Endogenous Control Of Spinule Formation In Horizontal Cells Of The Teleost Retina

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Network Architecture of Gap Junctional Coupling - NSF-PAR

by CL Sigulinsky 2020 Cited by 7 In mammalian retina, gap junctions within the Aii amacrine cell-ON cone tions coupling horizontal cells in teleosts (Kurz-Isler and Wolburg, 1986,.

Neurobiology and Clinical Aspects of the Outer Retina

by MBA Djamgoz Cited by 32 teleost retina induces light-adaptive spinule formation on horizontal cell dendrites in dark- adapted preparations kept in vitro. Neuroscience.

Sensory Integration - Oxford Academic Journals

by L Li 2019 Cited by 1 Effect of melatonin agonists and antagonists on horizontal cell spinule formation and dopamine release in a fish retina. Cell Tissue Res. 299:299 306. Behrens U  6 pages

Calcium dynamics and regulation in horizontal cells of the

2 Nov 2016 calcium; horizontal cell; teleost; ion channels; retina been correlated with spinule formation (Djamgoz et al. 1988).Missing: control ‎ Must include: control

Neuroendocrine Regulation of Reproduction in Fish - HARVEST

by J Jayakumar Rajeswari 2020 neuropeptide of efferent projections to the teleost retina induces light-adaptive spinule formation on horizontal cell dendrites in dark-adapted 

Tuesday: Poster Sessions, Pt.III - Molecular Biology of the Cell

the role of RCC1 and Ran in nuclear functions and cell cycle control, we have examined nuclear formation in the absence of RCCL. Specifically, we have.

Fine structure of the retina of black bass, Micropterus salmoides

two layers of horizontal cells and bipolar, amacrine and interplexiform cells. formation of spinules (Wagner, 1980) during light.

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inn retinal bipolar cells of the axolotl, ambystoma mexicanum. kineticss are controlled by glutamate transport at cone photoreceptors. Kamermanss M, Spekreijse H (1995) Spectral behavior of cone-driven horizontal cells in teleost retina inn the fish retina, II: Correlation of retinomotor movement, spinule formation, and.

Etude des atteintes morphofonctionnelles des - Thèses

by M Dollmeyer 2015 post-synaptique, nous avons démontré que cette formation de Retraction of spinule-type neurites from carp retinal horizontal cell.

Dopamine and Visually Regulated Eye Growth - QUT ePrints

by CC Peng 2009 affected indirectly via other retinal cells that immediately respond to in turn enhances the formation of horizontal cell spinules at cone ribbon.

D opamine effect on the stimulus pattern related changes in

by Y Liu 2003 Cited by 2 characteristics of R/G horizontal cells in carp retina ditioning light induced spinule formation [8]. It was also.

Mechanisms of Adaptation to Mean Light Intensity in - PRISM

by Q Shi 2014 Cited by 5 Retinal Dopamine, Nitric Oxide, and Cell-cell Coupling. cone contraction and horizontal cell spinule formation in teleost (carp).

Handbook of Biomineralization: Biological Aspects and

nisms by which cells control division and morphogenesis. However, after a sober- Acidic Polysaccharides Mediating Formation of Complex Calcite.

Local signal processing in mouse horizontal cell dendrites

by C Chapot 2017 Dendritic spines vs. retinal horizontal cell dendritic tips Spine formation begins after birth in many species. Their number.

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by DC Parkyn 1998 Cited by 8 of photoreceptor cells in this trout's retina: rods, work has indicated that the long-term effect on horizontal cell spinule formation is.

The dynamic architecture of photoreceptor ribbon synapses

bipolar and horizontal cells of the vertebrate retina. Proper functioning of the synapse photororeceptor synapses, endogenous buffering systems are also.

Gap junctional coupling in the vertebrate retina: Variations on

by B Völgyi 2013 Cited by 67 Gap junctions connect cells in the bodies of all multicellular organisms, forming either homologous or.

Semotilus atromaculatus (Cyprinidae, Teleostei) - Digitum

by SP Collin 1996 Cited by 15 Müller cell processes which traverse the entire retina, dividing the inner retina into state, the horizontal cell processes show spinule formation. Four.

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Teleost retinas show dramatic changes related to light and dark adaptation. These CRM always like formation in synaptic bipolar cells terminal.

Dopamine Mediates Circadian Rhythms of Rod Cone

by MK Manglapus 1999 Cited by 107 uncouples retinal horizontal cells in the fish retina (Lasater and synthesis of dopamine is controlled by an endogenous circadian pacemaker. Retinal  10 pages

Cruise Report So 194 3 - EPIC - AWI

cellular basis of signal processing in the inner retina. agonists and antagonists on horizontal cell spinule formation and dopamine release.

Tarek Suliman M.Sc. Thesis 2019 - Simon Fraser University

by T Suliman 2019 differentiated retina of fish, and the role of RA in inducing opsin In carp retina, retinoic acid induces the formation of spinules in horizontal cell.

Circadian and efferent modulation of visual sensitivity - The

by H Kolb 2001 Limulus, a circadian oscillator controls the priming Endogenous control of spinule formation in horizontal cells of the teleost retina. Cell Tissue Res.

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by JEG Downing Cited by 9 GABA is the endogenous transmitter at the HC-cone feedback synapse, and cells in a teleost (Eugerres plumieri) contact bipolar cell bodies,.

Die Netzhaut des Auges

by L Vollrath the teleost retina induces light-adaptive spinule formation on horizontal cell dendrites in dark-adapted preparations kept in vitro. Neurosci Lett 164:59±62 

Circadian Regulation of Teleost Retinal Cone Movements In

by CA MC 1994 Cited by 15 both light and endogenous circadian signals (cf Besharse, 1982; Mc Cormack and. Burnside, 1991). In a previous study we have shown that circadian control of.

Synaptic Plasticity and Functionality at the Cone Terminal of

by O Biehlmaier 2003 Cited by 48 retina, spinules can be identified as transitory, finger- like protrusions of the horizontal cell (HC) dendrites invaginating into the cone pedicle  15 pages


by J Juan Herrero 1997 pp 373-418. 12) DOUGLAS, R.H. Y WAGNER, H.J. (1983). Endogenous control of spinule formation in horizontal cells of the teleost retina.

Synchronizing multiphasic circadian rhythms of rhodopsin

Key words: circadian clock, rod photoreceptor cell, rhodopsin promoter, retina, zebrafish. Summary To normalize the data to the endogenous control rRNA,.

Dopamine D1 Receptors Regulate the Light Dependent - PLOS

photoreceptors, bipolar cells, and retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) formation and transmission, and adaptations [42 43]. cages during subjective day was 40 lux for control mice. horizontal cell function in the teleost retina: regulation of a spectral endogenous dopamine release in the fish retina by light and prolonged.

Adaptationsmechanismen inhibierender Netzwerke in der

by S Hermann 2015 4.1 Horizontalzellen der Karpfenretina weisen ein distinktes horizontal cell, Stäbchen Horizontalzelle, H4) (aus Stell und Lightfoot, 1975), 

subratty vol 5

by AH Subratty 2000 Cited by 1 light adaptation of the teleost retina could involve activation of tyrosine photomechanical, movement, horizontal cell, spinules, retina, carp.

Ethambutol Alters Spinule-type Synaptic Connections - IOVS

by K Kohler 1995 Cited by 22 from chromaticity horizontal cells in the fish retina. The horizontal cell (HC) recordings Spinule formation in light- and dark-adapted control retinas.

Evidence for calcium/calmodulin dependence of spinule

by Y Schmitz 1995 Cited by 10 Horizontal cells of the carp retina alter their synaptic connections with cones during dark dopamine and glutamate in spinule formation and retraction,.

Retinoic acid has light-adaptive effects on horizontal cells in

by R Weiler 1998 Cited by 70 results in the formation of numerous spinules at the terminal dendrites of horizontal cells, Examination of the control retina revealed the pres-.6 pages


by I Dedden Cited by 2 Although differences in the spectral sensitivity between control and GnRH-treated to increase light-adaptive spinule formation of the horizontal cells.

StumboAnthonyD2017PhD.pdf (7.076Mb) - OUR Archive

by AD Stumbo 2017 Cited by 1 the retina. Like other diplostomid trematodes, Tylodelphys sp. is trophically transmitted and dependent on the consumption of the second intermediate.

Circadian Phototransduction and the Regulation - Chialvo Lab

by ME Guido 2002 Cited by 29 The vertebrate circadian system that controls most biological rhythms is composed of multiple likely to converge all together on selected retinal cells.

Dopaminergic Modulation of Gap Junction - UQ eSpace

by E Hampson 1992 Cited by 362 order retinal neurons (Knapp and Dowling, 1987) the formation of horizontal cell spinules (Weiler et al., 1988), and the per- meability and connexon density 

Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone and Receptor Distributions

by KPMTC Tricas 2007 Cited by 33 the preoptic area and its proximate control of sex reversal target cells for GnRH action in the retina and visual brain 

Effect of melatonin agonists and antagonists on horizontal cell

1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazole) on horizontal cell spinule for- signal within the teleost retina by inhibiting the dopaminer- gic system.

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by AM Nikolakopoulou 2005 Cited by 1 Effects Of Passive Avoidance Training In The Chick Hippocampus, Archistriatum revealling basal levels of cell death in the control group at different 

Program Summary - The Association for Research in Vision

19 Mar 2017 Single-cell RNA-Seq: a window into retinal cell specification and diversification. Seth and cone pedicle spinules in teleosts retinas.

Ca2+ dynamics in retinal horizontal cells of teleost fish: Ca2+-

by M Country 2020 Horizontal cells (HCs) are retinal interneurons which provide type are electrically coupled to each other by gap junctions, forming a.

Doctorate thesis The effects of nitric oxide on - UFABC

is endogenously produced by a family of proteins called nitric oxide The neural retina is formed by three nuclear layers, where cell bodies of specific.

Analysis of the Minimal Promoter from the Hatching Enzyme a

by A Matejczyk 2013 Cited by 1 CHAPTER V: IN VIVO IMAGING OF ZEBRAFISH RETINAL BIPOLAR CELL. DENDRITIC DYNAMICS Clustal W alignment of Teleost HE promoter regions from fugu,.

Rapid 3D enhanced resolution microscopy reveals - bioRxiv

18 Apr 2019 known to induce spinule formation (Petralia et al., 2015, Ca2+ regulates spinule-dependent synaptic plasticity in fish horizontal cells.

Interactions between Dopamine and Melatonin Organize

by PA Bartell 2007 Cited by 21 spinule formation (Wagner et al., 1992), and the syn- on the presence of melatonin. Key words melatonin, dopamine, retina, circadian, serotonin, pineal 

Nicole CL Noel - ERA - University of Alberta

by NCL Noel 2017 bipolar cells, horizontal cells, amacrine cells, and retinal ganglion In zebrafish and other teleost fishes, these cells also act as endogenous stem.


by DMVB Filgueira 2010 retinal pigment cells of the crab Neohelice granulata. endogenous factors in the control of rhythmic behavior in decapod crustaceans. J. Mar. Biol.