Analysis Of Aerodynamic Characteristics Of Rotating Porous Cylinders

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infinite, horizontal, porous flat plate. The two fluids are immiscible and occupy separate regions. The upper fluid velocity is denoted by U and the lower fluid velocity by U We use cartesian coordinates, with the (x*,z*) axes lying in a plane parallel to the plate which is positioned at a vertical height y* = -d. The porous plate allows us to

Calibration of the DANTEC 56C17 anemometry bridge unit

67. Lee, T. and Ko, L.S., (2016) ″Experimental study of the vortex flow and aerodynamic characteristics of a reverse delta wing,″ Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Vol. 230, Issue 6, pp. 1126-1138. 66. Lee, T. and Choi, S., (2015) Wingtip vortex control via tip-mounted half-delta wings of different geometric configurations,

10th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME

ISBN: 978-1-63439-793-3 10th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME 2013) Dhaka, Bangladesh 20-22 December 2013 Procedia Engineering Volume 90


Statistical characteristics of elastic turbulence in a free-surface swirling flow F. C. Li, M. Oishi, Y. Kawaguchi, N. Oshima, M. Oshima (91) Large eddy simulation of a self-preserving turbulent jet using high-order schemes

Proceedings of the ASME / Vol. 2 / Fora

Characteristics SaadA.Ahmed Aerodynamic Analysis ofthe Helicopter RotorUsingthe Time-Domain Panel Method SeawookLee, Leesang Cho, Counter-Rotating Axial Flow Fans

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Vorticity equations, Cuette flow. Poiseville flow. Flow between rotating cylinders. Stoke's problems. Pulsating flow between parallel surfaces. Hiemez flow. Flow over a porous wall. 15565 Optimization 3 Cr. Optimization of design process. Case studies for nonlinear programming. Comparative examination of unconstrained algorithms.


performances. Rotating cylinders were applied on a heavy vehicle tractor by Singh et al. [5]. They showed that utilizing rotating cylinders decreases wake region and consequently aerodynamic drag. Salari et al. [6] reported the effect of base bleeding on heavy vehicles. Nisugi et al. [7] did a numerical


(P)A Numerical Study of the Steady Wake behind a Porous Bluff Body [85] Singh, J., *Raghu, V., G., Tiwari, S. (P)Effect of aspect ratio and trailing edge elongation of elliptical cylinder on wake characteristics [80]

Drag Coefficients for Flat Plates, Spheres, and Cylinders

Analysis of Theoretical Solutions and Obtaining Drag Coefficient by Review of Literature 3 over spheres, cylinders, and flat plates in the range of

The Effect of Porosity on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of

On the basis of the analysis of existing studies we proposed an experimental investigation of the effects of porosity on the aerodynamic characteristics of a rotating cylinder as component of a windmill, using the Magnus effect. Figure 1. The scheme of the rotating cylinder in the cross-flow In the rotary motion of the cylinder in the upper air

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39. Performance analysis of a wing with and without winglets 194. Aerodynamic Performance of High-Altitude Variable-Pitch Propellers AD2 D2,AN1,H1 131a. Numerical simulation of FSI with thin-walled structural elements 145. Flow separation control on a NACA-4415 airfoil at low Reynolds number 146.


porous medium along a permeable surface, and the thermal radiation effect on heat transfer was also considered. Mohamood and Nadeem et al. [29] have been analyzed the heat transfer analysis of water-based nanofluid over an exponentially stretching sheet. The nanofluid flow over an unsteady stretching

Estimating Vertical Drag on Helicopter Fuselage during Hover

These include porous media, lumped parameter (fan and heat exchanger), streamwise-periodic flow and heat transfer, swirl, and moving reference frame models. Flows from main rotor blades that contribute vertical drag on helicopter fuselage are categorized as rotating flow. For rotating


Key words: Turbulent flow, Bluff body, Porous, flow control, CFD. Abstract. There is evidence that the application of porous media to the surfaces of bluff bodies immersed in turbulent fluid flows has a profound effect on the associated aerodynamic phenomena [1]. The majority of the numerical studies on flow around circular cylinders that

Frontiers in Fluid Mechanics Research

Frontiers in Fluid Mechanics Research ISBN: 978-1-5108-1620-6 7th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics 2015 (ICFM7) Qingdao, China 24 - 27 March 2015

CFD Simulation of Air Bearing Material - IJSRD

and Porous. B. Aerodynamic: Self-generating: The supporting film is generated by the relative motion of the two surfaces being kept apart. An aerodynamic bearing can be of several types. The design characteristics differ greatly between journal and axial bearings and they can suffer problems of instability.

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An explanatory theory for unsteadiness of aerodynamic characteristics of variable sweep morphing aircraft. P. Bai, Q. Chen, F. Li 9:55 - 10:30 Coffee break 10:30 - 11:00 Alain Fontaine, Airbus and Pégase Co. Keynote Lecture Challenges of aeronautic industry,

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Aerodynamic Design of Drop Capsule for Drop Tower Microgravity Experiments. 31 Dr. R. P. Ram, Dr. A. K. Dhiman and Dr. R.P. Bharti Forced Convection Characteristics of Non‐Newtonian Fluids over Tube Banks 32Dr Subbarao Rayapati Studies on a Two‐Stage Axial Flow Turbine with Respect to Losses and Performance

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bine aerodynamic noise prediction and minimization. Silvana De Lillo, Universita di Perugia: Elastic Rod Models of Polymeric Chains: Static and Travelling Wave Solutions. Roberta De Luca, Universita di Napoli Federico II : Permanence and nonlinear stability for a predator-prey model with mutual interference.

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Adhikari, S. Asymptotic distribution method for structural reliability analysis in high dimensions, 3141 Adhikari, S. Qualitative dynamic characteristics of a non-viscously damped oscillator, 2269 Afzal, N. Analysis of power law and log law velocity profiles in the overlap region of a turbulent wall jet, 1889

Chapter 1 Governing Equations of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

ME 582 Finite Element Analysis in Thermofluids Dr. Cüneyt Sert 1-2 These equations are known to be the conservative and non-conservative forms of mass conservation, respectively. Conservation forms of equations can be obtained by applying the underlying physical principle (mass conservation in this case) to a fluid element fixed in space.

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Ori the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Porous Square Cylinders Resistance of Bluff Objects on Fluctuating Flow Di?a-g ofTom-ado-Geneiiatea Missiles. Kind Engineering Research Digest (l.'i-RO) Comments on Research Report IV-23 Peter A. Dauzvardis Andrew A. Fejer R. S. Norman P. W. Bea'rman M. E. Davies A. Roshko A. Steinolfson V. Chattoorgoon

Carpinteri And Alberto Structural Mechanics

rotating rings, discs and cylinders have been added. New solved examples, multiple choice questions and short answer questions have been added to augment learning. The entire text has been thoroughly revised and updated to eliminate the possible errors left out in the previous editions of the book. This

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Aerodynamic Characteristics of Variable Sweep back Hypersonic Vehicle at Low speeds , 2004 wac , Vol. 2004, (2004).€ € € 19. Nadaraja Pillai S, Kumar M S, Sundaravadivel T A, Dr. K. M Parammasivam, Aerodynamic analysis of Flat and curve shaped Hypersonic fore bodies at low speeds , American Society of


051201 Flows and Their Stability in Rotating Cylinders With a Porous Lining / M. Subotic and F. C. Lai 051202 Active Control of Flow Separation in a Radial Blower / David Greenblatt and Guy Arzuan 051203 Spectral Linear Stochastic Estimation of the Turbulent Velocity in a Square Three-Dimensional Wall Jet / Joseph W. Hall and Daniel Ewing


characteristics of a dust devil-like vortex. Maria Cruz Navarro. Bifurcation analysis of the Marangoni instability in a heated layer of surfactant solution with Soret effect. Matvey Morozov. Self-propelled hard discs: non-conservation of momentum and transition to collective motion. Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu Lam. 17:15 - 17:30. Secondary whirls in

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Some authors (Fredrickson [12]) studied Casson fluid for the flow between two rotating cylinders. Eldabe and Elmohands [13] investigated the steady-flow behavior of a viscoelastic flow through a

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Mechanical Analysis of a Patented solid-gas reaction in porous material with actual Experimental Study on Unsteady Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Badminton

Aerodynamic response of a bristled wing in gusty flow

cylinders) and a corresponding flat wing model (figure 1a,b) under an incoming free stream with sinusoidal velocity. The following sections examine the forces exerted on each bristle and the corresponding flow structures during the gust period and discuss the solidities of the virtual fluid barriers and their effects on aerodynamic performance.

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Rotating Disk Y. Nishio, K. Komori, S. Izawa, Y. Fukunishi EX-2 CON-2 CON-SAKURA 2 CON-5 CON-SHIRAKASHI 2 15:40-16:40 OS14-1 Invited Simulations of Electric Double Layer Capacitors with Ionic Liquids as Electrolytes P. A. Bonnaud , H. Shiba 16:40-17:00 OS14-2 Topological Data Analysis for Estimating Flow Characteristics of 3D Fracture Network M

The stability of two-phase flow over a swept wing

air/water flow above a flat porous plate. This flow is a model of the boundary layer which forms on a yawed cylinder and can be used as a useful approximation to the air flow over swept wings. The air and water form an immiscible interface which can destabilize the flow, leading to travelling wave disturbances which move along the

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Design and performance analysis of hydrokinetic turbine with aerodynamic stall model 4 TFRE20/17 TFRE20/17 Mallikarjunaswamy S, Sharmila N,Siddesh G K A Novel Architecture for Cluster Based False Data Injection Attack Detection and Location Identification in Smart Grid 5 TFRE20/21 TFRE20/21 Dipen Saikia, Utpal Kumar Saha,

Multiple Jets

Coupled Analysis of Transient Aerodynamic Characteristics of the Coach under Crosswind in Different Situations 527 K. Sun, Y. Yang, Z. Gu, J. Liu, L. Zheng, H. Hu and J. Gao Uncertainty Analysis of Experiments of Vortex-Induced Vibrations for Circular Cylinders 541 O. Usta and A. Duranay Research on the Flow Characteristic in a Multi-Stage

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Cooling by injection of a fluid through a porous material, ex­ perimental study of 509 CRONVICH, LESTER L. A Numerical-Graphical Method of Characteristics for Axially Symmetric Isentropic Flow 155 Cylinder, a long unstiffened circular, in pure bending, the optimum proportions of 616 Cylinders, yawed, the boundary layer of 49 DAVIS, HUNT.


Analysis of thick cylinders with internal semicircular grooves sub-jected to internal pressure. Mihir Kumar Jana and G. Venkateswara Rao (EN) 568 THERMOPHYSICS AND THERMOCHEMISTRY Heat Conduction Errors in aerodynamic heat transfer measurements when using phase change coating techniques. John A. Segletes (EN) 124

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E102 Model-based analysis of acoustic energy flow of an impact sound generator / (Member) Yosuke Tanabe (Hitachi, Ltd.) E103 Numerical simulation of the flow through the rotating porous body / Eru Kurihara (Oita University), ( ) Shunya Matsushita, Hiromitsu Hamakawa, Takaya Sasaki E104 Study of self-excited sound from expansion

On-line particle Density Measurements of Combustion Aerosols

The APM consists of two cylinders rotating at a rotational speed, ω. The aerosol is introduced in the gap between the cylinders and a radial electrical field is applied. The electrical force keeps the charged particles in orbit. The mass distribution of the particles is measured by stepping the APM voltage (V APM) at a specific ω.


characteristics, aerodynamic forces on the cylinder, intensity and position of separation, etc. Sen et al. (2010) described these phenomena with respect to different blockage ratios (BR), which is actually the ratio of the cylinder diameter to the height of the computational