Experimental Study Of The Pathogenesis And Treatment Of Stroke

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Pathophysiology and Treatment of Stroke: Present - MDPI

by D Kuriakose 2020 Cited by 17 The CB-17 model was successfully used to reproduce cerebral infarction and long-term survival rate, and to study ischemic reperfusion.

Association between IL-1β and recurrence after the - Nature

by Q Zhang 2020 the first epileptic seizure in ischemic stroke patients. of clinical and experimental studies show that neuroinflammation characterized with upregulated 

Study on the Pathogenesis of Poststroke Depression

The main pathogenesis of post-stroke depression (PSD) can be divided into This article mainly reviews the research content, clinical treatment and 

Cocaine Dependence and Stroke: Pathogenesis and - SINV

by A Siniscalchi 2015 Cited by 33 4073 acute ischemic stroke patients had a history of cocaine that in an experimental study performed in rabbit, demon-.

Download PDF - Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

by E Martinez-Gonzalez 2020 in TBI pathophysiology and monitoring, however new treatments have not emerged. Research Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) guidelines.

Evolution of ischemic damage and behavioural deficit - PLOS

by SSJ Rewell 2017 Cited by 32 sizes much larger than are the norm for experimental studies. been widely used to aid our understanding of stroke pathophysiology and.

Neuroinflammation as a target for treatment of stroke using

by S Dabrowska 2019 Cited by 83 Many experimental studies of ischemic stroke revealed that MSCs are able to modulate immune response and act neuroprotective, through stimulation of.

Pathophysiology, treatment, and animal and cellular models of

by TM Woodruff 2011 Cited by 531 siology of ischemic stroke, experimental in vivo and in vitro stroke models, drug development and preclinical studies and clinical trials in 

Pathophysiology and Biomarkers in Acute Ischemic Stroke A

by Y Guo Cited by 50 Keywords: Ischemic stroke, Pathophysiology, Biomarker, Clinical outcomes. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research is indexed by Science Citation Index 

Editorial Ischaemic damage of brain microvessels - Journal of

by GJ DEL ZOPPO 1998 Cited by 318 European Cooperative Acute Stroke Study (ECASS)1 included further disability and experimental focal cerebral ischaemia, with the fall in tissue.

Ischemic nephropathy - Nefrología

by M Adamczak 2012 Cited by 29 Ischemic nephropathy pathogenesis and treatment. Marcin Adamczak, Andrzej Wiecek Experimental study in pigs, showed during acute RAS, a.

Stroke in 2012: Major advances in the treatment of stroke

by M Blanco 2010 Cited by 21 Several clinical trials and experimental studies that could have a major impact on the treatment of patients with ischaemic stroke were.

Chapter 7 - WHO World Health Organization

by R Wittenauer 2012 Cited by 5 been devoted to research and development of drugs for treating stroke during sign.1 The pathophysiology is similar to that of ischaemic heart disease; 

The Pathophysiology of Ischemic Stroke Studied by

by WD Heiss 2016 Cited by 2 Radioisotope studies help to detect neuroinflammation and its effect on extension of tissue damage. Despite the limitations of broad clinical application of 

Hypoxia after stroke - CORE

by P Ferdinand 2016 Cited by 73 response to hypoxia and pathophysiology, incidence and aetiology behind hypoxia in stroke and studies showed that the definition of stroke associated.

Analysis of hematological parameters in patients - MedCrave

12 Feb 2020 morbidity despite decreasing mortality.4 Ischemic Stroke, in which Hct in 18,740women.25 However, experimental studies showed that.

Pathology of small vessel stroke - Oxford Academic Journals

by G Alistair Lammie 2000 Cited by 169 based on a limited number of detailed pathology studies, supported by the pathogenesis and, therefore, the prevention, of strokes due to disease.

Clinical Experience with Diffusion-Weighted MR in Patients

by KO Lövblad 1998 Cited by 676 regions of ischemic injury within minutes after stroke onset (8 10). Studies of diffusion-weighted imaging in humans suffering acute stroke have confirmed 

Focal Cerebral Ischemia - Mayo Clinic Proceedings

by FB MEYER 1987 Cited by 95 sults of experimental studies, however, have been controversial, some investigators finding evi- volemic hemodilution in ischemic stroke; an acute.

A surgical model of middle cerebral artery occlusive stroke in

by AJ Wells 2014 ANIMALS AND EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Stroke research can be divided into work investigating pathophysiology and mechanisms of.

Temperature Management in Stroke an Unsolved, but

by B Kallmünzer 2011 Cited by 28 is contrary to the robust experimental data, suggesting ischemic stroke studies evaluated the results of tempera-.

Effect of Pathogenesis-Based Individualized Thrombectomy

In this study, we explore the effect of pathogenesis-based individualized thrombectomy on treatment result and prognosis of acute intracranial large-artery.

Stroke Research Priorities for the Next Decade - Karger

by S Meairs 2006 Cited by 138 understanding of the pathophysiology of ischemic stroke. European research centers ing and reporting experimental stroke studies would.

Seminar Stroke - The Lancet

29 Nov 2020 Subtypes and pathophysiology. Strokes are either ischaemic or haemorrhagic. Because the management of these subtypes is so different, the.

Imaging of Stroke - AJR

by SG Kanekar 2012 Cited by 86 This article explains the pathophysiology of stroke at the molecular and cellular levels with crease in experimental models after ischem-.

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by T Aoki 2015 Cited by 7 The treatment of cerebral aneurysms (CAs) is of social importance, experimental studies using animal models of CAs have supported the notion from 

Alcohol exposure-induced neurovascular - JCI Insight

by A Drieu Cited by 3 impacts ischemic stroke and is linked with brain perivascular macrophages ARRIVE: Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments.

Ameliorating the effects of Adalimumab on rabbits with

by G Toğuşlu 2020 pathogenesis is not elucidated yet.[1] Enhanced inflammation extensive clinical and experimental studies, exact treatment of vasospasm is obscure.

Anti-inflammatory treatments for stroke - SAGE Journals

by A Drieu 2018 Cited by 28 the ischemic stroke pathophysiology.5 However, despite promising results in experimental studies, inflammation-modulating treatments have not.

Acupuncture for Stroke - World Scientific

The clinical treatment of stroke includes the use of thrombolytic agents, also supported by a large amount of clinical experimental research findings.

Acute Ischemic Stroke: Imaging and Intervention, Second Edition

A number of experimental studies have shown that caspase inhibition reduces ischemic injury [51]. pathophysiology of stroke between species, there are.

Cardiac Arrhythmias and Abnormal Electrocardiograms After

by D Ruthirago 2016 Cited by 22 experimental studies on arrhythmias and abnormal Schematic overview of the pathophysiology of cardiac arrhythmias after an acute stroke.

Extended lipid profile in Romanian ischemic stroke patients in

by A Hutanu 2019 Material and methods: We prospectively enrolled 124 ischemic stroke pa- tients and 40 healthy controls; experimental studies [11 14]. While arachidonic.

Role of the Gut Microbiota in Ischemic Stroke - Home - Thieme

by K Winek 2017 Cited by 4 an important role in the pathogenesis of stroke (risk factors). Two experimental studies investigated changes in the compo-.

Post stroke depression - SciELO

by VSP PEDROSO 2015 Cited by 18 The study included patients with hemorrhagic stroke (Ischemic stroke: Carod-Artal et IDO in the pathophysiology of depression is also supported by the.

The immune system and stroke - Wiley Online Library

by K Malone 2019 Cited by 42 medication for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. The immune system is Further experimental studies are therefore required.

experimental study

is the only compound that has received regulatory approval for treatment of cise etiology of AD remains unclear, the amyloid-precursor protein (APP) is.

Stroke prognosis in diabetes mellitus: new insights but

by A Arboix 2009 Cited by 26 an experimental rat model of collage- nase-induced, intracerebral hemorrhage, prospective study of patients with acute ischemic stroke, high.

The pathophysiology and clinical implications of

by R Gardiner 1996 Cited by 19 Experimental research indicates spasticity occu rs inresponse to stretch of relaxed hemiparetic muscle. In actively contracting muscle of stroke patients, 

Experimental ischemic stroke: a review. - AHA Journals

by JH Garcia 1984 Cited by 306 stroke,. (C) the evolution (pathophysiology) of ischemic stroke subhuman primates extremely valuable for the study of ischemic stroke.

Hemorrhagic transformation after cerebral infarction - Neurology

by J Zhang 2014 Cited by 167 Increased risk of hemorrhagic transformation in ischemic stroke occurring during warfarin anticoagulation: an experimental study in mice. Stroke 2011;42:1116-21 

The Role of Wnt3a in Ischemic Stroke

by N Matei 2018 intranasal therapy to influence the pathophysiology of stroke in the MCAO model. Other studies of wnt3a have found that it prevents apoptosis (Reeves et al.


Facial movement was found to be significantly better in the experimental group after orofacial therapy compared with the control group. Chang- es in mental 

International Innovation - Dementia Action Alliance

Experimental treatment can suppress brain Canada-wide study on stroke prevention. It is based on the premise that in order to.

Cochrane Stroke - Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences The

((control or treatment or experiment$ or intervention) adj5 (group$ or 59. experimental design/ or experimental study/ or quasi experimental study/.

Pathophysiology and management of hypertension in acute

by SJ Phillips 1994 Cited by 115 includes focal cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke), focal hemorrhage in the brain, extrapolation from animal experiments, study of indi-.

Inflammatory mechanisms in ischemic stroke - Journal of

by R Jin 2010 Cited by 1355 Despite intense investigation, the exact role of neutrophils in the pathogenesis of ischemic stroke remains under debate. Most experimental and clinical studies 

Streptokinase for Acute Ischemic Stroke With Relationship to

Roger R. Tuck, PhD; for the Australian Streptokinase (ASK) Trial Study Group. Objectives. ischemic stroke increased morbidity and mortality at 3 months.

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to stroke treatment of the last years changing a nihilist therapeutic attitude towards an active Experimental studies, both in vitro and in animal.

Neuroprotection by glutamate oxaloacetate - RUNA

by F Campos 2011 Cited by 130 transaminase in ischemic stroke: an experimental study. Francisco Campos, Tomás Sobrino, Pedro Ramos-Cabrer, Bárbara Argibay, Jesu´s Agulla,.