Audiometric Configurations Following Exposure To Explosions

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Beyond the Pure Tone Audiogram Authors: Frank E. Musiek

by FE Musiek 2017 Cited by 45 audiometric configurations (including normal thresholds) constituting nerve involvement and pure tone thresholds after noise exposure.

Analysis of Otologic Injuries Due to Blast Trauma by

by M Aslıer 2016 Cited by 3 soon as possible after trauma. Keywords: Blast trauma, hearing loss, tinnitus, tympanic membrane perforation. Introduction. Blast trauma is a complex type 

Audiometric Configurations Following Exposure to Explosions

cal audiometric configuration in patients exposed to ex- plosions. ner ear damage after exposure to explo-. ORIGINAL ARTICLE. From the Department of.

Audiometric Notch as a Sign of Noise Induced - JSTOR

by DI McBride 2001 Cited by 291 exposure to air blast circuit breaker noise; firearms; explosions, and continuous Keywords: hearing loss; noise induced; noise; occupa.

Noise in the Workplace - WorkSafe

1.3 Limits for Occupational Noise Exposure. 9. 1.4 Health Effects of Occupational Noise Exposure 7.8 Other Action to Take Following Audiometric Tests.

Assessment of occupational noise-induced hearing loss for ACC

by S Purdy 2019 Cited by 2 ACC can provide cover for hearing loss when it is caused in the following ways: an accident noise or explosion exposure.

Airbag Deployment Study - Michigan Ear Institute

by WJ McFeely Jr audiometry was performed post-accident and periodically after initial toward the passenger side airbag.32 An ear facing a blast experiences a TM 


by CF Hederstierna 2009 classify audiometric configurations in a group of 143 healthy middle-aged women in A follow-up study including 101 of these women was performed 7.5.

Blast-induced cochlear synaptopathy in chinchillas - Nature

by TT Hickman 2018 Cited by 42 after blast injury, even if permanent threshold shift (PTS) is minimal. Hearing impairment due to blast- or impulse-noise exposure is an 

Acoustic Trauma and Hyperbaric Oxygen - NATO STO

by M MUTLUOGLU hearing loss following a single sudden and very intense noise exposure. 163dB, a 105 mm towed howitzer 183dB and an improvised explosive device 

Review Perspectives on the Pure-Tone Audiogram - Home

by FE Musiek 2017 Cited by 45 garding type, degree, and configuration of hearing loss. Additionally, it has vital diagnostic and pure-tone thresholds after noise exposure. The an-.

01 perez 1-5 - The Journal of International Advanced Otology

by R Perez 2007 audiogram obtained shortly after exposure to an explosion. configurations of SNHL in a large number of patients exposed to an explosion 

Occupational Hearing Loss - Harrison O'Leary

by R Harrison Sounds of less than 75 decibels, even after long exposure, are The configuration of hearing loss (which frequencies are specifically 

Efficacy of the Auditory Protection for Insertion Into a Program

by CB Costa from normal and light and audiometric configuration of incision type, in the frequencies after lunch (without noise exposure); 4- at the end of the.

Management of Blast Ear Injuries in Mass Casualty

by MN Okpala 2011 Cited by 7 sensorineural hearing loss. 8 Audiometry should be performed as soon as possible after the blast exposure. For military ser-.


by DJ WILMINGTON Cited by 3 tion), to flat configurations from mild to severe hearing normal hearing sensitivity following blast exposure, yet still complain of hearing difficulty.

Article (PDF) - International Journal of Occupational Medicine

by M MIELCZAREK 2018 Cited by 1 A history of noise/blast exposure, the onset of symptoms directly after harmful expo- The audiometric configuration of the hearing.

Performance on tests of central auditory processing by - DOI

that, for some patients, blast exposure may lead to difficulties with hearing in complex auditory environments, age, sex, and audiometric configuration.


There are two key types of damage which can be caused to the ear by sound; the first is instant hearing trauma, for example following an explosion which can 

traumatismes sonores aigus: approches thérapeutiques et

an explosion near the ear in 5 cases and a sudden exposure to loud noises near military the mean of hearing level after therapy was: 24 dB +/- 12 dB.

Loud Music and Leisure Noise Is a Common Cause of - MDPI

by M Pienkowski 2021 Cited by 1 Keywords: music; noise; hearing loss; tinnitus; hyperacusis (measured immediately after exposure) of 10 dB from 3 to 6 kHz, 

NHCA Guidelines for Recording Hearing Loss On the OSHA

accurate reflections of an employee's typical exposure? The following configurations may be generally assumed to be non-noise related,.

Hearing Disability Assessment - Lenus the Irish Health

These Regulations require the following actions where exposure exceeds 85dB(A): and configuration (shape) of hearing loss can be recorded on the.

Audiometric notch as a sign of noise induced hearing loss

by DI McBride 2001 Cited by 292 exposure to air blast circuit breaker noise; firearms; explosions, and continuous Keywords: hearing loss; noise induced; noise; occupa-.

Effects of Explosive Blast Trauma on Sleep Quality - J-Stage

by NB Muluk 2009 Cited by 1 and sleep problems; hearing loss and acute tinnitus just after explosion; and had higher education levels, some of the sleep and QOL parameters got worse.

FAA Order 3900.66 - Flight Standards Service Hearing

13 Aug 2014 Audiometric testing will be offered to employees in two (2) phases as follows: (1) Phase One - based on initial screening exposure 

University of Southampton Research Repository ePrints Soton

by SJ Karmy 1986 Cited by 1 individuals reaching a hearing loss of 30 dB averaged over 1, 2, and 3 kHz at age 60 yeeurs after a 40 year noise exposure.

Noise and Hearing in Occupational Settings - Vula - University

effect that may follow exposure to noise causing overstimulation of the hair cells of same configuration of hearing loss, the following aspects must be 

Otologic Blast Injuries - CUNY Academic Works

by M Singer 2018 The most common audiometric configurations after blast exposure 22. Figure 4. Differences in tympanic membrane perforations grading scales

Diagnosis and quantification of military noise-induced hearing

by B Moore 2020 Cited by 2 with audiometric thresholds for non-noise exposed individuals, the NIHL that occurs following long-term exposure to the type of broadband noise that.

Noise induced hearing loss

by R Robinson Cited by 1 Acoustic trauma: a single exposure to an intense sound following the firing of 80 broadsides from his ship HMS formidable 1782.

Auditory and vestibular dysfunction associated with blast

by SA Fausti Cited by 204 ometric configuration of hearing in those exposed to blast is a high-frequency hearing loss immediately after exposure to a blast or other potentially.

Noise in figures - EU-OSHA - EUROPA

European workplace legislation on noise exposure symptoms a person may experience after hearing a sudden, unexpected, loud sound.

Longitudinal Auditory Pathophysiology Following - bioRxiv

by EX Han 2020 Blast-induced hearing difficulties affect thousands of veterans and civilians. The long-. 23 term impact of even a mild blast exposure on 


eral hearing loss, central auditory processing deficits, tinnitus, and vestibular impairment, are the most common impairments associated with blast exposure 

Clinical audiometric patterns of hearing loss following -

by AR Joseph 2020 Cited by 1 Multiple distinguishable audiometric configurations, however, have been associated with exposure to blast noise, one of which.

Occupational Noise Induced Hearing Loss and - SIRA

by I Cameron resulting from exposure to excessive occupational noise is a substantial health burden, assessed through a follow-up audiological assessment to evaluate  Missing: Explosions ‎ Must include: Explosions

Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal

NIHL is a reduction in auditory acuity following prolonged exposure to loud noise2 Cohen D. Audiometric configurations following exposure to explosions.

The impact of low-level blast exposure on brain - Uncg

by W Yuan Cited by 7 effect of collar on brain function following blast exposure, and is congruent with previous collar and configuration of a hearing loss.

Download PDF - American Journal of Physiology

by N Race 2017 Cited by 24 blast; TBI; hearing loss; auditory brain stem responses; envelope following responses. WITH INCREASES IN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE usage for modern 

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus - WSIAT

loss seen following noise exposure. Pathologically there is distension of the inner ear membranes by excess fluid. It is not.

Occupational Implications by Exposure to Industrial Noise: A

by DD Sierra-Calderon 2017 Cited by 5 studied effect of overexposure to noise is hearing loss. The in addition to the audiometric configuration or sequential evolution, other factors such as 

IMEG Report 2 Hearing Loss - GOV.UK

17 May 2013 typically lead to this audiometric configuration. year after initial exposure, can be regarded as permanent (6). 7. Blast trauma may 

Noise and Military Service - Veterans Disability Info

by LE Humes Cited by 184 following exposure to loud tones and noise. Acta Oto-Laryngologica Supplement 88: 1 56. Dobie RA, Rabinowitz PM. 2002. Change in audiometric configuration 

Noise-induced hearing loss and industrial audiometry - British

by ET Somerville 1976 Cited by 1 After exposure to a loud noise the hearinglevel (whichis a measured threshold ofhearingin decibels relative to a specified standard of normal hearing) is 

Assessment of occupational noise-induced hearing loss for ACC

ACC can provide cover for hearing loss when it is caused in the following ways: an accident noise or explosion exposure.

A clinician's guide to noise-induced hearing loss - WCB Alberta

10 Mar 2017 It may also occur from exposure to a very intense sound, such as an explosive blast or gun fire. This is referred to as an.

Frequency of the Audiometric Notch Following Excessive

by L RISTOVSKA 2015 Cited by 10 Keywords: audiometric configuration, notch, noise exposure. 1. Introduction. Acoustic trauma is a sensorineural hearing loss that can appear after a single 

Effects of blast and acoustic trauma - ENT & Audiology News

by H JALILVAND Cited by 2 to be high immediately after the blast trauma, but decreases with time. configuration, i.e. high pitch for high frequency hearing loss and low pitch for.


by TSOF LOSS Cited by 1 To convert ASA hearing losses to ISO-ANSI levels, the following decibels are As exposure continues, more hair cells are damaged and the hearing loss,.