. Their governing documents primarily consist of a prospectus and statement of additional information.

PART III Shared or Collective Leadership distribute

Shared or Collective Leadership 165. several conclusions based on their review of the lead-ership literature. The gap between the practice and implementa-tion of AIT and what we know about its effects has grown over the last decade. Opportunities to examine how AIT can com-pletely transform the way leaders are devel-

Genuinely collective emotions - Georgetown University

Of course, there are numerous differences between these claims, but the type of state that is being ascribed is clearly salient. Thus, although collective beliefs, desires, and intentions have seemed plausible enough to warrant philosophical attention, collective melancholia has seemed absurd enough to be rejected without reflection.

Individual and Collective Human Rights - UiO

In spite of the crucial role of the tension between individual and collective rights in the contemporary international discourse on the philosophy of human rights (e.g., the minority group of disabled) and since my assignment is on

Group versus individual decision-making: Is there a shift?

decisions to average individual decisions. Moreover, there is a line of literature explicitly exploring the relationship between the mean of individual decisions and the mean of group decisions across di⁄erent speci cations of lottery choice problems (see for example Teger and Pruitt, 1967; Myers and Arenson, 1972).


5. We agree with the definitions of collective services and individual services. 6. We supported IPSASB s decision to exclude collective and individual services from the scope of social benefits. We also recognise IPSASB s efforts to maintain a principles-based standard that distinguishes between social benefits and other non-exchange expenses,

for Individual and Collective Training

most cost effective option for individual or collective training. Implementation of the concept required to gain the benefits listed above will require the development and integration of new tools to address collective training, unit training, and newer training device options like networked simulation. Utilization of Findings:

Think BIG! Collective Action for Climate Change

The learner understands the term Collective Action The learner understands the difference between Individual and Collective Actions The learner understands what their role could be in Collective Action for climate change The learner is able to support climate friendly activities Key questions

Environmental Activism as Collective Action

1 The difference between the value of the collective good and selective benefits/costs is a function of excludability. Collective goods are non-excludable; benefits enjoyed by one person are available to another. For example, improvements in environmental quality are non-excludable because everybody can enjoy a cleaner environment


The difference between personal and social identity is not a matter of the attributes which define the categories nor of the abstract level of inclusiveness of the categories used to define self. For example, a woman may define herself as intelligent both as an individual compared to other women and as a woman compared to men.


deployment. The imparting of knowledge between the creative organization, individual employees and users, the differing cultures and creative orientations, influences the product design and success. Problems at functional interfaces, such as interfaces between marketing and design are identified and perhaps new foundations for best practices are

Collective Dispute Resolution through Conciliation, Mediation

collective disputes. As the term implies, individual disputes are those involving a single worker whereas collective disputes involve groups of workers usually represented by a trade union. Collective disputes can further be divided into two sub-categories: rights disputes and interests disputes.


individual teachers benefit from sharing their insights and experiences with colleagues. The collective appetite for professional practice is the difference between good and great teaching. Extended to every school in Victoria, it is the difference between a good and a great school system. Our children s futures depend on our professional


between individual behaviors and collective behaviors, on the one hand, and between different scales on the other), is not ontological but only epistemic : a collection of suicides distributed in a region,

Impact of Culture on Individual Well-being

There is a basic difference between culture in the socio-anthropological sense (values, belief systems, level of individual and collective participation and not

Individual or Collective Liability for Corporate Directors?

The choice between individual and collective assessment may be the difference between a director's liability and her exoneration, may affect how boards function, and informs the broader fiduciary duty literature in important ways. This Article is the first to explore the individual/collective question and suggest a


policies in different ways. The individual risk model (IRM) is derived by considering the claims on individual policies and summing over all policies in the portfolio, while the collective risk model (CRM) is derived from the portfolio as a whole. This is sometimes held to be the main difference between the IRM and the CRM.

Self Interest vs. Collective Interest Mutually Exclusive?

Apr 07, 2014 that is willing to consistently break business and moral law to further individual and institutional interest over client and collective interest. The results of such behavior is the unlawful enrichment of the industry professional and the industry, and when such behavior is pushed to the extreme, massive wealth

Collective Memory: Coordination, Interaction,

tions between individual and collective memory based not on analogy or parallel or metaphor, but on understanding interactions between distinct yet highly interdependent phenomena. These interactions between forms of memory and between disparate components in and across (transient or enduring) systems take many shapes, revealing

Between the Individual and Collective Models, Revisited

Between the individual and collective models, revisited Fran¸cois Dufresne ⁄ Ecole des HEC University of Lausanne August 14, 2002 Abstract We show that the aggregate claims distribution of a portfolio mod-elled by a mix of the individual and collective models can be obtained with a single recursion (under some conditions). This seems to have

Collective Bargaining Terminology - United Steelworkers

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT (CBA)- A written agreement or contract that is the result of negotiations between an employer and a union. It sets out the conditions of employment (wages, hours, benefits, etc.) and ways to settle disputes arising during the term of the contract. Collective

Individual and Collective Self-Defense in Article 51 of the

collective self-defense depends on whether the state in whose favor it is being exercised has a right of individual self-defense. In consequence all further legal problems concerning collective self-defense depend on the problem of individual self-defense. Self-defense must be distinguished from self-help. Self-help is a pro-

Individual Self, Relational Self, Collective Self

the individual self than collective self regardless of strength of group identification. According to the collective-self primacy view, negative mood and feedback derogation would be worse following threat to the collective than individual self regardless of strength of group identification. Finally, according to the contextual

Defending Wage and Hour Collective Actions Under the FLSA

By remaining silent, individual members of a class action generally waive their right to file separate lawsuits arising from the same set of facts. In contrast, an individual wishing to participate in an FLSA collective action must affirmatively opt in to the lawsuit. Until the individual files a written consent to join

Understanding the difference between Information Management

The interplay between authors coming from these two camps offer us the current more accepted understanding about knowledge. Namely, knowledge can only reside in one s mind and is the result of human experience and reflection based on a set of beliefs that are at the same time individual and collective.