Higgs Mass Bounds From Renormalization Flow For A Simple Yukawa Model

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Cosmological Aspects of Higgs Vacuum Metastability

by T Markkanen Cited by 43 on Standard Model parameters, such as particle masses and the coupling In section 2 we present renormalization group improvement in flat space by SM can be illustrated with the simple Yukawa theory, which we will now the potential has a barrier and starts to decrease without bound at high field 

The Higgs as a pseudo-Goldstone boson

by S Saa Espina 2017 6.4 Renormalization Group Equations. 78 7.1 A gauge and Yukawa theory for a manifold of scalars. 81 3.2 Local p-value as a function of the Higgs mass observed in the CMS Let us take a toy model with n scalar fields, φi, to provide a simple proof of the to bound states of some elementary fields, the quarks. This is 

Renormalization group running of neutrino parameters - Nature

by T Ohlsson 2014 Cited by 54 neutrino mass models in the framework of supersymmetric and valid and simple. According to the Higgs doublets via a Yukawa-type interaction with a coupling matrix Yn. Since manifest themselves only at loop level, current mass bound.

The LHC Higgs Boson Discovery - MDPI

by S Heinemeyer 2018 Cited by 10 The latter consists of searching for renormalization group invariant relations among was predicting the light Higgs boson in the mass range ∼121 126 GeV, the Standard Model (SM) [3,4], constituting a milestone in the quest for With this approach, Gauge-Yukawa Unification (GYU) is possible.

Dissertation - Inspire HEP

by A Held Cited by 1 [4] Higgs-mass bound and fermionic dark matter, A. Held and R. Sondenheimer, JHEP E RG-flow of the scalar potential in a simple gauge-Yukawa model of the (functional) Renormalization Group and the asymptotic-safety paradigm.

SUSY Higgs mass and collider signals with a Hidden Valley

by Y Nakai 2016 Cited by 12 The Standard Model Higgs boson, as a weakly interacting scalar particle, renormalization group running of these couplings hits a Landau pole immediately​. Yukawa, we can lift up the Higgs mass without large soft masses of the new let us consider an ansatz for the mass terms that is as simple as 


by G Jungmant The purpose of this note is to show, with a simple analytic bound on. Yukawa coupling renormalization group flows, that 80(10) models [1] for which the standard that the lower bound on the bottom mass will be ~ 10 GeV for the one Higgs.

Higgs inflation and quantum gravity - export.arXiv.org

by ID Saltas 2015 Cited by 27 B709, pp. 222 228, 2012. [125] H. Gies, C. Gneiting, and R. Sondenheimer, ​Higgs Mass Bounds from Renormalization Flow for a simple Yukawa model, Phys.

5 - Durham Research Online - Durham University

by W Kilian 2005 Cited by 141 we will be able to observe the renormalization group effects from split Yukawa couplings is an important check for supersymmetric models The low-energy effective theory is particularly simple. Apart from this Higgs mass bound, the only trace of supersymmetry would be the mutual interactions of.

Renormalization Group Flow of the Higgs Potential

by H Gies 2017 Cited by 12 Higgs Mass Bounds from Renormalization Flow for a simple Yukawa model. Phys Rev. 2014;D89(4):045012. 14. Gies H, Sondenheimer R.

JHEP02(2019)166 - CERN

by A Helda Cited by 9 A non-perturbative renormalization-group analysis reveals that, similar 2 RG flow of a simple Higgs-Yukawa model with fermionic dark matter. 3 2.3 Higgs mass bounds and phenomenological implications. 9. 3 Fermionic 

corrections to yukawa-top and Higgs self-coupling

Renormalization Group Equations in Standard Model Carazzone theorem as a consequence of the Higgs mechanism of mass The simple relation between the full propagator and the irreducible The stability bound [arXiv:1205.2893]:.

A Renormalization Group Analysis of the Higgs Boson with

by H Zheng 1996 Cited by 8 sentation of the electro-weak gauge group SU(2)W × U(1)Y with Yukawa iality bound on the Higgs self-coupling, within the context of the standard model Higgs boson mass, 130GeV ≤mH≤ 200GeV, for which the standard model may heavy fermions to the above analysis, it is enough to consider the following simple.

Little solution to the little hierarchy problem - [email protected]

by PW Graham 2010 Cited by 114 We present a simple solution to the little hierarchy problem in the minimal supersymmetric standard model: a decays of the Higgs in order to avoid LEP bounds [30,31]. Twin and little Yukawa y3, the Higgs mass mh in this model is roughly given by m In this section, we study the renormalization group.

Phenomenology of Higgs Bosons Beyond the Standard Model

by G Wouda 2015 Cited by 1 Higgs bosons and this thesis explores some of those models. Supersymmetry, Renormalization, LHC, Collider constraints basic knowledge in quantum field theory and particle physics e.g. at the masses to the fermions as well through Yukawa-couplings4 bound on the Higgs-mass; mH ≲ 700GeV.

The Higgs boson resonance from a chiral Higgs-Yukawa

by J Kallarackal 2011 Cited by 1 vated to explore the Higgs boson mass bounds at a fixed cut off of 1500 GeV simplest symmetry group within the standard model of particle physics, the Uem(​1). With the above rules at hand it is easy to show that the Yukawa terms are also depends on the values of the (renormalized) couplings of the model, 

Two-Loop Corrections to the Higgs-Boson Masses in the

by S Paßehr Cited by 1 Two-loop top-Yukawa-coupling corrections to the Higgs boson masses in Higgs bosons required for renormalization in the complex MSSM and calculated explained [LEP+04] by the long-time established Standard Model (SM) of particle though strong experimental bounds from the width of the Z boson and the mass.

110. Supersymmetry, Part I (Theory) - Particle Data Group

in the chiral superfields, yields supersymmetric Yukawa couplings and mass terms. Supergravity models provide a natural mechanism for transmitting the SUSY the tree-level bound for the mass of the lightest CP-even MSSM Higgs boson is renormalization group improvement, the two loop and the leading three-loop 

Renormalization group flow of the Higgs sector

flow itself. Higgs masses outside the resulting bounds cannot be connected to any Starting our analysis from a simple Higgs-Yukawa model, which mimics the 

Global flow of the Higgs potential in a Yukawa model

by J Borchardt 2016 Cited by 37 We study the renormalization flow of the Higgs potential as a function of both field amplitude and energy scale. lower mass bound by ∼ 1GeV, while preserving absolute ready be studied in a simple Higgs-Yukawa model corre- sponding 

Constraining Physics Beyond the Standard Model in the post

by T Mondal 2016 is intertwined with the Higgs boson mass (mH) measured at the LHC. The sta- arguments it helps to compute simple and unique stability criteria embracing the maximum bound comes from the lepton flavor violating decays on this model, especially in a heavy A Renormalization Group Evolution Equations. 101.

Quartic couplings, masses and thresholds in the basic

by SR Juárez 2013 Cited by 1 The simplest extension of the SM known as the two-Higgs-doublet-model (2HDM​) of the renormalization group equations, and on the other, the consequences of a top/bottom Yukawa coupling unification, a different pattern of hierarchy of the Yukawa couplings is Recently, the bounds on the charged-Higgs mass have.

Higgs mechanism in the general Two-Higgs-Doublet Model

by A Degée 2009 Appendix A: Simple case of 2HDM the mass of the quarks and leptons through Yukawa interactions with the scalar group SU(3)C, the standard model describes three of the four interactions in bound on mH is obtained from the requirement that the perturbative In fact, the squared physical renormalized Higgs-boson.

Higgs mass bounds from renormalization flow for a simple

by H Gies 2014 Cited by 48 Higgs mass bounds from renormalization flow for a simple Yukawa model. Holger Gies,1,* Clemens Gneiting,2,† and René Sondenheimer1,‡.

arXiv:hep-ph/0003065v1 8 Mar 2000 - 中国科技论文在线

by B Zhang Cited by 4 The bound on the composite Higgs mass is estimated model at high energies, even up to Planck scale (see for example, [10 14] and the We use a simple Yukawa couplings in above renormalization group equations are understood as​ 

Higgs Boson Mass in Yukawa Unified SUSY SO - IOPscience

by Q Shafi 2012 Cited by 2 SO(10) models, to estimate the lightest MSSM Higgs boson mass. couplings are evolved to MGUT via the MSSM renormalization group equations (RGEs) in 

Quantum Field Theory - McGill Physics - McGill University

by JM Cline Cited by 1 the basics using a toy model field theory. These are the Feynman rules for the λφ4 theory, which make it relatively easy to It is known that the Higgs mass is close to or above This is just what the renormalization group does for us, as I Divergent loop diagrams with Yukawa couplings to a scalar field (dashed lines).

Impact of generalized Yukawa interactions on the lower Higgs

by H Gies 2017 Cited by 27 point during the entire renormalization group (RG) flow. Hence, the influence a lower Higgs mass bound emerges naturally from the. RG flow itself and is are absent in a simple Higgs-Yukawa toy model and the. Yukawa 

Non-perturbative lattice study of the electroweak model with

by J Kuti 1989 Cited by 17 group arguments for mass bounds are presented for comparison with new The Higgs sector with strong Yukawa coupling to heavy fermions will be discussed in two simple models. v = 0.356 and with a renormalized Higgs mass M H ~ 2.

Redalyc.Quartic couplings, masses and thresholds in the

by SR Juárez 2013 Cited by 1 Quartic couplings, masses and thresholds in the basic extension of the renormalization group equations, and on the other, the consequences of a top/​bottom Yukawa vacuum expectation values v1 and v2 of the Higgs fields and not to the Yukawa couplings. ergy bounds of the parameters and the validity of the model.

Triviality and Higgs Mass Upper Bound

28 Aug 2007 Renormalization Group and Triviality in Lattice Higgs and Yukawa couplings. Higgs Upper Bound in 1-component φ4 Lattice Model. Higgs Upper Bound in We will use a simple hard-momentum cutoff k ≤ Λ. Exactly the 

Effective and fundamental quantum fields at criticality

for the Higgs mass and even for the top mass of our toy model. In three dimensions we 4 Renormalization flow of chiral Yukawa systems. 40 as well as the formation and the dynamics of bound states. On the other hand it In modern quantum field theory the basic objects are functional integrals allowing to calculate the 

Soft resummation and hard evolution Renormalization group

25 Oct 2019 Renormalization group methods in effective theories and multi scalar models The code can evolve any Two-Higgs-Doublet Model at 2-loop order and are in a way very clean and simple, e.g. compared to the inner workings of the human. 5 The Yukawa κF matrices are the diagonal mass matrices,.

Higgs Mass and the Scale of New Physics

4 May 2015 Higgs mass is related to Higgs coupling and vev: mh = p2λ4 vev. Hambye renormalization group β functions normalization group equations for the Higgs self-coupling λ , the top Yukawa y, and the strong coupling g Lower Mass Bound in the Standard Model λ4 As a simple example, we include a λ.

Higgs Mass Bounds from Renormalization Flow for a simple

by H Gies 2013 Cited by 48 Hermann-Herder-Straße 3, D-79104 Freiburg, Germany. We study the functional renormalization group flow of a Higgs-Yukawa toy model 

Impact of Higher dimensional operators on lower Higgs mass

by M Warschinke that lower (and upper) Higgs mass bounds arise as a result from the flow of Accordingly, the framework of the functional renormalization group (FRG) Chapter 3 deals with the question why for our purposes the simple Higgs-​Yukawa model.

Higgs Exempt No-Scale Supersymmetry - Deep Blue

by JL Evans 2009 Higgs mass, b) a scalar contribution to Higgs mass. Scatter plot in the M1/2 − tan β plane of solutions that respect the bounds of. ∆aSUSY. µ diagonal2, the sfermion masses remain diagonal in the course of renormalization group evolution These type of models provide a simple and elegant explanation for the small.

Scalar mass stability bound in a simple Yukawa-theory from

by A Jakovác Cited by 17 Stability Higgs bounds with perturbative RGE in SM. dλ(Q2) d log Q2. = 1 Non-​perturbative studies in simplified models (see below):. Lattice: Z. Fodor Functional Renormalization Group Equations of the system. The Local 

A Little Solution to the Little Hierarchy Problem: A - SLAC

by PW Graham Cited by 114 We present a simple solution to the little hierarchy problem in the MSSM: a vector​-like To satisfy the LEP bound, the stop quark must be taken to be ∼ 1 TeV Section III presents the renormalization group analysis. Section IV from the top Yukawa y3, the Higgs mass mh in this model is roughly given by.

A lattice study of a chirally invariant Higgs Yukawa model

by DYJ Chu 2015 Cited by 25 may alter the lower Higgs boson mass bound as already observed in [1,2]. renormalization flow for a simple Yukawa model, Phys. Rev.

Nonpolynomial Higgs interactions and vacuum stability

by R Sondenheimera 2019 Cited by 12 considerably diminish the lower Higgs mass bound without introducing a renormalization group flow of the scalar potential on a non- perturbative level. Higgs mass bound in. Higgs Yukawa models mimicking the Higgs-fermion sector negative at large RG scales, we will focus on a simple Higgs Yukawa model 

Higgs inflation and quantum gravity - CyberLeninka

by ID Saltas Cited by 27 [122] H. Gies, C. Gneiting and R. Sondenheimer, Higgs Mass Bounds from Renormalization Flow for a simple Yukawa model, Phys. Rev.

NLO Perturbativity Bounds on Quartic Couplings in

by CW Murphy 2017 Cited by 8 leading order effects in the SM, including both renormalization group (RG) perturbativity bounds at next-to-leading order (NLO) in the Two-Higgs Doublet simple, but it serves to highlight how the viable parameter space in a model can change couplings are parametrically larger than the gauge and Yukawa couplings.


Keywords: cosmological constant; Higgs mass; Casimir energy. We show that this simple requirement vacuum energy must be renormalized to have physical meaning for quantum cor- The Standard Model based on the gauge group SU(​3)c x SU(2)L are also some bounds from various theoretical considerations11.


Figure 2.2: The exact RG flow of the renormalized couplings λ and y with in Higgs-Yukawa models that Higgs mass lower bounds and upper bounds can be determined We will use a simple hard-momentum cutoff k ≤ Λ. Exactly the same.

Universal Landau Pole at the Planck scale - AIP Publishing

by AA Andrianov 2014 Standard Model matter more fermions with vector gauge couplings and The behavior of the quartic Higgs coupling λ and of the Yukawa couplings, especially of the largest t quark one, under the renormalization flow is also important at high energy. λ becomes negative in the presence of a relatively light Higgs with mass 

6 STANDARD MODEL: One-Loop Structure - UF Physics

The rules for a renormalizable theory in four dimensions are rather easy to state. This renormalization group equation tells us that if the running mass is zero at any Since the Yukawa matrices are different for the up and down quark sectors, The Higgs sector of the standard model has a global SU(2)R symmetry of.


by M Schmaltz 2005 Cited by 1125 PRODUCT-GROUP MODELS The bounds imply that physics at the TeV scale has to conserve B and L, flavor, Higgs mass in the Standard Model come from one-loop diagrams with top quarks some basic aspects of Nambu-Goldstone bosons. derivative interactions, which means no gauge interactions, no Yukawa 

Higgs mass bounds from renormalization flow for a Higgs top

10 Feb 2015 in the framework of the functional renormalization group. In both pute the Higgs​-mass bounds of the model non-perturbatively for various Higgs Yukawa model (black solid lines) as well as for the simple Z2- symmetric 

Stabilizing the electroweak vacuum by higher dimensional

by P Hegde 2013 Cited by 6 Results from an analysis of the renormalization group approach in a. Z2-​symmetric Higgs-Yukawa model suggest, that the mass bound indeed can be We restrict ourselves to the simple case of one fermion doublet.