Factors Affecting Dental Cleaning Behaviour Among Pregnant Women With Gingivitis

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Knowledge and beliefs regarding oral health among pregnant

oleh KA Boggess 2011 Dirujuk 101 kali dental caries, gingivitis and perio- dontal disease are prevalent condi- tions that affect oral health and can lead to tooth loss. In addition, perio- dontal disease 

Oral Health Behavior and Utilization of Oral Health Services

2Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry, Obafemi Awolowo rated using Gingival index (GI) and Community Periodontal Index of good oral hygiene.7, 8Furthermore, most pregnant women do not seek dental care nor utilize oral The poor oral health seeking behavior of Nigerian pregnant women has been 

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Assessment of oral health knowledge, attitude and practice behaviour among of obstetricians strongly recommend the need for dental treatment oral diseases and its associated risk factors to make appropriate decisions regarding timely and Increasing the involvement of obstetrician during pregnancy care visits can 

Burden of Oral Disease in Vermont - Vermont Department of

3 Sep 2013 free of tooth decay and gum disease, but it also means being free of chronic oral pain conditions, Risk and Protective Factors Affecting Oral Diseases The lowest prevalence of pre-‐pregnancy teeth cleaning occurred among socioeconomic, behavioral, environmental, and general health influences.

Periodontal health among pregnant women visiting tertiary

and Hospital, Patna, 2Patna Dental College and Hospital, Bihar, India. *​Corresponding economic factors, gestational age, education and oral hygiene behaviour of the women. Materials The signs and symptoms of gingivitis during pregnancy are similar of Data. Pregnant women from two tertiary care hospitals​, Patna.

Knowledge and Attitudes of Pregnant Women About Oral Health

oleh BML Nogueira 2016 Dirujuk 1 kali Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) during pregnancy, not only for treatment of the are more likely to learn and perform health care and pass to the child damental factors in the learning process. Often the problem to practice healthy behavior on the mother's part S. Oral health education and therapy reduces gingivitis.

To assess the self-reported oral health practices, behaviour

oleh TO Ligali 2017 brushing, exposure to fluoride toothpaste and dental visits were obtained. in order to improve referral of pregnant women, oral health venue are among the factors affecting utilization of. 1, 2 attend to their antenatal and delivery care by seeking The predisposition of pregnant women to gingivitis is.

Oral Health Status, Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice - CORE

oleh AI Abdelseed 2012 Dirujuk 2 kali during pregnancy together with other determinants of health affect their oral health. Aim. The aim of Advice about how to care for your teeth and gums Factors influencing transmission are the levels of bacteria in maternal only the reservoir of cariogenic bacteria, but also her dental knowledge, behaviour , as well as.


of dental prenatal care and the impact of physiological changes in pregnancy and the biological, clinical, cultural, behavioral and socioeconomic factors of the hormones capable of causing inflammatory reactions in the gingival tissue,​ 

Inequalities in oral health in England - Gov.uk

9. oral health related behaviours (fluorides, tooth brushing or oral hygiene, sugar intake and The NHS spent £3.6 billion on dental care in 2017 to 2018 in England (4). These inequalities are not merely academic issues as the universal nature of non-representative sample of pregnant women reported higher plaque 

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oleh JR Mwaiswelo, RO & Masalu 2007 Dirujuk 14 kali Ora] hea]th Know]edge and behavior among pregnant women in Kye]a and sources of oral health knowledge among pregnant women attending 14% experienced bleeding gums on brushing while 52% of the women knew appropriate dental hygiene care at least once the pregnant woman as a risk factor for low.


oleh SA Nugraheni 2020 women in Semarang city, and the factors that associated with it. Method: This study was an Keywords: Pregnant women, dental health, utilization Penyakit periodontal (gingivitis dan Health Care Services in a Sample of. Antenatal 

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Characteristics of pregnancy gingivitis are that it gets swollen, smooth and tends to bleed easily. At other times, the dental care professionals need to alter their normal XII, and reduction of the factors XI and XIII, with an behaviour. Dental​ 

Oral Health Care During Pregnancy and Through the Lifespan

health of the gums, teeth, and jawbone, is a mirror for general health the infant during common parenting behavior, such as sharing spoons. benefit of periodontal therapy during pregnancy in the Additional factors that complicate oral.

Exploring Self‑Care Needs of Pregnant Women with Gingivitis: A

health performance (dental brushing, use of of pregnant women suffering from gingivitis in performing factors involved in performing self‑care behaviors.

A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Dental Care Utilization Among

oleh Z Albasry 2019 Dirujuk 1 kali Care Utilization Among Pregnant Women in Saudi Arabia. Open. Access AIM: To evaluate dental care utilization and related factors among pregnant women in the Eastern province of. Saudi Arabia. during pregnancy and gingivitis is the most common hygiene behavior information was sought in the.

Oral health status, knowledge and practice among pregnant

22 Agu 2014 1Department of Prevention and Community Dentistry; 2Department of On clinical examination, 58.6% had healthy gums while 12.1% had for oral health programmes as part of prenatal care for pregnant Sudanese women. knowledge, attitude and behaviour of cultural factors and wrong beliefs. In.

Early Childhood Oral Health Guidelines - NSW Health

17 Des 2014 and wellbeing of children in NSW by integrating oral health into Advise pregnant women to visit a dentist for a dental examination their oral health and to access appropriate dental care when Pale pink, moist gums and mucous based on behavioural and/or socio-environmental factors. The Oral 

Predicting Dental Caries Preventive Behaviors Among

oleh F Gandomi 2017 Dirujuk 1 kali Mod Care J. 2017 October; 14(4):e68206. morning sickness, and gingivitis can put pregnant women dental hygiene is of great importance to pregnant women factor behind behavior is intention, which is in turn deter-.

Oral health-related quality of life among pregnant - Neliti

oleh EY Sari Dirujuk 4 kali School of Dental Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Health Campus, 16150 are associated with hormonal, immunologic, dietary, and behavioural pregnancy gingivitis affected as much as 25% to 100% of pregnant women (Amar & information for planning the delivery of oral health care services to the mothers.

Investigation on the Oral Health Knowledge, Attitudes and

2 Jul 2020 in China and Analysis of the Influencing Factors teeth, 56.25% of pregnant women never use dental floss, and 58.88% of pregnant women have never had oral examinations Studies have shown that gingivitis during pregnancy is the most The results of the oral health care behavior survey are shown.


oleh MM Uddin BACKGROUND: Globally, the oral health care for pregnant women is inadequate relating to education and pregnancy. Serious problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease may also occur mood or behavior. 1 oral health issues and dental care within the current system of health care accessed by pregnant women 

KAP Assessment of Oral Health and Adverse Pregnancy

oleh H Avula 2013 Dirujuk 27 kali were identified in our study for gingival bleeding during pregnancy were: poor knowledge regarding various parameters, Key words: gingival bleeding, KAP, pregnancy outcomes, sociocultural factors d Professor, Department of Periodontics, Sri Sai College of Dental health care knowledge and behaviour in pregnant.

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oleh MN Azizah 2021 2Institute of Dental, Oral and Maxillary Medicine Charité Oral health care practice of pregnant women resulted from 15.4% was in a good category, 60.0% epulis gravidarum.4 The incidence of gingivitis and hormonal changes, dietary factors and oral and behaviour to maintain oral hygiene during.

Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Regarding Oral

knowledge and behaviours and to identify barriers to accessing care and Factors that appear to be associated with dental service use during oral health and the importance of dental care prior to and during pregnancy. Another study found that 18% of women had experienced gingival bleeding before pregnancy and.

Correlation of Pregnancy Stage And Gingiva Status of

oleh H Wiworo 2018 Dirujuk 4 kali Plaque and hormonal are the causes of pregnancy gingivitis. behavior changes, mood or attitude. Periodontitis in pregnant women is a risk factor so that they understand the importance of taking care of oral and dental 

Prevalence of Gingivitis in Second Trimester of Pregnancy

The prevalence of gingivitis in pregnant women has reportedly ranged from 30% to Regular home care by the patient is very effective in controlling most in analysis of the periodontal risk factors in the pregnant population shows a lower using four different gingival areas of tooth- distofacial papilla, facial margin, 

Oral Health Care During Pregnancy - National Maternal and

Oral Health During Pregnancy: A Resource Guide. (3rd ed.) ing dental caries is critical, both for women's own oral health and for the behaviors may reduce the transmission of such bacteria from This brief describes a study on factors that affect the ability and care of their infant's gums and teeth and ask their pediatric​.

Dental Health - Evidence Review (2014) - Government of B.C.

6.3 Prevention and Control of Dental Disease in Pregnant Women b Periodontal diseases are infections of the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth. factor for caries where there is adequate exposure to fluoride​. more areas relative to dental health behaviours, dental care utilization, or dental status, 

Oral hygiene level and prevalence of gingivitis amongst

oleh MA Kaura the prevalence of gingivitis among pregnant women attending ante-natal clinic in by systemic factors. Pregnancy gingivitis the dentist for routine professional cleaning of the mouth aid seeking behavior.15. An easily 

Oral Health Care for Pregnant Women - SCDHEC

Oral Health During Pregnancy - Recommendations for Dental Professionals. Committee Opinion Number 569) that can lead to destruction of the gums, bones, to promote healthy oral health behaviors may reduce the transmission of such For adults there are a number of factors that contribute to caries risk such as:.

Oral Health Care During Pregnancy and Early Childhood

31 Des 2002 Management of oral health problems in pregnant women ventions, practices and guidelines, assessed issues of concern, and developed Avoid saliva-​sharing behaviors between children via their toys, pacifiers, etc. Assess problems with teeth and gums and make appropriate referral to an oral.

Prevention and Treatment of Periodontal Diseases - SDCEP

oleh S Dental 2014 Dirujuk 2 kali Supporting the provision of safe, effective, person-centred care General Care of Dental Implants. 51 Assess and explain risk factors for periodontal diseases to patients. For patients with periodontitis, remove supra-gingival plaque, calculus and stain and, required, supportive periodontal therapy during pregnancy.


oleh ST Khaled 2020 random sample of 381 pregnant women attending family health care facilities in Alexandria governorate. factors; age, pregnancy trimester, overall health status and prenatal care payment system, promotion of healthy behaviors among pregnant women routine, 32.26% felt trouble in their teeth and gums, while.

Factors influencing the dental caries in pregnant women: a

oleh GB Bolsson 2020 gingivitis, and periodontitis during pregnancy, particularly in the of psychosocial and behavioral factors on the occurrence of dental caries in all pregnant women who sought health care were included in this study until the 

The Importance of Oral Health during Pregnancy: A - SciELO

oleh V Marla 2018 Dirujuk 19 kali care professionals and women would go a long way toward avoiding or suggested periodontitis to be a potential risk factor for risk assessment of dental caries in pregnant women were to 75% of pregnant women have gingivitis.14 It has been with a change in behavior in women and this provides.


22 Okt 2018 To measure dental caries and nutrition among pregnant women in and oral cleaning High prevalence of dental caries of 74% condition additionally it was watched that current gingival issues are irritated among Bozorgmehr E, Hajizamani A, Malek Mohammadi T. Oral health behavior of parents as a.

Association of Self Perceived Oral Health on Oral Health

10 Mar 2014 Factors such as bleeding gums (1.00±2) and dental caries (1.07±0.253) KEYWORDS: Oral health related quality of life, pregnancy, oral health and healthy behaviour, including irregular seekers of dental care and those.

Factors Related to Maternal Oral Health Status: Focus - MDPI

oleh EG Kim 2021 swelling of the gums, increasing the vulnerability to periodontitis because a large number of factors related to oral health status in pregnant and lactating women. health-relating behaviors, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, physical and in those who responded with no to the unmet dental care 


on a variety of factors including diet, oral hygiene and other lifestyle choices, as well as community-based Prevention, including dental cleaning, sealants, and water fluoridation Source: 2010 Maine Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Oral Health gingivitis during pregnancy and with concerns about adverse.

Pregnancy care guidelines 2019 edition - Australian

pregnancy care and improve the experience and outcomes of pregnancy care for women and their families. Assessing psychosocial factors that affect mental health. influence healthy lifestyle behaviours for women (Bertilone et al 2016). muscles, bone, teeth and periodontal structures or gums (gingiva). Pregnancy​ 

Improving access to oral health care for vulnerable people

People with social disabilities Dental care Canada. 3. informed, and unbiased assessments of urgent issues affecting the health of Canadians. Figure 2.2 Prevalence of periodontal (gum) disease in 20 59 year old adults by immigration contribution of factors (e.g., health behaviours, health care systems​, and socio- 


oleh J Corchuelo-Ojeda 2017 Dirujuk 2 kali 1 Dentist; PhD in Public Health, Tenured Professor, School of Dentistry,. Universidad del Gums in pregnant women have a greater behaviours of individuals, groups and organisations. (13, 15). regarding oral care in pregnancy, which are needed in order they felt uncomfortable discussing oral health issues during 

Sociodemographic Disparities and Self-reported Oral Health

oleh R Ait Addi 2020 socio-demographic factors and DPH, and health behavioral factors and DPH. Study design: This may increase the risk of tooth decay amongst Pregnant women. (11). Gingivitis pregnancy, gingivitis is initially occurred by dental plaque and status, health practices and health care utilization, and finally.

A Survey of the Oral Health Knowledge and Practices - JSTOR

oleh A Abiola 2011 Dirujuk 80 kali provide oral health education for pregnant women during antenatal care in order to highlight the importance of good oral health precursor of the two commonest dental diseases i.e. dental 2 were on gum disease. possible factors influencing the oral health knowledge and However such positive behaviour would be.

Periodicity of Examination, Preventive Dental Services - AAPD

medical and dental literature using the terms: periodicity of dental examinations dental care cost effectiveness and children, periodontal disease and children tion.10 Gingivitis, which is nearly universal in children and mental, and behavioral factors that foster early childhood care for the pregnant adolescent. Pediatr 

Redalyc.Conditions and Perceptions of Oral Health in

oleh AMCL Marinho 2016 Dirujuk 5 kali associated with caries and perceptions of dental care by pregnant women, before and understanding the health behavior [15]. periodontal diseases and factors associated with caries experience, as well as gingivitis, the presence of periodontal pockets indicates that the evaluated pregnant women.

Factors affecting dental cleaning behaviour among pregnant

oleh A Rahmani 2019 Dirujuk 2 kali The mean score of gingival index (P = 0.01), perceived barriers. (P < 0.001) and fear of dental care (P = 0.04) was higher in the initial stages of 

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oleh O Fakheran 2020 Dirujuk 2 kali The purpose of this study was to investigate the self‑perceived factors Institute, Faculty of Dentistry, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, oral health care needs of pregnant women are completely Disturbance in doing oral hygiene behaviors Based on disturbance caused by dental pain and gingival itching.

Florida's Burden of Oral Disease Surveillance Report

2 Agu 2016 untreated decay, need for periodontal care, and early dental care need. Oral Health Outcomes During Pregnancy, Florida PRAMS 2012-2013 O Florida Department of Health, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2014 includes teeth cleaning, assessment of cavities and gum disease,