Dark Matter As A Localized Scalar In The Extra Dimension

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The warped dark sector - Caltech Authors

by P Brax 2019 Cited by 23 Randall Sundrum scenario, visible matter is localized on the ul- traviolet (UV) Dark sector constructions with a flat extra dimension have re- cently been We focus on a scalar field propagating in the 5d spacetime. The.

107. Extra Dimensions - Particle Data Group

Thus, for a large extra dimension R ≫ 1/M5, the massless scalar is very weakly coupled. this implies that energy scales for 4D fields localized at the boundary at y = πR are red-shifted by a KK state is stable and is a Dark Matter candidate.

Extra Dimensions and Warped Geometries - JSTOR

by L Randall 2002 Cited by 85 cation of extra dimensions to the determination of particle physics pa- rameters and properties. mensional subspace (localization) (3, 4). These ideas are presence of an additional scalar field, which is a particle whose containing about 30% cold dark matter, 65% dark energy, and at least two distinct populations of 

Light from Dark Matter Hidden Dimensions - DiVA portal

by M Gustafsson 2008 Cited by 1 to a small group of some tens of galaxies, the Local Group, which in turn Another proposed scenario for dark energy is to introduce a new scalar field, with​ 

Dynamics and Phenomenology of Scalar Field Dark Matter

by CM Cosme 2018 2.4 Scalar field dark matter in warped extra dimensions 40 0 and, therefore, the Higgs minimum could be only a local minimum, instead of a global​ 

Gravitymediated (or composite) Dark Matter confronts astrophysical

5D warped spacetime and compute the annihilation cross sections of scalar, fermion and vector dark Figure 1. Two setups for dark matter in extra-​dimensions.

The Cosmological Moduli Problem - Revisited - CLASSE Cornell

Some have a geometric interpretation (e.g. extra dimensions), others are scalar Additional Source of Dark Matter from Scalar Decay. Tr ~ MeV. Tf ~ GeV.


by C CSÁKI Cited by 136 5.3 Localization of scalars and quasi-localization 1045 in AdS space, universal extra dimensions and KK dark matter, black hole physics, brane 

Supersymmetry and electroweak symmetry breaking from

3 Compactification of Extra Dimensions, Orbifolds and Supersym- metry Breaking 7.5 Supersymmetric spectra and Dark Matter a Dirac fermion, φ is a real scalar and V µ is a (massive) gauge vector. 5 dimensional gauge theory describing electroweak and strong interactions with the local symmetry.

Astrophysical and Collider Signatures of Extra Dimensions

by H Melbéus 2010 neutrino detection signals for a number of different such dark matter Key words: Extra dimensional quantum field theories, universal extra dimen- sions of gauge group representations for the fermions and scalars, which determine how the symmetries of the theory allow for localized terms in the Lagrangian, so-​called.84 pages

Histories of Particles in the Dark Universe

1.1 Local Dark Matter 2.7.2 Another example: the case of the mirror dark matter 16.1 Combining fermionic/scalar/vectorial dark matter with a 126 GeV Higgs 411 In supersymmetric theories with extra dimensions one expects that the 

Structure formation in a string-inspired modification of the cold

by SS Gubser 2004 Cited by 87 picture for the dark matter, which allows a non-zero net scalar charge, tum modes are lighter when the extra dimensions are larger; thus there is a the local physics of relative accelerations it is valid even in the presence of a cosmological.27 pages

(I) for Supergravity and Dark-Energy with Super - Preprints.org

2 Nov 2020 the supersymmetry, so it becomes the core concept of the new theory. (related to dark matter) and high-dimensional superrepulsion (related to dark energy), between gravity, the scalar and tensor perturbations are not obvious. For Elko field with 5-D coupling term, its zero mode can be localized on.

Effective field theory of dark matter from membrane inflationary

by S Choudhury 2016 Cited by 5 the localized s, t and u channel interactions in RSII membrane. Taking a 4.8 Complex scalar dark matter: spin - 1/2 mediator. 47. 4.9 Real Now further integrating Equation (2.2) along the extra dimension within the interval y = −ϵ to y = +ϵ 

Radius Stabilization and Dark Matter with a Bulk - OSTI.GOV

by A Ahmed 2015 Cited by 4 DARK MATTER WITH. A BULK HIGGS IN WARPED EXTRA DIMENSION∗ the SM fields plus a stable scalar, which serves as a dark matter candidate. D3-​branes are localized on the fixed points of the orbifold S1/Z2, a.

Dark matter as a localized scalar in the extra dimension

by EO Iltan 2009 Cited by 2 Dark matter as a localized scalar in the extra dimension. E.O. Iltana. Physics Department, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

An introduction to extra dimensions - IOPscience - Institute of

by A Pérez-Lorenzana 2005 Cited by 120 Scalar dark matter in an extra dimension that include stabilization of the extra dimensions and graviton localization at branes are also covered. Due to the  47 pages

The Quest for Dark Matter in the era of the latest - Q2C

many scalars proposed as the Dark Matter. If the scalar field is Boson star: localized, asymptotically flat configurations of extra dimensions. little Higgs. B​(1).

Scalar field dark matter and the Higgs field

by O Bertolami 2016 Cited by 31 Scalar field dark matter in warped extra-dimensions is valid, we may first neglect the brane-localized interactions with the Higgs field, to.

Radius Stabilization and Dark Matter with a Bulk Higgs in

by A Ahmed Cited by 4 DARK MATTER WITH. A BULK HIGGS IN WARPED EXTRA DIMENSION∗ the SM fields plus a stable scalar, which serves as a dark matter candidate. D3-​branes are localized on the fixed points of the orbifold S1/Z2, a.

Candidates for Inelastic Dark Matter - Harvard DASH

by Y Cui 2009 Cited by 149 B Appendix: Decoupling of Higher KK Modes in the Warped Scalar Model 39. 2 Additional attention to heavy dark matter is due to the recent of target nuclei per unit mass of detector, and f( v, ve) is the local dark matter velocity of dimension N, the DM mass needed to reproduce the right relic density, 

Phenomenology of Dark Matter from Radio to - PUBDB

vertices localized in the orbifold fixed points are also computed for the first time. [III ] 130 GeV gamma-ray line and generic Dark Matter model building 1.1 Particle spectrum of the model with one universal extra dimension. Dot- successful test was the discovery of a scalar boson that, to a high confidence level, bears.

Minimal and non-minimal Universal Extra Dimension models

by K Ghosh 2020 the dark matter as well as the collider phenomenology of nmUED. lider, Multijet search, Extra-dimensional scenarios, Boundary-Localized Terms. SM kinetic, Yukawa and scalar potential terms for the 5D fields, the 

Fat brane, dark matter and localized kinetic terms in six dimensions

Fat brane, dark matter and localized kinetic terms in six dimensions. Ricardo kinetic term is effec- tively 4-D, meaning that any expected extra scalar field, aris-.

Supersymmetry and the Early Universe - Rudolf Peierls

of new co-annihilation pheonomena leading to an acceptable dark matter Ioannina: The scalar field space of SUSY models can have directions along which the potential becomes unbounded, or local minima deeper than the standard one potential and studied oscillations of this field in the case of extra dimensions, 

Cosmology and Matter-Induced Branes - MDPI

by SG Rubin 2020 Cited by 2 Keywords: gravity; extra dimensions; scalar field; cosmological (dark matter and energy), the number of fermion generations, and so on. More definitely, it is supposed that the scalar field can be localized within the extra 


by E Gerwick 2008 Cited by 6 yet understood, i.e. we still have not seen a fundamental scalar Higgs boson or any 1. experimentally, it does not include dark matter, even though generically grand unified theory) and links the Standard Model to a local theory of gravity. extra-dimensional gravity valid up to LHC energies and show the limitations of​ 

Phenomenology of Non-minimal universal extra dimensions

Dimensions (UED). ▻ UED and boundary localized terms (BLTs). ▷ Toy model: a massive 5D scalar field with BLTs W3(1) dark matter and neutrinos from the sun UED models are models with flat, compact extra dimensions in which all 

Scalar Fields within Warped Extra Dimension Aqeel Ahmed

by A Ahmed 2015 Implications for dark matter were discussed within this Localization of a scalar field on a thick-brane Higgs dark matter from a warped extra dimension ,.


by SC Park Cited by 91 When the SM quarks are well localized at the boundaries, the most stringent bound of the model. (1/R > 510 form of extra dimensional model [2], the universal ex- that the KK dark matter annihilates mainly into leptons The realistic model of KK dark matter is con- scalar field Φ(y), fermion ΨI(y) and ΨJ (y) and I,J.

Adiabatic Dark Matter Density Cusps Around Supermassive

by A Medeiros Da Rosa 2019 3.1 Vacuum Stability Constraints On Supersymmetric Dark Matter 4.2 PBH Mergers In The Local Universe: Adiabatic Spikes and components of a 3-​dimensional tensor will be represented by latin indices. MSSM is accompanied by three new complex scalars, and each quark family is accompanied.

extra-mensional cosmology Selected topics in

WIMP KK dark matter in UED radion stabilisation in RS. On dark matter from extra dimensions: section 25 of Les Houches Things change if, in particular, fields are LOCALIZED in extra dimensions. (Arkhani-Hamed and a scalar. Vµ. V5.

Precision Higgs Physics, Effective Field Theory, and Dark

by BQ Henning 2015 The first is singlet scalar field that enables the first- has mass dimension two; the extra tons as a result of different amounts of dark matter in local regions.

Redalyc.New Solutions to the Hierarchy Problem

by G Burdman 2007 Cited by 29 baryon asymmetry in the universe, or of dark matter and dark energy ? Why is the of string theory, it was only recently that extra dimensions have been invoked 

An introduction to the brane world - SciELO México

by A Pérez-Lorenzana 2007 Cited by 18 Keywords: Brane world; extra dimensions; Randall-Sundrum models. En a˜nos recientes however, matter should be localized on a hypersurface (the brane) embedded mean a long-range scalar (gravitational) interaction also. σ(0) should get a spaces [49] dark matter from KK modes [50], Black Holes in both ADD and 

New physics, Dark matter and cosmology in the light of Large

by A Tarhini 2013 Supersymmetry, CKM Matrix, PMNS Matrix, Neutrinos, Dark Matter, Cosmology, Large tries of local relativistic field theories, has the virtue of solving the gauge hierarchy Since SUSY relates the scalar and fermionic sectors, the chiral compactified extra dimensions in their low energy phenomenology.

Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions in CalcHEP - SLAC

by AK Datta Cited by 72 extra dimension and the cut-off scale of the model Λ. We implement both the KK CalcHEP and CompHEP can be easily interfaced with a dark matter program such as An even scalar field φ+(x, y) is expanded in Kaluza-Klein (KK) modes as also receive contributions from terms localized on the boundary points (the 

DMSAG Report on the Direct Detection of Dark Matter

5 Jul 2007 7.3 Relation between direct and indirect dark matter detection. theories, theories with extra spatial dimensions, and others. WIMPs may microscopic properties of WIMP particles, and their local distribution and velocity profile. For instance, if Higgs soft masses are distinct from matter scalar masses (as.

Galactic rotation curves in brane world models - Oxford

by LÁ Gergely 2011 Cited by 25 is usually explained by postulating the existence of the dark matter. extra-​dimensional models can be effectively used as a viable alternative to the standard dark matter paradigm. 2003). Scalar fields or other long-range coherent fields coupled to solved numerically for static, spherically symmetric matter local- ized on 

Some studies on Minimal and Non-minimal Universal Extra

by UK Dey 2014 Boundary localized terms in universal extra-dimensional models through a dark matter perspective 3 Dark Matter & Non-minimal Universal Extra Dimension. 35 3.9 Variation of the scalar B(1)-nucleon cross section with relic particle mass.

The Quest for a Realistic Four-dimensional Cosmology

by IP Neupane 2010 associated with the size of extra dimensions and the other is a scale associated with the expansion in the form of non-baryonic cold dark matter (CDM) universe with time-dependent metric moduli or scalar localised at y = 0 rather than at.

Phenomenology of Extra Dimensions - Particle Theory

by GD KRIBS Cited by 31 [email protected] The phenomenology of large, warped, and universal extra dimensions are reviewed. where R(5) is the Ricci scalar for the five dimensional spacetime. The (2πr)n. All SM fields (matter, Higgs, gauge fields) are localized to a 3-brane motivation for dark matter; for reviews, see Refs. [17, 18, 19].67 pages

The diphoton resonance as a gravity mediator of dark matter

by C Han 2016 Cited by 135 as a function on their localization in the extra dimension. We find that scalar, fermion or vector dark matter can saturate the dark matter relic 

Scalar dark matter in an extra dimension inspired model - arXiv

by RA Lineros 2014 Cited by 5 dark matter extra dimensional models, the most usual realization is based on the for the orbifold compactification these terms are important and are localized.

New physics: light and weakly coupled - National Institute for

Light weakly coupled new (BSM) physics is a generic possibility not to be a priori (History lesson: first dark matter problem occurred at the nuclear level, constraints on SUSY, extra dimensions, Higgs-singlet scalar interactions (​scalar portal). B μν However, there are models of DM where NP is completely localized.

Primordial black holes as dark matter

geometry of the black hole spacetimes are modified due to extra-dimensional effects. We study the Keywords: primordial black holes, dark matter, gravitational lensing. PACS: 04.50. The physics of black holes in scalar-tensor models which arise from derive the gravitational field due to a localized matter distribution.

Download (6MB) - Sussex Research Online - University of

3.1 Set up for the GMDM model with extra dimensions [5]. 22 4.6 Parameter space of fermion and scalar dark matter in mDM vs mG/Λ. The gray regions are For direct detection the local value is relevant and we have that the​.

Novel signatures of dark matter in laser-interferometric

by H Grote 2019 Cited by 39 in models involving oscillating scalar dark-matter fields and domain walls composed of scalar fields. In the observed DM content of the Universe (the average local cold. DM density is In this work, we propose new ways of searching for DM Brownian thermal noise and that all of the dimensions of.

Propulsion in the Chameleon Model

localized oscillation of dark matter in this thin-shell region and the rocket equations. As such, it of extra dimensions and generally featured in high energy physics. A natural question then arises: if such a nearly massless scalar field exists 

Chapter 1 Extra Dimensions

by K Agashe Cited by 8 dates for the dark matter of the universe (such a particle is absent in the SM). We will not extra dimensions appear as a tower of particles (or modes) from idea of large kinetic terms (for 5D fields) localized on a brane Another Consider the following 5D action for a (real) scalar field (here and hence-.