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Ohio eTPES Teacher User Guide

above, enter your new username, setup your password and begin the evaluation process. Once you log into eTPES, click on the HELP tab to access links to videos, user guides and customer support. Additional help resources are posted on ODE's website at the following link:

Evaluation Entry System (EES)

Apr 14, 2017 the evaluation or result in the evaluation being returned for corrections. Senior Rater Comments in Part VI Continue to indicate performance objectives and record significant contributions in Part V, blocks (c) - (f). Select the Create NCOER button on the top of the NCOER support form Select the Rated Soldier button on the top of the

Guidelines for Preparing Performance Evaluation Reports for

Page I. GENERAL 1 A. Introduction 1 B. Borrower and Beneficiary Participation in Evaluation 2 C. Position Paper 2 D. Format and Finalization of Performance Evaluation Reports 3 E. Dissemination of Reports 3 II. CONTENT OF A PROJECT PERFORMANCE EVALUATION REPORT 4 A. Executive Summary 4 B. Chapter I: Introduction 4 1.

Final 508 Framework and Guidelines for Program Evaluation at

connected key research and evaluation questions to the FY 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. The development and use of program evaluation as an additional element of performance management will support the Agency s capacity for continuous improvement and modernization that will, in turn, help

How to complete the SPC Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Form

The SPC Evaluation Hyperlink To begin working on your evaluation form, click on the blue hyperlink called SPC Full-time Faculty Evaluation Form Summer 20xx 20xx- Spring located on the Faculty180 Dashboard as shown in the illustration below. This opens your evaluation form.

Personnel Evaluation Evaluation Reporting System

Evaluation Report Reviews, page 22. Review of evaluation reports 2 15, page 22. Review requirements for DA Form 67 10 series, DA Form 2166 9

Supervisor s Guide to Performance Appraisals

Page 4 Feel that they are taken seriously as individuals and that the supervisor is truly concerned about their needs and goals. Performance Goals Help Supervisors: Develop an objective means for evaluation employees. Tie individual tasks, goals, and direction to group and organizational goals.

answer to this question: What is program evaluation?

evaluation can contribute to improving program services. Evaluations, and those who request them, may often benefit, though, from a consideration of these other questions. An evaluation can help a program improve their services, but can also help ensure that the program is delivering the right services. See this resource for additional information:

Evaluation Reporting: A Guide to Help Ensure Use of

the evaluation process to ensure efective and useful reporting of evaluation results. Strategically encouraging input and participation from this group at critical points along the way can increase the likelihood that evaluation indings will be used.


The Workbook is a tool to help you evaluate your programs, activities, and facilities. It is the first step in a process leading to a self-evaluation document (and transition plan, if needed). Based on the information you compile, this Workbook could be utilized to satisfy a portion of the self-evaluation requirements.

How to complete the SPC Full-time Evaluation Form

As of May 2020, the evaluation form has been reviewed and simplified. You are only required to complete the first 3 modules on the form. Outdated modules have been removed from the evaluation form. After clicking on the hyperlink, an evaluation form like the one shown below will open. There is an options menu on the left

ePerformance Step-by-Step Help Guide for Employees

ePerformance: Step-by-Step Help Guide for Employees Page 12 of 19 2. Completing the Self-Evaluation (continued) A confirmation will appear indicating that the self-evaluation is finalized. When the employee finalizes the self -evaluation, they will be able to view the document but not edit it. The

Transfer Performance Evaluation

ePerformance: Step-by-Step Help Guide - Transfer Performance Evaluation Page 4 of 15 2: Transfer a Performance Evaluation to a Designee (continued) The manager selects the employee whose review will be transferred by clicking the box to the left of the Employee name and ID. After selecting the employee, the manager clicks on the Continue button.

Developing an Effective Evaluation Plan

The purpose of this workbook is to help public health program managers, administrators, and evaluators develop a joint understanding of what constitutes an evaluation plan, why it is important, and how to develop an effective evaluation plan in the context of the

Price Evaluation Preference - HUBZone Program

Page 6 Price Evaluation Preference - Specifics Price evaluation preference is a key benefit for HUBZone firms and a powerful tool for contracting officers Shall only be applied in full and open competitive procurements PEP can not be used: where price is not a contract evaluation factor

Study Designs for Program Evaluation

The type of evaluation design you choose will depend on the questions you are asking. On the next page is a checklist to help you identify some options. REV 6/13/2006 A-EV037 1

Guide for Completing Form I‐983 Training Plan of STEM OPT

First evaluation (page 6 of Form I-983) required after completion of 12 months of STEM OPT period Final evaluation (page 7 of Form I-983) due at conclusion of 24-month STEM OPT period Enter the range of the student evaluation : Enter start and end dates for first 12 months dates of STEM OPT training period.

Writing Your Self-Appraisal

to stay late and help my supervisor prepare for the project. This helped save the unit money and kept a high level of service for our customers The challenge was to train employees in the new program by the opening of business on Tuesday (S/T). I

Walkthrough to Install and Operate the Hydrologic Evaluation

Walkthrough to Install and Operate the Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance (HELP) Model v3.07 HELP v3.07 is a DOS executable program, meaning it does not run in a Windows or iOS

Military Evaluation (OER & NCOER)

Military Evaluation (OER & NCOER) Rater and Senior Rater Profile Management Purpose: to provide basic information on military evaluations (IAW AR 623-3 policy) with an emphasis on

Evaluation and Management Services Guide Booklet

Page 3 of 23. MLN006764 February 2021 Evaluation and Management Services Guide. MLN ooklet. INTRODUCTION. This guide is intended to educate providers about the general principles of evaluation and management (E/M) documentation, common sets of codes used to bill for E/M services, and E/M services providers

Evaluating Your Program - HUD

evaluation issues. Key Messages Evaluation is a continual process in order to achieve quality improvement. Planning for evaluation needs to begin during the program design phase. Planning for evaluation includes considerations of who should be part of the team, how to secure good quality data, and ways to measure qualitative and

Identify Evaluation Purpose and Questions

help you focus the evaluation for the Evaluation Purpose section of the evaluation plan. This handout will also help you implement Step 3 of the evaluation process. Identify Evaluation Purpose Program evaluation comes in different shapes, sizes, and scopes and various factors may affect your evaluation approach and decisions. To select the


In addition, Conducting Planning and Evaluation Meetings on page 33 provides more information on how to host an effective meeting. 1 In this chapter, the term priority population is used to refer to the group(s) your outreach program seeks to serve.

Evaluation - fws.gov

National Wildlife Refuge System, Urban Wildlife Conservation Program: Evaluation Page 2 of 40 What if we already have a plan for our UWCP efforts and implementation is well underway? If you have already gone through a strategic planning process for the UWCP at your station, that s great! This assessment can help you identify

Guidelines for Human Trafficking Evaluation

Seattle Children s Resource Guide Guidelines for Human Trafficking Evaluation Page 3 Clinical Pathway Guide Identified High-Risk Indicators Address immediate safety needs. Address immediate medical needs. Provide food and/or clothing as necessary. Establish privacy and safety: if there is an accompanying individual in the room who

Short Cuts Communicating and Reporting on an Evaluation

Communicating and Reporting on an Evaluation Page 2 Table 1: Communication and Reporting Challenges Challenge How it affects communicating and reporting General evaluation anxiety Just the word evaluation can provoke anxiety among staff and cause resistance, because the results can affect decisions about staffing or resource allocation.

Ohio eTPES Principal User Guide

framework for the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System was approved. Ohio s electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System (eTPES) was named as a project in Ohio s Race to the Top Grant (2010), and made possible through RttT funds.

RFP Writing: Evaluation & Selection Criteria

Understand how adding transparency to your evaluation criteria can help proposers gain better clarity on how the evaluation team will assess their proposals. Learn how tailored, well-organized proposal submittal requirements can facilitate an easier evaluation process.


Many types of evidence can help identify possible improvements in programs and operations, while evaluation, specifically, helps agencies determine what is and is not working well and


Page 2 COMMUNICATING EVALUATION RESULTS Outline of the strengths and limitations of the evaluation methodology Presentation of evaluation findings, including: - Characteristics of the participants, such as their demographic background or other relevant information. - Services provided by the program, including the amounts and types of

evaluation plan workbook - Innovation Network

Evaluation is the systematic collection of information about a program that enables stakeholders to better understand the program, improve its effectiveness, and/or make decisions about future programming. Proving vs. Improving: A Brief History of Evaluation Evaluation has not always been and still is not always viewed as a tool to help those


ents to include in a solid evaluation and as a framework to help guide evalua-tion planning and reporting. Because the KEC was designed primarily for application to program evaluation, some of the points might need reframing when the KEC is used for other evaluands or evaluees (the term used in personnel evaluation).

Health Information Technology Evaluation Toolkit: 2009 Update

Health Information Technology Evaluation Toolkit: 2009 Update 4 III. Set Evaluation Goals Who is the audience for your evaluation? Do you intend to prepare a report for your stakeholders? Are you required to prepare a report for your funders? Will you use the evaluation to convince late adopters of the value of your implementation?

BEST CHURCH PRACTICES Church Staff Evaluations

Help your staff make the grade. by Stephen Dees Many employers, especially churches, consider the topic of staff evaluation a nuisance. Comments often include: We don t have time to worry with evaluating our staff, or Staff evaluation is a waste of time, or Our staff do a great job so we don t need to evaluate them.

GAO-01-1008G Internal Control Management and Evaluation Tool

Page 6 GAO-01-1008G Internal Control Management and Evaluation Tool (8/01) general overall assessment and to identify actions that might need to be taken or considered. Additional space is provided for an overall summary assessment at the end of the tool.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook

Program and Policymaking Evaluation Evaluation is to help projects become even better than they planned to be. First and foremost, evaluation should support the project. W.K.Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Approach,1997 Page 1 Evaluation Handbook PART ONE CONTENTS

Evaluating Leadership Development Programs

Creating an evaluation plan will help you align the evaluation objectives with the program objectives, elements (e.g., seminars, learning portfolios), and expectations regarding the impact and outcomes of the training. An evaluation plan will allow you to identify necessary resources and any potential barriers to the evaluation process. It will

HRSA Health Workforce Training Program Evaluation Toolkit

grant evaluation planning and implementation team. Evaluation is best done as a collaborative effort among stakeholders, including those involved in data collection and evaluation decisions. When should it be used? This toolkit is designed for grantees in the grant-planning phase and in the evaluation process after a program award.