The Later Rulers Of Shirpurla Or Lagash

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U:be Generations of Sbem. -

then that Salah was born to Arphaxad thirty-five years later, and so on until Terah, at about the age of seventy, begat Abram ; the total is 292 years. THE EVIDENCE OF SECULAR RESEARCH. Now, we venture to say that it is impossible for anyone acquainted with the broad facts of ancient history, of arch~ology,

Notes on the Pantheon of the Gudean Cylinders

a later date they had any part or place in the religious develop- ment of Lagash. It was noted above that B a u was the chief daughter of Anna. On Cyl. B (xxiii, 5) we find that Nin-gish-zi-da (mentioned five times on these cylinders) was a son ( ! ) of An n a This lord of the right-hand scepter is supposed by Jastrowl┬░


INDE X TO TIHE SEVENTEENTH VOLUME ARTICLES. NOTES, AND DOCUMENTS ACTON, Lord: by R. L. Poole, 692 Ai nnals of Lewes Priory: by Professor F. Liebermann, 83

The Later Rulers of Shirpurla or Lagash

The Later Rulers of SAhi;jiirla or Lagass PART I. N again taking up the tangled thread of early Babylonian history 1 I feel it necessary to say something about the geography of the delta lands of the Euphrates and Tigris. One point which is of prime importance and interest is the great change which has