Oxygen Consumption Of Normal And Atherosclerotic Intima

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Coronary Artery Blood Flow - Wiley Online Library

by L Feliciano 1999 Cited by 61 atherosclerosis, coronary artery spasm, and systemic arterial oxygen demand in the normal heart is linear over a broad.

4063-4071-miR-143 is involved in ECs dysfunction and in the

by RH XU Cited by 18 between atherosclerotic plaque and normal ves- sel tissues. The direct target of miR-143 was ver- measurement of oxygen consumption was per-.

Does Oxidative Status Predict Progress in Subclinical

by S Williamson 2020 (urinary F2-Isoprostanes) and subclinical atherosclerosis (common/internal carotid intima-media thickness) in the Insulin Resistance 

Visualization of Synthetic Vascular Smooth Muscle - Nature

by K Pahk 2017 Cited by 19 showed elevated FDG uptake into the atherosclerotic carotid artery. The maximal intimal thickness of atherosclerotic arteries and normal 

Redalyc.Endothelial wall thickness, cardiorespiratory fitness

by LR Silva 2014 Cited by 27 atherosclerosis and it has been found in obese children and adolescents, body composition, blood pressure, maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max), 

Imaging Markers of Subclinical Atherosclerosis - Korean

by KS Kim Cited by 9 A: automated computerized measure of carotid intima-media thickness. B: atherosclerotic plaque in right common carotid artery (arrow).

Oxygen Consumption of Normal and Atherosclerotic Intima

by AF WHEREAT 1961 Cited by 73 normal rabbits was lowest in the thoracic por- Oxygen Consumption of Aortic Intima from Control and Atherosclerotic Babbits. Aortic arch. Rabbit no.

Carotid Stenosis and Diametric Strain-A Feasibility Study

by C Xu 2016 Cited by 7 Key Words: Carotid, Atherosclerosis, Atheroma, Vulnerable plaque, Vasa plaquorum, Vasa vasorum, Oxygen consumption of normal and atherosclerotic intima.

Computer Simulation of the atherosclerotic plaque - University

by N Mirzaei dynamical evolution of plaque. The main approach is to use Partial Differential. Equations (PDEs) with macrophages, necrotic cells, oxidized lipids, oxygen.

Vasa Vasorum in Atherosclerosis and Clinical Significance

by J Xu 2015 Cited by 99 absent in either normal or atherosclerotic arteries, Insufficient arterial oxygen supply due to intimal thickening may shorten oxygen 

Oxygen Sensors in Atherosclerosis - Maastricht University

1 Jan 2020 in rabbit atherosclerotic plaques and its uptake correlated with macrophages, HIF1α expression, and intimal neovascularization [75].

The role of oxygen transport in atherosclerosis and vascular

by J Tarbell 2020 Cited by 8 the demand for and supply of oxygen in the arterial wall is a key factor in the development of intimal hyperplasia and atherosclerotic 

Morphology and metabolism of an aortic intima-media

3 Nov 1975 The smooth muscle cells, however, continued to maintain a normal EM appearance. Oxygen uptake was determined by means of a model 53,.

Collagens in the progression and complications of

by E Adiguzel 2009 Cited by 232 Key words: atherosclerosis; calcification; collagen; macrophage; plaque rupture; (C) Intimal calcification is a feature of advanced plaques, and is.

Fatty acid synthesis in cell-free system from rabbit aorta

the atherosclerotic rabbit aortic intima has a higher rate differences in oxygen consumption and fatty acid syn- from atherosclerotic and normal aortas.

Does the Role of Angiogenesis Play a Role in Atherosclerosis

5 Jun 2014 Diagram 2: Normal adult artery with diffuse intimal thickening and an increase in oxygen demand of infiltrated plaque inflammatory.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Is Related to Physical - CJASN

4 Oct 2006 was determined using peak oxygen uptake (VO2) by expired gas analysis. Atherosclerotic burden was assessed by carotid intima-media thickness 

Regular aerobic exercise and the age-related increase in

14 Dec 2001 in carotid artery intima-media thickness in healthy men V˙O2 max, maximal oxygen consumption; BP, blood pressure. *P. 0.05 vs. young. †P.

Associations of cardiovascular risk factors, carotid intima

by R Shiri 2011 Cited by 52 artery intima-media thickness (IMT), and clinical atherosclerotic diseases with CTS. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common.

Role of lipids and intraplaque hypoxia in the formation of

by DA Chistiakov 2017 Cited by 10 Hypoxia/ischaemia induces vasa vasorum neovascularization in atherosclerotic plaques. Intimal thickening, reduced oxy- gen supply and oxygen 

Photodynamic therapy for atherosclerosis. The potential of

by S Houthoofd 2019 Cited by 15 atherosclerotic tissue when compared with normal artery. These studies show that selective uptake and retention of photosensitizer in 

Atherosclerotic plaque development: Disease - NEHU

by R Ganguly ferent granulocytes in the intimal layer of the artery with the help of adhesion the arterial wall it leads to less oxygen supply to the cardiac muscle 

The ethanolic extract of holy basil leaves - AIP Publishing

by E Rachmawati 2021 Coronary heart disease is caused by inadequate blood and oxygen supply to the intima, which had slight damage but showed progression to normal, 

Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis in the tunica intima, media

14 Jun 2019 The coronary arteries (CAs) supply the heart with blood. that the tunica intima normally consists of a single layer of endothelial cells 

An integrated approach to simulating the vulnerable - arXiv

by NM Mirzaei 2019 Analyses of individual atherosclerotic plaques are mostly descriptive, production rate of MCP1 and 2 is the consumption rate of oxygen by 

The Diabetes Mellitus Atherosclerosis Connection - MDPI

by A Poznyak 2020 Cited by 64 a common main feature of chronic hyperglycemia that results from the intimal layer of the arterial wall and accumulation of plaques.

Metabolism and Ultrastructure of the Arterial Wall in Atherosclerosis

One of the functionally significant properties of the normal vascular intima is Whereat, A. F.: Oxygen consumption of normal and atherosclerotic intima.

Metabolic and cardiovascular adjustments during - PubAg

by MJ Lambiase 2012 Cited by 27 oxygen consumption were measured on both days. reactivity to acute psychological stress and carotid artery intima-media thickness in youth.

new targets for lipid lowering - Oxford Academic Journals

by M Aikawa 2001 Cited by 18 cap is the most common cause of fatal acute myocardial infarction[1,15]. Smooth muscle cells in the atherosclerotic intima exhibit.

Oxygen consumption in aortic tissue from rabbits with diet

by T Björnheden 1987 Cited by 103 The inner parts of the arterial wall depend upon diffusion for nutrition and oxygerv atlon. During the atherosclerotic process, Increased intimal thickness 

Aortic wall metabolism in relation to susceptibility and

by PJ Cozzi 1988 Cited by 26 Metabolic studies included measurement of oxygen consumption of proximal Percentage of aortic surface area with grossly visible intimal atherosclerosis.

Epicardial coronary arteries are not adequately sized - JACC

by A NITENBERG 1996 Cited by 109 dimensions in hypertensive patients and normal subjects. Background. Myocardial oxygen demand at rest and corre- sponding coronary blood flow are the main 

Exercise and Carotid Atherosclerosis - European Journal of

by NPE Kadoglou 2008 Cited by 98 yr, years; IMT, intima-media thickness; CCA, common carotid artery; CAD, coronary artery disease; VO2max, maximal oxygen uptake.

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by JE Sasaki 2006 Cited by 22 beverage consumption, daily stress and, above all, a sedentary lifestyle. vasodilation, intima-media thickness, and coronary risk factors are presented.

Pathology of human plaque vulnerability - INSERM U1148

by JB Michel 2014 Cited by 115 Beside the intimal integration of asymptomatic luminal coagulum, inward sprouting of an excess of oxygen consumption or a shift in redox intracellular.

2. Natural History of Sleep Apnea - Oxford Academic Journals

by RT Dean 1993 Cited by 197 Furthermore, the thickening of atherosclerotic intima may itself establish hypoxia in the Oxygen consumption of normal and atheroscle- rotic intima.

Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. - AJR

by PM Consigny 1995 Cited by 47 of Atherosclerosis: Endothe/ia/. Injury. The luminal surface of a normal artery is covered with a monolayer of endothelial cells attached.

Transarterial wall oxygen gradients at a prosthetic - CORE

by SM Santilli 2000 Cited by 30 wall pathologic conditions, including atherosclerosis and intimal hyperplasia. Intimal hyperplasia is common at sites of arterial injury, including an 

bioenergetic metabolism and lipid accumulation in pigeon

by DP HAJJAR 1978 Cited by 1 between changes due to normal aging and those due to pathological involve ment in WC. Oxygen consumption increased about two-fold in the atherosclerotic.

Coronary Physiology and Atherosclerosis - McGill University

by NA Wall Figure 441 Normal human coronary artery of a 32-year-old woman. The intima (i) A major increase in cardiac oxygen consumption (MṾo2), beyond the normal 

Arterial response to laser operation for removal of

by RG Gerrity 1983 Cited by 175 The cellular response of normal and atherosclerotic aortic intima after exposure in vivo to a able laser energy levels for subsequent use in vivo and.

Vasa Vasorum in Atherosclerosis and Clinical Significance

by J Xu 2015 Cited by 99 absent in either normal or atherosclerotic arteries, Insufficient arterial oxygen supply due to intimal thickening may shorten oxygen 


by H IWAHASHI Cited by 2 degree of atherosclerosis and peroxide content in the lipid. Iwakami4' reported Oxygen consumption of normal and atherosclerotic intima. Circ. Res.,.

Mitochondrial Medicine Molecular Pathology of Defective

by E Fosslien 2001 Cited by 285 without elevated basal oxygen consumption that was due to a reduced activity of a specific enzyme, mouse develops massive atherosclerosis on a normal.

Hypoxia in atherogenesis - Sussex Research Online

Atherosclerosis is associated with decreased endothelial NO production. NO normally reduces cellular oxygen consumption by competitively inhibiting 

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by AF Whereat 1964 Cited by 73 and normal intima in certain metabolic capabilities. CHERNICK et al. OXYGEN CONSUMPTION OF AORTIC INTIMA I~ROM CONTROL AND ATHEROSCLEROTIC RABBITS *.

Role of Inflammation in Atherosclerosis* - Journal of Nuclear

by LG Spagnoli 2007 Cited by 319 (115) showed that baseline OxLDL-. 4E6 levels predicted the progression of carotid artery intima media thickness in asymptomatic and presumably healthy. 58-y- 

Pathophysiology of the atherosclerotic rabbit. - Environmental

by RJ Lee 1978 Cited by 6 consumption (isoproterenol) or decreased oxygen supply (ergonovine). Susceptibility to such stress Hematocrit values of normal and atherosclerotic rab-.

Metabolic Phenotyping of Atherosclerotic Plaques Reveals

by PA Vorkas 2015 Cited by 58 the use of normal tissue, including the following: (i) INT, rather the intimal thickening tissue and the two atherosclerotic plaque.

In vivo oxygen transport in the normal rabbit femoral arterial wall.

coefficients, mean calculated medial oxygen consumption was 99 nl0/ml-s. and Bayliss noted that intimal thickening with adlvanc-.