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research evidence and their clinical expertise in making clinical decisions (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2005). Identifying these factors, as a key aspect of EBP, and as it relates to people with aphasia and their families, is the focus of this paper. The aim of this study was to describe the goals of


EDRS PWA. DESCRIPV9:0. IDENTIFVO. ABSTRAqv Znvestigated in this s idy was the relationship. between ai. j.nquiy approach to science instruction and language. develop10:' 04. Pout classes of sixth-grade children from two socioec00011 Znquiry film sessions and six discussion sessions groupsparticipated in the study. The treatment. consistk4. An


extended linear complementary systems [Schutter and Moor, 1999]. PWA systems thus rep-resent an important starting point in the study ofboth hybrid and nonlinear systems. As such, this paper presents a new synthesis method for both state and dynamic output feedback controllers for PWA systems.

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paper has been used ever since as a communication medium. Initially, paper was made out of fibres from mulberry bark, papyrus, straw or cotton. Wood only emerged as the chief raw material for paper mass production as recently as the mid 19th century. The printed page is immediate, its message cutting across

Making Group Decisions: Insights and Innovations in

Competence in Research, Financial Valuation and Risk Management, Working Paper No. 460, 2008. Performance was determined by the Sharpe Ratio, which measures the benefit of excess return above the risk free rate relative to risk, or standard deviation.

What is in a Web View? An Analysis of Progressive Web App

companies like Twitter or trivago bet on pwa [17, 39], as well as gi-ant national players like Tencent News or Sina Weibo in China [41]. Figure 1 shows the pwaof Flipkart, a shopping site popular in India, running in the Google Chrome browser on Android. 1.2 Research Question and Paper Structure

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Departing from previous research, this paper addresses stability analysis of sampled-data PWA systems using a time delay approach, whereby the discrete-time PWA controller is seen as a continuous-time PWA controller Preprint submitted to Automatica 26 December 2008

Estimation of Water Balance Components in the Gaza Strip with

Palestinian Water Authority in the Gaza Strip shown in Table 1. The winter in the Gaza Strip is the rainy season, which stretches from October up to March. Rainfall is the main source of recharge for groundwater. The rainfall is gradually decreases from the north to the south.

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of negative yielding foreign paper and investor demand for income. We balance our pro-cyclical stance in equity portfolios with a higher quality bent in fixed income, as tight high yield bond spreads currently are not providing sufficient carry to compensate for their credit risks. 2 Source: FactSet, Earnings insight, November 8, 2019

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Persons with Albinism (PWA) July 15, 2013 Introduction This paper takes on an enormous task. It attempts to explain the history and origins of the attacks against persons with albinism (PWA). i In light of the monstrosity of this subject matter, this paper can only scratch the surface of the issue.

Towards an asset-based approach to promoting and sustaining

fields, including health and social care research and practice, and has the potential to provide coherent strategies to support people living successfully with aphasia. Aim: To explore the relevance and potential of an asset-based approach to promoting and sustaining well-being for PWA and their families, across contexts and cultures.

Title: Investigating the origin of nonfluency in aphasia: A

versus posterior lesions in PWA. Rate of speech, typically expressed as the number of uninterrupted words spoken per minute (words per minute or wpm), is an important criterion for classifying persons as fluent or nonfluent. Based on a normal speech rate of 100 to 175 wpm, the cut-off for nonfluent PWA was set as less than 50

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In this paper, the microstructure of an electron beam welded PWA-1480 single crystal superalloy was investigated. Although much information exists [5-81 on microstructure and partitioning characteristics between y and y0 in PWA-1480 single crystals after standard heat treatments, microstructural information in welds is not available.

Chapter 1 Phil Anderson s Magnetic Ideas in Science

1958 paper Random-Phase Approximation in the Theory of Superconductivity ,12 Phil writes Both for this reason, and because it seems optimistic to as-sume that the collective [charge uctuation] and screening e ects (which are vital even in determining the phonon spectrum) will be necessarily una ected by the radical changes in the Fermi sea :::,

Differentially private convex optimization with piecewise

research. In the eld of systems engineering, recent work on privacy includes, among others, privacy-preserving ltering of streaming data [14], privacy in smart metering [19], privacy in trafc monitoring [3], privacy in stochastic con-trol [20], etc. Recently, the notion of differential privacy proposed by


PWA Lyapunov functions (Grieder, Kvasnica, Baoti´c, & Morari, 2005). In spite of their simple formulation, PWA Lyapunov functions can in some cases#nd a solution where higher order piecewise-smooth functions fail to succeed.Thisisduetothenon-conservativenatureofthe computational scheme employed for determining PWA

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measures for their participant group. PWA met the definition of aphasia (McNeil & Pratt, 2001) as operationalized by a battery of language and cognitive tests and all produced phonologic paraphasias. NLP ranged in age from 41-75 years (M = 60, SD = 10) and PWA ranged from 36 77 years (M = 56, SD = 11).

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each industry. Other research increasingly points to the potential for such information to be a positive addition to traditional fundamental analysis. With over 80% of the market value of the S&P 500 now attributable to so-called intangible assets (these can include a company s intellectual property such as patents,

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MBA. CE 3/2012 I Articles I 63 ( ) Engineering is an important and learned profession. As members of this profession, engi­ neers are expected to exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integritf.

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Language and Hearing Research, 44, 624-638, 2001. Design/Method: A single blind, randomised, controlled, pre/post design. An experimental and a control group were rated before and after intervention. Assignment for the people with aphasia (PWA) was quasi-randomised as some changes were made due to transport issues.

Conversation therapy for agrammatism: exploring the

directly with a PWA on strategy use in conversation. The aim of therapy is to transform the PWA into an active learner and user of conversation strategies, rather than someone who is dependent upon the support of a skilled CP. The paper has two main aims: (1) to study the specific outcomes for a PWA of a conversation

Stabilizing Controller Design for a Special Class of PWA

have a simple structure. Most of PWA systems are continuous as they are employed to describe the continuous-time nonlinear systems [11,12]. Some physical PWA systems such as dead and saturation systems are naturally continuous[13]. The special class which is considered in this paper is two dimensioned PWA jsystems.

MLD Model of Boiler-Turbine System Based on PWA Linearization

Feb 04, 2012 Intelligent System Research Group, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Babol University of Technology,Babol, 47148-71167, Iran Abstract In this paper we consider boiler-turbine s nonlinear dynamics and linearize the nonlinear parts based on the

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Printed on recycled paper with an environmentally friendly waterless press. recreation, education and research, and can encourage appreciation of nature s beauty.

t h e co n ce p t o f w i t ch cr a f t p r o v i d e s a n a

In conducting research for this paper one of the things I have found is there is generally a lack of anthropological thinking about PWA in terms of cultural logic. I expected to find descriptions of abuse of PWA in the popular press and in the literature, and also by PWA

Quaternary Stratigraphy Architecture and Sedimentology of

that was done by the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA). Around 36 geological columns were constructed in different locations in the Gaza Strip (Table, 1). The lithofacies data was observed directly from rock samples either from boreholes, hydrogeological wells, the field works, and others from the lab analysis.


hardware implementation results. The proposed PWA approximation is compared to the state‐of‐the‐art approxi-mation schemes. The Verilog HDL is used to code approxi-mation activation function and MLP, afterwards, synthesis results are observed with Synopsys Design Compiler with TSMC 0.18‐μm library. The rest of the paper is organised as


aim of the paper is to do research on PWA S and to implement a progressive web application (PWA) for an e-commerce platform named K-Zone which is clothes shopping virtual store using Django and ReactJs including all the advantages of using PWA over native and web applications. To make the PWA

A Regional-MPC for nonlinear systems with steady state

Research Paper Open Access w w w a j e r o r g Page 123 A Regional-MPC for nonlinear systems with steady state multiplicity with PWA model Anamaria De Oliveira Cardoso1 And Luís Cláudio Oliveira-Lopes2

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Institute of

The paper is divided in six sections. First, we for-mulate the identi cation and linearization prob-lem of nonlinear function. Next, we present mod-eling of nonlinear process by OAF NN, topology of the fourier series (PWA OAF NN) and net-work transformation to state space PWA form. In Section 3 PWA OAF identi cation toolbox is


working papers. The Working Paper series provides a forum for work in progress which seeks to elicit comments and generate discussion. The series includes academic research by staff, PhD participants and visiting fellows, and award-winning research papers by graduate students.

Developing a Pet Finder PWA using MERN Stack

This dissertation was based on the research study on PWA and its advantages. The objective of the thesis was to analyze and execute a functional progressive web applica-tion and explore its significant features. Thus, PetFinder was developed which is a PWA constituting the best of native and web applications. This research paper also illustrates


However, research supports that even when images supplement comprehension, PWA have deficits in symbol interpretation (19, 20). While the above information is well-known to speech-language pathologists who work with PWA, very little research has examined the effects of poststroke aphasia on driving ability. In fact, the

The effectiveness of process writing approach in developing

written paper that is likely to communicate their ideas. Writing will be more manageable if it is taken as a multi-step process. The students will be able to write well if they think of writing as being composed of many short-term goals rather than one long-term goal. The PWA views writing as a recursive process involving more than just the

STILL Treading Water - DSPACE

This paper was written by Laila Barhoum (Oxfam) based on research undertaken by MRFB consulting team in Gaza between May and August 2020. Oxfam acknowledges the assistance of Catherine de Bock in its production. It is part of a series of papers written to inform public debate on development and humanitarian policy issues.

Formal Analysis of Piecewise Affine Systems under Parameter

In this paper we focus on piecewise affine systems (PWA) that evolve along different affine dynamics (in discrete time) in different polytopal regions of the (continuous) state space. PWA systems are widely used as models in many areas, including systems and synthetic biology, where they are particularly fitting for describing gene circuits

Progressive Web Apps: the Definite Approach to Cross-Platform

and research. The technology unifier remains to be found, but Progressive Web Apps (PWA) might be a step towards it. In this paper, we analyse the foundations of PWAs in cross-platform development and scrutinize the status quo of current possibilities. Based on our observations, we investigate unified development, and discuss open questions.

Top ten research priorities relating to long-term aphasia

Top ten research priorities relating to long-term aphasia following stroke 2 and major life decisions. However, data consistently reflects exclusion of PWA in research, particularly if investigations are outside the area of the communication impairment (Andersson & Fridlund, 2002; Cruice et al 2005). Furthermore, due to this

Qualitative Abstraction of Piecewise Affine Systems

able abstraction. This paper presents a systematic procedure to partition the state-space of piecewise affine (PWA) systems into qualitatively distinct regions. As a consequence, we ob-tain a moderately large set of partitions that characterises the hybrid dynamics of the PWA system. The abstraction scheme

A Structural Equation Model of the Influence of Personal

Dissertations Graduate Research 2015 A Structural Equation Model of the Influence of Personal, Behavioral, and Environmental Factors on the Writing Performance of First-year Students at a Selected Michigan Community College Thula I. Norton Lambert Andrews University, [email protected]