Strong Interactions At High Energies In The Reggeon Approach

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Di raction at HERA An Experimentalist's View

by P Marage Cited by 5 of the exchange of two main trajectories: the reggeon trajectory, related to the At high energy, elastic and di ractive scattering With the advent of QCD as the theory of strong interactions, models were proposed in order.

An introduction to Regge Field Theory - CERN Indico

by M Poghosyan Cited by 4 Diffractive and electromagnetic processes at high energies Heidelberg, Germany (assumes unitarity, analyZcity, short-‐range character of strong interacZons) γ(t) should be related to Reggeon-hadron interaction vertex!

Topics on High-Energy Elastic Hadron Scattering

by MJ Menon 2005 Cited by 5 in this series of Workshops on Hadron Interactions. After an Despite the great success of QCD as the field theory of tering at high-energies and small momentum transfer (soft (Reggeons, Pomeron, Odderon) for parametrizations involv-.


by D Amati Cited by 2 theory of strong interactions. for the understanding of high energy phenomena and In the J plane, the two Reggeon branch-point i s ex-.


by E Levin Cited by 22 for the total inclusive cross section of hadron interaction at high energy and lead to old Reggeon Field Theory [5] for the interaction of hard Pomerons in section 3. great detail (see original papers [7] [6] or several reviews [4] [ES] [lo] ).

Strong Interactions in the Regge Limit and Infrared Region

by C Contreras 2019 the high-energy limit and at larger transverse distances the transition to a much simpler effective local Reggeon field theory, whose critical properties were.

20. High Energy Soft QCD and Diffraction - Particle Data Group

1 Jun 2020 of high energy soft interactions that can be expected from the extension of Gribov [7,32] (Reggeon calculus or Reggeon Field Theory (RFT)), which at large MX by a strong bremsstrahlung off the incoming gluons (from the  39 pages


by E Levin 1995 Cited by 24 effective theory of the strong interaction at high energy. In spite of the inspite of the pure phenomenological input the Reggeon approach was and is the main.

Backward production at high energies, in ultra- peripheral - Indico

extrapolation to high energies. □. Detector No hadronic interactions (roughly b​>2RA. ) □ At lower γp energies, Reggeon exchange contributes Two approaches: gluon shadowing, meson spectroscopy and strong field QED. □.

CURRICULUM VITAE - Syracuse University, College of Arts

by C ROSENZWEIG 2014 The Adler Condition and High Energy Bounds on Massless particle Total Cross Pomeron Reggeons and SU3 Symmetry Violation; with G.F. Chew, Phys. Let. Quarks, Graphs, and the Ordered Approach to Strong Interactions, Proc. of the.

Strong Interactions Of Hadrons At High Energies - Tecnomotor

strong interactions of hadrons at high energies gribov lectures on theoretical physics vacuum pole OCo Pomeron, Reggeon field theory, parton evolution 

PoS(ICHEP2016)1098 - SISSA

by C Contreras 2016 energy scattering for strong interaction. Reggeon field theory RFT as an effective theory for QCD in Regge Limit. Carlos Contreras. 1. Introduction. To find a bridge between short and long distances physics in the high energy QCD remains a.

Summary Talk for ISMD 06 - SciELO

by L McLerran 2007 distance limit of the theory. What is the structure of Strong interactions bind the quarks and gluons into hadrons, and in a very high energy density, highly coherent state, the The Gribov Reggeon Calculus was one attempt to make a the-.

JHEP02(2014)089 - CORE

by E Levina Cited by 7 the secondary Reggeon but the Pomeron interactions should be taken into account; (iii) High energy (low x) deep inelastic scattering (DIS) probes the gluon density in the hadron. appeared in the evolution equation approach to the BFKL dynamics. ity Q. The solid lines with arrows describe the quarks and antiquarks.

Gabriele Veneziano - Collège de France

by M Gasperini Cited by 3 bini and collaborators on a bootstrap approach to strong interactions based High Energy Physics, at the end of that summer. for the Reggeon, Phys. Lett.

Redalyc.Total Hadronic Cross-Section Data and the Froissart

by DA Fagundes 2012 Cited by 16 Abelian gauge field theory of the strong interactions. [2]. As a non-Abelian theory, 1As usual, in high-energy physics, we adopt the system of units in which c = h = 1. the 1990s [31], characterized by Reggeon contributions.

New parton model for the soft interactions at high energies

by E Gotsman 2020 Cited by 3 New parton model for the soft interactions at high energies: The odderon. E. Gotsman,1,* E. Levin,1,2 this approach for all possible reactions: dilute-dilute (​hadron- hadron) Reggeon with negative signature and with the intercept. αOdd​(t = 0) = 1. strong interactions from LHC forward data, Phys. Lett. B.

Pion Emission in α Particle Interactions with Various Targets

by A Abdelsalam Cited by 17 *Mohamed El Nadi High Energy Lab, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt. multiple scattering theory approaches. Features suggestive of a Key Words: α Particle Interactions at Dubna Energies / Shower Particle Sources / (5), one observes the strong dependence of backward relativistic hadron production on.

strong interactions of hadrons at high energies - Assets

magnetic interactions of hadrons, and it introduces and studies reggeons field theory, and, in particular, the physics of hadron interactions at high 978-1-107-​41130-2 - Strong Interactions of Hadrons at High Energies: Gribov Lectures on 

Is reggen field theory rendered obsolete by

by B SIDHANTA Cited by 1 reggeon self-energy correction due to pomeron exchanges. Relative merits of RFT r and QCD as theories of strong interaction. While vindication of value of QcD as a nonabelian gauge theory is admittedly very high. But it passes one's.

Hadron Spectroscopy in Double Pomeron Exchange

by JH Lee 2010 Diffractive processes at high energies are believed to be occurring via the exchange In this approach, it is expected that the collisions of two pure gluonic states can fuse of the rapidity gap(s) and number of diffracted protons intact after interaction, s suggest that Reggeon-Reggeon and Reggeon-Pomeron exchange 

Physics at small-x and heavy ion collisions - Taylor & Francis

In the first part of this paper, I shall discuss applications of the Reggeon approach to the processes of hadronic interactions at high energies and shall emphasize 

CHEpr61a.pdf - Caltech Authors

by GF Chew 1961 Cited by 137 Dynamical Theory for Strong Interactions at Low Momentum Transfers on High-​Energy Physics at Rochester (Interscience Publishers, We cannot be sure, of course, that there must be a Our basic motivation arises in the work of Regge on.

Forward elastic scattering - Lume UFRGS

ing of the theory of strong interactions. odd under crossing Reggeon contribution, necessary to dis- and the role of the soft interaction at high energies.

Regge kinematics in soft collinear effective theory

by JF Donoghue 2010 Cited by 18 We discuss the kinematics of the particles that make up a Reggeon in field theory​, using the terminology of fundamental theory of the strong interactions. With the for the QCD interactions of very high energy quarks and.

Exclusive reactions with light mesons: From low to high energies

the members of the Department of Strong Interactions and Mechanisms of Nuclear Reactions 1.4.3 Two-gluon impact factor approach for subasymptotic energies The latter are included in the meson/reggeon exchange picture with​ 

High-energy QCD and applications

22 May 2012 High-energy hadronic collisions: QCD vs Regge. Outline S-matrix, dispersion-​relations approach to strong interactions. This point of view is 


by AA Grigoryan 1982 Cited by 14 gluon scheme of strong interactions allows one to explain the position of This approach allo ^one to describe binary and multiplicity production at high energy L-3 J as well. Го ЛЛ Two poles with G*P * + 1 ( <Г and ? are the reggeon.

BRQOKMB~IIEN - UNT Digital Library

by L McLerran 2005 posed to explain basic features of high energy interactions [I]. One of the Modern day string theory has largely evolved away from strong interac- Gribov's Reggeon calculus was a field theoretical attempt to try to sum.

Introductory Remarks Concerning Duality - JSTOR

by RH Dalitz 1970 Cited by 1 Printed in Great Britain nance and the high energy region of reggeon-​exchange dominance, say for Chew, G. I96I S-matrix theory of strong interactions.

Extensive Air Showers and Hadronic Interactions at High Energy

by R Engel 2011 Cited by 185 cosmic rays, multiparticle production, Heitler model, high-energy Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is the theory of the strong interaction; that treats the pomeron as a quasi-particle; this theory is known as Gribov's Reggeon field theory.


by M Ross 1970 Cited by 153 the matter distributions of strongly interacting particles. be due to strong absorption effects superimposed on a smooth Regge pole amplitude. The latter change contributions associated with a particular Reggeon exchange the. ​principal At present in the development of the theory of high-energy two-body re- actions 

The high energy behavior of QCD: The effective - Inspire HEP

by M Hentschinski Cited by 11 2 The gauge invariant effective action of high energy QCD. 7 4.2.2 The Reggeon-Reggeon-particle vertex at 1-loop theory of the strong interactions.

Interplay of Reggeon and photon in pA collisions - OSTI.GOV

by G Basar 2017 Cited by 3 We discuss the effects of the electromagnetic interaction in high-energy At strong t'Hooft coupling λ = g2Nc, the Pomeron and Reggeon exchanges 5 dimensional theory may capture important physics of large Nc QCD in its low energy,.

Notas de Fيsica 26*23 - OSTI.GOV

by E Levin 1995 Cited by 24 the effective theory of the strong interaction at high energy. Key-words: Pomeron; Reggeons; Perturbative QCD; Evolution equation; High density. QCD.

High-Energy Multiparticle Reactions - eScholarship

erally quite involved. Great simplifications result, however, in the region of very high-energy scattering. As we have seen in the previous sections, the final-state.


by E Levin 1997 Cited by 20 Reggeon approach ) strategy of the experimental investigation of the Already in early 60's, great Landau considered Vladimir Naumovich his heir apparent wanted to understand everything in high energy interactions, who did his best but​ 

Quantum Chromodynamics and Colour Singlet - DiVA

by R Enberg 2003 Cited by 4 ISBN 91-554-5598-0. Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is the fundamental theory in elementary particle physics that describes the strong interaction in terms of exchanges Soft colour interactions in the final state of a high energy collision can E. A. Kuraev, L. N. Lipatov and V. S. Fadin, Multi-Reggeon.

Strong Interactions Of Hadrons At High Energies Gribov

accepted by the physics community (Gribov-Regge theory of high energy hadron interactions,. Gribov vacuum pole OCo Pomeron, Reggeon field theory, parton 

Models of elastic diffractive scattering to falsify at the - SLAC

by AA Godizov Cited by 5 Diffractive phenomena in hadron physics are related to strong interaction. terms, α(t) are famous Regge trajectories and Γ(t) are reggeon form-factors of colliding approach is that in the case of high energy diffraction it allows to reduce the 

High energy nuclear interactions and QCD - Brookhaven

by DE Kharzeev Cited by 10 Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) is the theory of strong interactions. The funda- these lectures, we try to explain why high energy nuclear physics offers us unique tools corresponds to classical solutions [24] of Reggeon Field Theory [​25].43 pages

Exclusive neutral pion production and Compton scattering at

by Z Baldwin 2019 Along with observing the high-energy Reggeon exchange, the exploratory study of it is a key method for understanding the strong nuclear force. 5 

Strong interactions at high energies in the Reggeon approach

by KG Boreskov 2006 Cited by 16 Strong Interactions at High Energies in the Reggeon Approach. K. G. Boreskov The important role of Pomeron interactions in the theory of the supercritical 

Could reggeon field theory be an effective theory for QCD in

by J Bartels Cited by 14 effective theory of high energy scattering for strong interactions. perturbative QCD reggeon field theory, the BFKL Pomeron has infinitely 


magnetic interactions of hadrons, and it introduces and studies reggeons field theory, and, in particular, the physics of hadron interactions at high energies.

Załącznik nr 3 Autopresentation of scientific accomplishments

High-energy hadronic collisions and heavy ions have been one of the most appealing but also chal- It started with the early work of Gribov on reggeon field theory. [1] which was performed even before the theory of strong interactions, 

A new interpretation of the absorption mechanism for high

by M Bishari 1975 Cited by 2 a t-channel approach [ 1 ] to very high energy scattering, namely the Gribov's Reggeon field theory in the strong coupling limit, has been 

Reggeon, Pomeron and Glueball, Odderon - IOPscience

theory serves as a successful approach and has explained a great number of high-energy hadron-hadron interaction in the whole energy region, it is a 

Some Recent Results on High-Energy Proton Interactions

by IM Dremin 2019 Cited by 11 models and phenomenology of high-energy particle interactions. In spite of extreme successes of the strong The most widely used method in physics is the perturbative approach with its power series The very existence of such Pomeron or other suitable Reggeon singularity as well as their dynamical.


by S LEVONIAN plitude, and thus represents the essence of strong interactions in high energy limit. Translating it (i = IP, IR) are Pomeron and reggeon trajectories respectively with ponents. In this approach non-diffractive background is small and can be.