Use Of Embryo Chick In Investigation Of Certain Pathological Problems

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Cellular automata and integrodifferential equation models for

problems. One such, which we will concern ourselves with here, is that of mosaicism. Mosaic tissues are com-posed of two or more genetically distinct cell types, and the mosaic patterns produced by this mix of cells are witnessed in many scenarios. For example, certain human diseases involving mutations early in embryo-

Biochemical Mechanisms of Combined Action

embryo when exposed to crude oil and the induction of mixed function oxidase in the quail by PCBs. 4.1 Physiological Responses of the Avian Embryo to Crude Oil Crude oils have been shown to be embryotoxic to a variety of avian species when microlitre quantities are applied to the shells of their eggs (Albers, 1977; White et aI., 1979).

A Study to Determine the Effects of Aceclofenac Sodium on

embryo and normal tissue growth [1]. Similarly, the incompetence of the body to accurately control this phenomenon of angiogenesis can lead to many severe diseases such as ischemic tissues and cardiac failure. In the same way, abnormal high level of angiogenesis can lead to various pathological conditions like cancer, cardiac problems

Toxoplasma and Obligate Intracellular Parasitism

standing pathological changes, while inflammation was either absent or, in certain instances, a late manifesta-tion. Intracerebral inoculation in rhesus monkeys was fol-lowed only by a febrile disease. Intracutaneous in-jection gave rise to a local lesion associated, as after other forms of peripheral inoculation, with systemic

On the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Signal Transduction

pathological mechanisms of neurodegeneration which would be a basis to block or to promote certain pathways of signaltransduction that are initiated in neurons under pathological conditions. Especially the support of endogenousneuroprotective pathways is a hopeful strategy for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and stroke.


However, certain infectious poultry diseases such as coccidiosis, Marek's disease, infectious bronchitis and avian encephalomyelitis have been proven to be almost impossible to eradicate, even under optimum conditions for disease prevention in regard to hygiene and isolation. The incidence of avian encephalomyelitis (AE) or epidemic tremor


brane of the embryonic chick by 34 Use of embryo chick in investigation of certain pathological problems. South. M. J. 26: 418-420.