Chaotic Temporal Variability Of Magnetospheric Radio Emissions

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7.3.3 Magnetospheric Plasmas 200 7.3.4 Radio Emissions 203 7.4 Generation of Magnetic Fields 203 7.4.1 Variability of Earth s Magnetic Field 203 7.4.2 Magnetic Dynamo Theory 204 Key Concepts 204 Further Reading 205 Problems 205 8 Giant Planets 206 8.1 Jupiter 207 8.1.1 Atmosphere 207 8.1.2 Impacts on Jupiter 211 8.1.3 Interior Structure 214 8

arXiv:astro-ph/0611562 v1 17 Nov 2006

origin, magnetospheric or solar wind. Rather than periodic os-cillations, chaotic variability of the auroral X-ray emission was observed, with power peaks in the 20−70 min range; similar power spectra were obtained from the time history of Ulysses radio data taken at 2.8 AU from Jupiter at the time of the Chandra observations (Elsner et al