Specific Features Of Ethnic Identity In The Regions With Varying Degrees Of Ethnic Diversity

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The Education of Ethnic Minority and - Open Society

by T Brind 2008 Cited by 58 educational careers of ethnic minority and migrant children. specific to those groups and may indeed increase levels of attainment.

Ethnicity and Identity in the Caribbean - Kellogg Institute For

by RR Premdas Cited by 65 usually visualized as an area populated by a diverse polyglot of peoples. most characteristic feature of separate ethnic identity.

Taiwan's Ethnicities and their Representation on the Internet

by J Damm 2011 Cited by 7 The number of ethnicity-oriented websites in Taiwan with various kinds [A]cceptance and recognition of cultural diversity in particular.

Ethnic Diversity and Ethnic Discrimination - University of

by A Lee 2017 Cited by 31 strength and regional and national identity are thus omitted variables in any analysis of particular ethnic groups may have higher levels of political 

Ethnicity as a Political Resource - OAPEN

by C Büschges 2015 Cited by 8 studies of ethnogenesis and changing configurations of ethnic identities, practices are selectively stressed, and specific traditions or aspects of the  261 pages

Psychological Treatment of Ethnic Minority Populations

worldviews of the various racial/ethnic minority groups.While the recommendations are stated impact on certain regions in the United States.

Indigenous Peoples/Ethnic Minorities and Poverty Reduction

by R Plant 2002 Cited by 27 different ethnic groups in any one island, there are Pacific cultures and societies of certain aspects of globalization.52 pages

What is an Ethnic Group?

by ED Green Cited by 12 of 'ethnicity as a cloak for several different types of identity presumes groups 'habitually exhibit, albeit in varying degrees, six main features.

Addressing Cultural, Ethnic & Religious Diversity Challenges

by A TRIANDAFYLLIDOU 2011 Cited by 42 diverse experiences and traditions regarding ethnic and religious (Catholic religion in France and to a certain extent in Germany and 

How would you define diversity?

Differences among groups of people and individuals based on ethnicity, race, People with different opinions, backgrounds (degrees and social experience) 

Escalation of Ethnic Conflict, David Carment and Patrick James

by D Carment Cited by 14 In this case, ethnic identities are evoked in certain structural circumstances to advance Low levels of cleavage between ethnic groups occur within a.

Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods Provision in Kampala

by J Habyarimana 2006 Cited by 1420 A large and growing literature links high levels of ethnic diversity to low ethnic identities can affect the availability of particular strategies to 

Barth 1969.pdf - Brown University

tempt to relate other characteristics of ethnic groups to this primary feature. territory with varying ecologic circumstances, will exhibit regional.22 pages

Dimensions of Racism - OHCHR

were held in the different regions of the world to ensure maximum consultation men and other 'risk groups' obscured the extent to which factors of race, 

Constructing Ethnicity: Creating and Recreating Ethnic Identity

by J Nagel 1994 Cited by 2611 Particular attention is paid to processes of ethnic identity formation and white groups, white ethnicity does not generally involve high levels of 

Understanding the Role of Ethnic Identity in a Diverse Team

by C Hamill-Keays 2017 Identity is defined in this thesis as A person's conception of self within a particular social, geographical, cultural and political context ( 

Planning for Ethnic Tourism: - UWSpace - University of Waterloo

by L Yang 2007 Cited by 38 feature of these definitions is that ethnicity consists of м strongly bounded, unique cultural identities, associated with a presumed ancestry and rooted in 

Ethnicity, Confession and Intercultural Dialogue at the

by M Brie Cited by 19 identity at individual, local, regional, and national levels, from all ethnic groups have common characteristics and needs on the one 

Ethnic Identity, Collective Action, and Conflict - Center for

by M Humphreys Cited by 31 actors have about the identities of others varies within a polity. correct ethnic groups and b) how changes in the degree of information that actors  36 pages

Heterogeneity/Granularity in Ethnicity - PolicyLink

disaggregation at levels of detail greater than broad ethnic groups To address these specific objectives, three elements of the HGEC project were 

The Influence of Ethnicity on Consumer Behaviour: A study of

by JV Intharacks 2017 Cited by 4 different degrees of individual acculturation between three generations of consumers from different ethnic groups may vary due to cultural distance; 

Ethnic and Social Differences in Education in a Comparative

school, as well as by asking detailed questions about various aspects of education among young people from diverse ethnic backgrounds who live in each 

Unity in Diversity? Ethnicity, Migration, and Nation Building in

by S Bazzi 2017 Cited by 22 and by exploiting certain features of the planning and implementation process, Indonesian identity that would span the archipelago's diverse islands and  62 pages

Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity - National Bureau of Economic

by K Desmet 2015 Cited by 196 degree of overlap between cultural attitudes and ethnic identity has a strong and identity for culture varies in systematic ways across question types,  61 pages


by WW Isajiw 1992 Cited by 209 both collective and individual aspects of the phenomenon. In a multiethnic society in which members of different ethnic groups interact and compete.

Specific Features of Ethnic Identity in the Regions with Varying

by O Zotova 2020 Abstract: Ethnic diversity describes the plurality of ethnicities within a group of people coexisting in one territory.

Diversity statistics in the OECD

8 Nov 2018 collect data on ethnic, racial and indigenous identity? report focuses on specific aspects of diversity: racial, ethnic and indigenous.

Evidence of the Economic and Social Advantages of - Coe

cities, regions, countries) and in different arenas (cultural, social, with a higher degree of ethnic diversity are less willing to pool their resources 

Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity - UCLA Anderson School of

by K Desmet 2017 Cited by 196 an individual's ethnic identity, while a value of one indicates that answers can be each country separately, and for different regions.35 pages

Who are the UK's minority ethnic groups? - Understanding

by J Burton 2008 Cited by 33 What is at stake then, in these cases is not understanding people's identity or the extent to which they have a particular 'race consciousness' (themselves  56 pages

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity by Country - Stanford University

by JD FEARON 2003 Cited by 2481 nuanced mapping of levels of ethnic identity and possibilities for features, one may get types of ethnic groups that are not 

Panethnicity among Asian Americans and Latinos - Iowa

by TE Min 2010 Cited by 5 most Asian Americans and Latinos in the U.S. insist on keeping their own ethnicity or national identity based on unique cultural heritage and diverse 

The Relationship between Ethnic Diversity - Gov.uk

by T Kirk 2018 Cited by 2 levels of societal trust can rise when ethnic groups mix. The specific features of groups may include languages, skin colour, religions,.163 pages

A Closer Look at Higher Education Minority Ethnic Students

by H Connor 2004 Cited by 371 of minority ethnic population in the London area and many students stay locally) and also the different entry requirements of universities and different 

On the Sociology of Ethnicity and Social Change - TARA (tcd.ie)

by HJ ABRAMSON Cited by 25 The fifth point suggests the diversity which is always present within any given ethnic group and the different interpretations of the meaning of a particular.

Survival of the Fittest: Explaining the Success of Ethnic

by L Anderson 2016 Cited by 10 states with autonomous ethnic regions highlights their unique potential factors such as degree of ethnic polarization, or level of ethnic diversity, 


by C Dustmann 2001 Cited by 378 bias in simple estimates of ethnic context effects if individual location relative presence of non-whites and levels of prejudice' using data on ®ve.

4 Black and Minority Ethnic Groups - University of Birmingham

by PS Gill Cited by 4 This chapter provides an overview of needs assessment for the Black and Minority Ethnic Groups. (BMEGs). These groups are so diverse in terms of migration 


by K Chandra 2006 Cited by 814 role of descent, and whether and how other features should be combined with it in defining ethnic groups. The role of descent is specified in four different 

Indigenous Peoples/Ethnic Minorities and Poverty Reduction

by R Plant 2002 Cited by 27 recommendations for a regional action plan for indigenous peoples/ethnic minorities. In addition, most successful groups with the highest income levels.78 pages

and Bottom-Performing Ethnic Minority Groups - World Bank

by EM Theme Cited by 2 Educational Attainment Levels of the Selected Ethnic Minorities (%) geographic distance should be seen in a specific regional context.

Tourism, Ethnicity, and the State in Asian and Pacific Societies

by M Picard 1997 Cited by 374 In particular, the fate of ethnic identities and cultures in developing interethnic rela- tions on local, regional, and national levels be affected?

Ethnic Diversity, Clientelistic Resource Distribution, and

by A Weber 2010 Cited by 3 particular, different ethnic groups seem to have difficulties agreeing on investments in local ethnic identities on the regional or district level.

Ethnic Diversity, Clientelistic Resource - edudoc.ch

by A Weber 2010 Cited by 3 particular, different ethnic groups seem to have difficulties agreeing on investments in local ethnic identities on the regional or district level.179 pages

Ethnic Diversity in Europe: Challenges to the Nation State

by D Turton Cited by 12 Minorities, and the European Module on Migration, Cultural Identities an exactly opposite effect, by raising levels of ethnic consciousness.

Indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities - the United Nations

nation based on identity has led to higher levels of poverty among them than in the dominant ethnic groups, as this chapter shows.

Multiethnic women's identity and perceptions of competent

by CR Hilliard 1994 Cited by 1 Multiethnic, women, ethnic identity, ethnic-specific gender identity, A multiethnic woman is, to varying degrees, interethnic.

The Han: China's Diverse Majority - Scholarly Publishing

by A Joniak-Luthi 2015 Cited by 36 in the Studies on Ethnic Groups in China series to address Han identity Han but displaying specific characteristics in the case at hand. When con-.

Popular Perceptions of the Relationship between Religious

by DM Barry 2012 Cited by 3 group identities are created and legitimated by using aspects of multiple sources, which include to varying degrees, religious and ethnic 


by A Bacal Cited by 25 Given the extent of ethnic discrimination in contemporary society, ethnic identity is often associated with oppressive and conflictual features. Ethnic  70 pages