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Fluid therapy in horses uses, types and administration routes

Plasma Albumin is the primary component of plasma contributing 65% to 75% of plasma COP. It can be collected from a suitable donor (see whole blood; Figure 1) or is commercially available in the form of hyperimmune plasma. Commercially available plasma only comes in 1L bags and is rarely used in rehydration due to the high cost and large volume

Collection and Preservation of Laboratory Samples

Dogs and Cats Tail or Ear vein or medial canthus of Eye Rat and Mice Ear vein in pigs and Rabbits 14 Types of blood sample Whole blood Serum Plasma Blood smear Blood swab Blood + Anticoagulant Blood without Anticoagulant Whole blood Whole blood or drop of blood Swab Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Prof. M. Rushdi

IV Fluid Therapy Calculations - Bristol

Guidelines for Dogs and Cats Fluid deficit: If present, the fluid deficit needs to be calculated and this can be done by estimating the percentage dehydration: e.g. A 35kg dog that is estimated to be 8% dehydrated Percentage dehydration is estimated to be 8% of the body weight and then this is converted into fluid units:

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