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05/01/2020 DENTAL COVERAGE POLICY- Temporary PPE

May 1, 2020 align with ADA guidance, dentists are asked to use procedure code D1999 - unspecified preventive procedure, by report. CODES:.1 page

Charging-Extra-For-PPE.pdf - Compliance Training Partners

Apr 27, 2020 D1999 should be reported on a per-visit basis. Stay tuned for further guidance from the ADA and possibly a code specific for PPE to be added 

Back to Work Interim Toolkit - Pennsylvania Dental Association

Aug 6, 2020 Direct Purchase of Masks on PDA PPE Store Or, until that adjustment has been made, use CDT code D1999 - unspecified preventive 

Teledentistry is Now a Permanent Benefit - Health Advantage

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) D1999 is no longer an authorized Delays in notifying Dental Provider Relations of changes to your practice may 

COVID-19 Coding and Billing Interim Guidance: PPE

D1999 can be used once per patient visit to cover the additional costs for PPE. both Commercial and Government programs. Balance billing to patients is prohibited. applicable) per patient visit for dates of service beginning August 1, 2020 continuing until further notice.

covid-19-dental-code-fee-for-safety-cost-increase.pdf - Bryant

D1999 Code COVID-19 PPE (unspecified preventive procedure) codes that are beings suggested for use are CDT codes that are recognized by dental insurance.

Dental Bulletin October 2020

as we work through the challenges we all continue to face due to the Teledentistry and PPE codes D9995 and D1999 through the end of the year.

Service Code Productivity.pdf

ADA. Code Description. D2740 Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic. D1110 Adult Prophy D1999 Infection Control (PPE) D4118 Perio work up.

Meeting Minutes - Illinois.gov

Jul 15, 2020 American Dental Association (ADA) recommended code of D1999 which has Dr. Mona VanKanegan stressed the importance of PPE for not only 


Feb 2, 2021 Starting May 18, 2020 Apple Health Dental will reimburse CDT code D1999 for personal protective equipment. It is allowed at the rate of $15 per  3 pages

February 16, 2021 - East Central College

Feb 16, 2021 as the first drug to treat COVID-19 for use in adults and patients dentists to submit the PPE cost to us using CDT code D1999 payment 

ADA - Artistic Dental Lab

Apr 21, 2020 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) adjustments taking effect, dental offices may wish to use CDT code D1999 - unspecified preventive.1 page

Dental Changes Related to COVID-19 Emergency As

Jun 22, 2020 Medicaid will provide for PPE reimbursement of $20 per patient visit using the American Dental. Association (ADA) recommended CDT code D1999  1 page

2020 Dr. Charles Blair and Associates, Inc. - McGill & Hill Group

Jun 9, 2020 COVID-19 & Dentistry: Coding for Teledentistry, Billing for PPE, Follow the current CDT code set exactly to the best of your ability.9 pages

Transcript for NC DHHS COVID-19 Guidance for Dental

May 6, 2020 This is put on for Dental Professionals by the NC Department of code D1999 would allow providers to bill for PPE and the extra cost.

IWDC WNY Welfare SMM Air Ambulance Oxygen and Dental

Aug 13, 2020 the separate charge of infection control, sterilization, or personal protective equipment ( PPE ) denoted by CDT code D1999.

DENTIST SP TLIGHT - Delta Dental of Arizona

Here is the information you'll need handy to use these services: PPE claims for CDT code D1999: Unspecific Preventive Procedure By Report will be 

covid-19 pandemic dental treatment consent form - ProSites


Inventory #: 01a Page 1 of 2 CDT CODE ACTION REQUEST

Use of existing procedure code D7999 unspecified oral surgery procedure, The ADA recommends practitioners use the D1999 code for PPE since there is no 

Getting Your Office Ready long guide Covid 19 2020-05-11

May 11, 2020 Was using all the recommended PPE precautions Typical dental procedures can spread the virus by aerosolizing, i.e. Discount codes:.

PROVIDER GUIDE - Western Dental

Items 5 - 11 prevent fraudulent use of a member̵s benefits. Below is the list of new CDT 2018 codes that will be included as covered.

December 22, 2020 - Westmont College

Dec 22, 2020 The Food and Drug Administration has granted Emergency Use Authorization of dentists to submit the PPE cost to us using CDT code D1999 

Child Health Plan Plus Dental Program Annual Report FY2020

on purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for dental offices. for a Colorado Child Health Plan Plus participating provider using a variety of 

Infection Control Fee The American Dental Association (ADA

Further, costs of personal protective equipment (PPE) including the ADA has issued a guide regarding coding and billing for PPE. CDT codes D1999.1 page

Diagnostic Preventive and Basic Restorative - Bcidaho

Mar 25, 2021 An evaluation to determine any changes in dental and medical health status since a If unusual difficulties and circumstances use code.

PPE Reimbursement Using CDT Code D1999 - HMSA Dental

that end, HMSA is now authorizing participating dental providers to bill charges for personal protective equipment (PPE) using CDT code D1999, per visit per.

WP Underwriting Toolkit - Warner Pacific

Delta Dental (Allied Administrators) Customers with fully insured medical and/or dental plans will receive a premium Anthem using CDT code D1999.

July 9, 2020 - State of Michigan

Jul 9, 2020 CDT code D1999 does not appear on the MDHHS. Dental Fee Schedule. Michigan Medicaid does not separately reimburse the cost of PPE. It is  1 page

COVID-19 Member FAQ - BlueCross BlueShield FEP Dental

Are you closing your dental customer service offices? recommendation for dentists to submit the PPE cost using CDT code D1999. Payment will occur.3 pages

Scannable Document - Select Dental Care

State: Zip Code: - Cigarette, pipe, or cigar smoking 0 For this reason, the ADA allows us to use the CDT code (D1999) once per visit (25.00 

Yankee Dental Congress 2021 Is Going Digital

Oct 5, 2020 network contracts before implementing a PPE fee. Many insurance companies do not allow participating dentists to use the D1999 code, 

Untitled - Humboldt County Development Association

Am I able to charge my Delta Dental patients for infection control or PPE using the. D1999 code? No. Per your Delta Dental of lowa provider contract and 

commercial managed care program - Guardian Direct

use ADA claim forms or Access Dental encounter forms to report these Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), as defined in the Health and Safety Code (H&S.

Dental Services Presented by Veronica Johnson - Wyoming

Dental Code & Policy Updates D1999 - PPE is allowed with no Oral Surgery Procedures not covered using CDT procedure code should be billed using.

COVID-19 Billing Quick Guide November 16, 2020

Nov 16, 2020 The assigned CPT code to use for BinaxNOW antigen testing is 87811. departments are not approved to bill Medicaid for PPE using D1999.

Dental Services and the Impact of COVID-19

Sep 16, 2020 report (D1999), which, during the pandemic, was recommended for use to seek payment for the cost of additional personal protective equipment 

News You Can Use Newsletter - Winter 2020 - Delta Dental of

Jan 1, 2021 Dental Terminology, or CDT, is the current HIPAA-designated code set used in You also may not use code D1999 for the cost of PPE,  10 pages

INSIDE - Montana Dental Association

department open CDT code D1999, an unspecified Opening the code will help dental PPE. DPHHS Coding Changes Published includes use of N95 masks, 

A Letter on the topic of fees for PPE equipment from the 7th

reimbursement for PPE recently. going to reimburse for PPE, that is not a blanket statement for all their contracts. and using the CDT code D1999.

Blue Impressions March 2021 - CareFirst Provider

Mar 2, 2021 BlueCross BlueShield FEP Dental (Formerly FEP BlueDental) 2020, CareFirst reimbursed $7 as a PPE supplement using code D1999.

November 13, 2020 - beerepurves

Nov 13, 2020 as the first drug to treat COVID-19 for use in adults and patients dentists to submit the PPE cost to us using CDT code D1999 payment 

JUNE 2020 - Michigan Dental Association

become familiar with the guidance from the CDC, ADA and the MDA so that we can lead our teams charge a flat fee per encounter using CDT Code D1999.

PPE Pandemic Fee - Eagle Glen Dental

The ADA has given us a code to bill all insurances because they understand that due to the dental offices may wish to use CDT code 'D1999 - unspecified.

coding-8-4.pdf - AAPD

recently released guidance for dental practices regarding the use of COVID manged care plan, is covering $10 per patient visit when the D1999 code is 

NEWSLETTER - Practice Booster

CoV-2 Tests under Emergency Use Authorizations. PPE. As with all CDT codes that include by report in the nomenclature, a narrative is required.16 pages

Office Reference Manual - DentaQuest

Mar 23, 2020 billed for its use. D1999 is a non-covered code and is not considered as reportable for personal protective equipment by Health First CO 

From the President - Monmouth-Ocean County Dental Society

Sep 16, 2020 ment governing use of the ADA Engagement Program funds. All programs Code D1999 for PPE United Concordia is reimbursing for this code.

2020 Annual Report - National Association of Dental Plans

Dec 22, 2020 proud of the extraordinary work of the entire NADP staff increase Dental EDI and use of D1999 for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Volume 36, Number 15 - Medi-Cal Dental Provider Bulletin

Terminology (CDT) code D1999 is not billable for PPE under Medi-Cal dental providers equipped to do so are encouraged to use synchronous.8 pages

June 10, 2020 To our highly valued provider network

Jun 10, 2020 new guidelines for PPE associate with the profession. of $10 per visit through the use of the CDT code D1999 - unspecified preventive  2 pages