Propagation Of Elastic Stress Waves In Continuously Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Media

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Scattering of Seismic Waves from Arbitrary - PRISM

Seismic wave propagation in anisotropic media For a linear elastic medium the stress and strain has linear relationship. If the stress is.

Travel-Time Tomogr aphy for Stress - UWSpace

by A Mohammad Vali Samani 1997 Cited by 2 4.3 Ray Tracing in Stress Induced Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Media fronts in an inhomogeneous medium of a continuously varying wave propagation.

The Propagation of Elastic Waves in a Certain Class - JSTOR

by ID Abrahams 1992 Cited by 16 media. But, in contrast with the isotropic case, the extra degree of mathematical Elastic waves in inhomogeneous anisotropic materials. I. Figure 2.

Seismic wave scattering in non-homogeneous - WIT Press

by GD Manolis 2014 an inclined line crack in a continuously inhomogeneous medium swept by either Elastic wave propagation through media with complex structure is of 

Body waves propagation in a uid-saturated transversely

by M Eskandari-Ghadi 2020 in a transversely isotropic linear poroelastic uid-saturated medium in the framework of presented for stress wave propagation in a saturated.

ECT2012 Proceedings paper 97 -

by K Miura 2012 problem for the inhomogeneous elastic media. As we historically survey the research of the wave propagation for the elastic body,.

Group and Phase Velocity of Love Waves Propagating in

by P KIEŁCZYŃSKI 2015 Cited by 12 theory of Love waves in elastic inhomogeneous media. (FGM) can also be used to analyze performance of the depth, β is the wave propagation constant, j =.

Propagation of elastic waves in a fluid-loaded anisotropic

by C Barona Cited by 42 sults on the propagation of elastic waves in an asymmetrically fluid-loaded fluid-loaded anisotropic waveguide with continuously varying properties  41 pages

Propagation of acoustic waves in a one-dimensional

by G Gautier 2011 Cited by 35 Wave propagation in macroscopically inhomogeneous porous materials has ture on inhomogeneous media is extensive in several fields.

Elastodynamic Problem Formulation

governing three-dimensional elastic wave propagation radiated by a In the case of inhomogeneous elastic isotropic case, the equation of motion (3.5).

On propagation of axisymmetric waves in pressurized - arXiv

by B Wu 2021 Cited by 27 In the context of linear elasticity, wave propagation has been a subject of inhomogeneous deformation and stress fields, and hence it is intractable to 

17th International Workshop on Seismic Anisotropy

2 Feb 2016 lating propagation of decoupled elastic waves using low-rank ap- proximate mixed-domain integral operators for anisotropic media:.


by S Kowalczyk Cited by 4 The problem of SH-wave propagation in anisotropic inhomogeneous layer with waves in a linear-elastic, isotropic, compressible half-space with constant.11 pages

The Direct Integration Method for Elastic Analysis of

a continuous manner with respect to depth coordinate. Specifically,. Meissner [172] studied the propagation of surface waves in an inhomogeneous medium 

Timeâ 'harmonic boussinesq problem for a continuously nonâ

has also been tested on the basis of in situ wave propagation tests on uniformly of elasticity for certain types of inhomogeneous isotropic media', 

PDF chapter, Shocks and structured waves - IOPscience

will propagate as an elastic pressure wave at a velocity determined by properties of isotropic materials with strength are the resolved shear stress and 

Elastic Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Media - CORE

by AG Sena 1992 Cited by 7 appropriate velocity (elastic constant) model for migration in azimuthal isotropic media for nonconverted and converted qP-qSV waves.222 pages

Complex Rayleigh Waves in Nonhomogeneous - MDPI

by K Li 2021 the Love waves propagating in layered magneto-electro-elastic half-space stress. Singh and Bokne [20] analyzed the propagation of shear 

Waves in Inhomogeneous Solids - Scholarly Commons

by A Berezovski 2009 Cited by 10 propagation of waves in inhomogeneous elastic solids. cludes (i) waves in periodic media for weakly nonlinear waves with a typical forma 

Energy flux in viscoelastic anisotropic media - SW3D

2006 Cited by 46 ergy flux of plane waves propagating in elastic anisotropic and in propagating in an inhomogeneous viscoelastic anisotropic medium are derived.19 pages

A Green's function method for surface acoustic waves in

by O Matsudaa 2007 Cited by 18 Acoustic wave propagation in anisotropic media with one-dimensional inhomogeneity is discussed. Using a Green's function approach, the wave equation with 

Three-dimensional wave propagation in a general anisotropic

by MD Sharma 2004 Cited by 38 Elastic wave propagation in anisotropic poroelastic media is of great interest in Stress-induced anisotropy may also be present in the matrix frame of a  16 pages

Computation of dispersion curves of guided waves in

by SE Hebaz 2018 this inhomogeneous medium where the properties vary continuously through in the field of simulation of the propagation of elastic waves.11, 12 Re-.

Time-domain modeling of elastic and acoustic wave - TSpace

by H Assi Cited by 4 formulations for modeling mechanical wave propagation in unbounded solid, problem for a wide range of otherwise unstable anisotropic elastic media.

Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous, Anisotropic

by A Minachi Cited by 3 Of concern in certain cast steels are the highly aligned grain structures that develop, creating significant elastic anisotropy and variation of wave speeds 

Theory and application of the equivalent - Mechanika

by W Yao 2015 Cited by 1 The group velocity of elastic wave is constant in the homogeneous medium, so that the The wave propagation in inhomogeneous media is.

Elastic Wave-equation Depth Migration of Seismic - CREWES

Schlumberger, whose insights into anisotropic wave propagation I have valued greatly. 4.2.1 Drawback to standard PSPI for anisotropic elastic media

Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous

by M BEREZOVSKI 2010 Cited by 2 1.1 Elastic waves. Waves correspond to continuous variations of the states of material points repre- senting a medium. In mechanics, the motion of waves is 


by S Kowalczyk 2016 Cited by 4 The problem of SH-wave propagation in anisotropic inhomogeneous layer with waves in a linear-elastic, isotropic, compressible half-space with constant.11 pages

Propagation of Torsional Surface Waves in a

non-homogeneous isotropic crustal layer lying over a viscoelastic mantle. consideration of wave propagation in layered media with arbitrary amounts of 


by L Yang 2011 Cited by 1 Yung-Yu Chen, L.X. Yang, S.J. Yu, Hyperbolicity of Velocity-Stress Equations for. Waves in Anisotropic Elastic Solids, Journal of Elasticity 2011, 

Propagation of elastic waves through inhomogeneous

by A Minachi 1992 The extensive use of composites as structural materials in today's industries has de manded a greater understanding of their properties. The anisotropic elastic 

A one way wave equation for modelling seismic waveform

by DA Angus 2005 Cited by 11 Submitted to GJI: Spring 2005. SUMMARY. The application of a new one way narrow angle elastic wave equation to isotropic het- erogeneous media is described.


treatment of elastic wave propagation in horizontally layered media for which Representing components for displacement and stress tensor in isotropic.

A one-way wave equation for modelling seismic - IEEE Xplore

by DA Angus 2005 Cited by 11 simulating wave propagation in heterogeneous media. Ray-based approaches applied to the In this paper, the narrow-angle one-way elastic wave equation of.

Mathematical Aspects Of Wave Theory For Inhomogeneous

by AI Larsson 1991 rently anisotropic media is becoming the focus of attention (White[158]). Wave propagation along an inhomogeneous elastic rod is considered. The rele-.

Seismic Wave Propagation in Stratified Media - OAPEN

linear isotropic elasticity this is an approximation and we should be aware of its limitations. The level of stress within the Earth, predominantly due to 

On Peculiarities of Propagation of a Plane Elastic Wave

by A Anufrieva 2015 Cited by 5 inhomogeneous anisotropic layer adjacent to a viscous fluid was investigated in [19]. In the present work, diffraction of elastic waves by 

Theory of Elastic Waves - Universität Hamburg

3.9 Ray seismics in continuous inhomogeneous media 113 Hudson, J.A.: The excitation and propagation of elastic waves, Cambridge Uni-.


in isotropic, inhomogeneous media before specializing to isotropic, successfully in treating the propagation of elastic body waves through the real.

Ignaczak equation of elastodynamics - SAGE Journals

by M Ostoja-Starzewski 2019 Cited by 11 Additional topics include a theory of surface stress waves propagating in an inhomogeneous isotropic elastic half-space as well as a theory of surface 

The Propagation of Radially Symmetric Stress Waves in

by R Greif 1971 Cited by 29 The Propagation of Radially Symmetric Stress. Waves in Anisotropic Nonhomogeneous. Elastic Media. A study is made of the transient response of a  7 pages


12 Sep 2018 gravity on Rayleigh wave propagation in a homogeneous, isotropic elastic solid medium. Effects of irregularities on the propagation of 

Basic Principles of Wave Propagation - Subsurface Imaging

by GT Schuster 2011 Cited by 1 The last part of the book describes the physics of elastic wave Hooke's law for an acoustic medium says that stress is linearly 

Wave Motion In Elastic Solids - Ham-Let

propagation in either continuous or discrete inhomogeneous elastic/viscoelastic, isotropic/anisotropic media containing multiple cavities, cracks, 

Wave propagation in an inhomogeneous crossanisotropic

4 Sep 2009 SUMMARY. Analytical solutions for wave velocities and wave vectors are yielded for a continuously inhomogeneous cross-anisotropic medium, in 

The Theory Of Elastic Waves And Waveguides www1

derivative equations that can be used in the propagation of elastic waves. a radially inhomogeneous earth and in multilayered media, which includes the bulk waves in isotropic and anisotropic media, and also for the Rayleigh waves on the Stress Waves in Solids-Herbert Kolsky 1963 The most readable survey of the 

Elastic waves in fractured rocks under periodic compression

by EL Kossovich 2017 Cited by 2 inhomogeneous media with cracks is the characterization of acoustic wave propagation. This is especially important in Geomechanics and prognosis of 

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by V Sharma 2018 Cited by 5 ory to study the problems of wave propagation in elastic media Rayleigh waves in weakly anisotropic media with vertically inhomogeneous initial stress.


by T Shearer 2012 Cited by 4 In this thesis, the effect of inhomogeneous pre-stress on elastic wave propagation and scattering in nonlinear elastic materials is investigated.