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COVID-19 and the Workplace: Implications, Issues, and

Jun 05, 2020 the case study approach that is common across the classrooms of professional schools to work with the knowledge and information that is available while providing a holistic narrative review (Baumeister & Leary, 1997). Given the wide-ranging impacts of COVID-19, our focus on

Sample of the Qualitative Research Paper

research questions. The literature review shows the unique approach of the study and how it adds to the body of knowledge and informs the scholarly or practitioner communities and includes the theories that will inform the research study *Subject of Case Study This is an alternate section that applies only to case study research.

Using Generic Inductive Approach in Qualitative Educational

process, as Rossman and Wilson state, the qualitative study design was exploratory and complex itself (1985, p. 19). In this study, the generic inductive approach was selected based on two reasons. The first reason is that its interpretive nature satisfactorily fitted the research focus. The study aims to investigate non-English major

The effects of coaching in employees and organizational

theory and the resource-based view, are a proper frameworks so as to study the effects of coaching. Practical implications: Coaching also helps firms to improve their competitive position. maximise benefits and minimise costs. We highlight several tips for practitioners in order to develop properly coaching processes.-166-

Butter Me Up: A Case Study in Conflict Resolution

2004, p.1). What exactly is a case study? Case studies are examples or illustrations of organizational problems or challenges. A case gives information about the organization, its people, and its performance (Dana, 2001, p. 5). The primary purpose of the case study method is to develop our abilities. The case focuses on social actors in


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EXAMPLES The Executive Summary (1-2 pages) will eventually be given to judges at the Semi-Finals and Final Round of the competition. Your document should quickly summarize: the problem, your idea, and the benefits of your solution. The format can be a bullet-point list or it can contain more graphics.

Developing Strategies for Hiring Managers: A Case Study on

Breslin and Buchanan (2011) suggested that interviewing based on the case study method helps researchers find best practices and provide insight from gathered data. I also reviewed company documents to further explore information on hiring practice strategies in order to triangulate the data (Walshe, 2011).

PDSA Directions and Examples - AAP

PDSA Directions and Examples The Plan-Do-Study-Act method is a way to test a change that is implemented. By going through the prescribed four steps, it guides the thinking process into breaking down the task into steps and then evaluating the outcome, improving on it, and testing again. Most of us


(The business memo format is best suited for presenting analysis and results of an issue that requires no more than 2-3 pages of text and a couple of tables and exhibits. Anything longer should use a business report format with a very short transmittal memo ). DATE: March 13, 2004 TO: Martha Glamour, CEO Stylish Living Magazine

Student Paper Example - Antioch

3 Writing in APA Style 7th Edition Example Paper Writing in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA) is a regular practice for students of higher degree programs in psychology and many programs in science.

A Sample Research Proposal with Comments - UH

The objective of the current study is to provide a comprehensive review of literatures and industry practices in relation to constraint analysis and outline a conceptual framework for constraint management. Particularly, the study has the following sub-objectives: 1. To provide a comprehensive review of sources and characteristics


Chapter 3 -Case Example This chapter will examine the strategic planning process as experienced by the case-study, a non-profit organization. The ch~pter will begin with a description of the case-study, a non­ profit organization; its mission, goals and objectives; its clients; and its programs. The

Sample Case Study Analysis - Zovio

A case study should include background information on the specific topic, an analysis of the case under student showing problems or effective strategies, as well as recommendations. A case study can focus on a business or entire industry, a specific project or program, or a person. Format your paper according to your assignment instructions.


This study provides the first estimates of the early-stage effects of COVID-19 on small business owners from April 2020 CPS microdata. I find that the number of working business owners plummeted from 15.0 million in February 2020 to 11.7 million in April 2020 because of COVID-19 mandates and demand shifts.


The study was conducted to assess role of motivation on employee work performance in Public organization based on the National Development Corporation as a case study. The study covered aspects of motivation, and work performance and relationship between motivation and employee performance in NDC.

Inventory observation: Applied case study for audit students

Inventory observation: Applied case study for audit students Trish Driskill University of the Incarnate Word Kelly Pittman University of the Incarnate Word ABSTRACT This case is based on actual external audit procedures used in a year-end inventory observation for a merchandising company. Students in an undergraduate auditing course are


This case study focused key problems Whole Foods Markets may be encountering now, and recommends some solutions to solve its problems and improve the company s performance. Analyzing the company required an examination of the company s external and internal performance. For external analysis, the researcher

Getting to the Core: A Case Study on the Company Culture of

GETTING TO THE CORE: A CASE STUDY ON THE COMPANY CULTURE OF APPLE INC. JENNA B. AROCHA MARCH 2017 Company culture exists within every organization and makes up the company s DNA. Apple Inc. (Apple) is a worldwide technology company that innovates new products and services while having environmental practices in mind.

Example Thesis Statements for Case Studies

A well­ researched and written case study is scholarly and could run from 10 to 40 pages or more. Many academic scholarly, professional and clinical journal articles, essays, and conference

Writing for publication: case studies - NHAA

An abstract for a case study serves to overview the background of the condition and highlight the important features of the case. The abstract should be brief and concise - usually around 150 words for a case study, though this differs from journal to journal. The abstract will be available in the public domain and enables

Workplace Wellness Programs Study - ASPE

a study of workplace wellness programs that is required by the Section 2705(m)(1) of the Public Health Service Act. The Task Order Officers for the project are Anja Decressin and Keith Bergstresser of the Employee Benefits Security Administration, Department of Labor, and Diane Pilkey of the Office of the

Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education - Scholarly Commons

the case study methodology, if employed correctly, is often the preferable and most appropriate research strategy in management investigations. Oncc the case study methodology is chosen, Yin (1994) suggesta the research follow four stages: 1. Design the case study, 2. Conduct the case study, 3. Analyze the case study evidence, and 4.

Standard Approach to Trade Studies: A Process Improvement

Nov 02, 2004 study through final presentations to the DMA for approval and release. TST responsible for supporting the TSL by gathering/developing data for the trade study as directed by the TSL. This information is required for the products and presentations to the DMA. DMA responsible for making decisions on the trade study.


DESCRIPTIVE CASE STUDY A descriptive case study is a story about a real world situation facing people or groups and how they addressed it. It includes a concise but thorough account of the facts of the situation and expert commentary to help the audience understand the causes of the problem, the forces

Employee Retention Strategies An Empirical Research

company. Whereas the same is often indirectly linked to, satisfied colleagues and reporting staff, effective succession planning and deeply embedded organizational knowledge and learning. Employee retention matters, as, organizational issues such as training time and investment, costly candidate search etc., are involved. Hence, failing to

A Case Study of the Mortgage Application Process

Description of Case Study Lender The lender analyzed in this case study is a mortgage company, fully owned by a builder who develops housing for low- and moderate-, middle- and upper-income households. Founded in 1991, the company has grown from 2 to 31 employees and currently originates roughly 1,000 mortgages per year worth about $70 million.

Conflict Management: A Literature Review and Study

man and Hamilton s study chose the avoidance conflict management strategy most often.4 Several studies have found that nurses tend to choose the avoiding style of conflict management.1,8 Avoid-ance can be a valued conflict management strategy when the matters instigating the conflict are of low significance.8 One study describes two types of

Managing school behavior: a qualitative case study

qualitative case study to answer the research questions that frame this study. The purpose of this qualitative case study is to understand administrators management of various student behaviors, collection of building-level data around student conduct, and use of such data to make student-level and building-level decisions for improvement.


CASE STUDY PAKISTAN TELE COMMUNICATION LIMITED (PTCL) PTCL is the major phone company in Pakistan. It operates about 4.4 million fixed lines and has a cellular arm Ufone that has a second largest share of the cell phone market in Pakistan. It had a monopoly on all phone services, but since the beginning of 21st century the

Advertisement Analysis: A Comparative Critical Study

A qualitative design was adopted for this study. A qualitative study was appropriate in this study which seeks to investigate how discourse in advertisements involves people s construction of meanings. The first advertisement was analyzed in terms of content; it did not focus on a specific theoretical frame work, while the second advertisement

Identification of Key Performance Indicators in Project-Based

Jul 24, 2020 case study in a R&D project-based organisation. Since the focus of this paper is on the identification and categorisation of KPIs, the validation, adequacy, and control of KPIs are recommended as future research. This research will answer practical questions about how lean tools and principles lead to KPIs

Case Study 1 - Jack

Case Study 1 - Jack Jack is a 7 year old male Grade 1 student who lives in Toronto with his parents. He is the only child to two parents, both of whom have completed post-graduate education. There is an extended family history of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mental health concerns as well as academic excellence.

Resources on the History of Psychiatry from the History of

and treatment of the insane. Third, we list a few examples of lunacy laws and other legislative actions on the care and housing of the insane. Fourth, we have gathered a sample of the library s holdings of original reports from asylums in the US, Great Britain and the British colonies. Finally, under Early texts and case

Case Studies

The case of Mr. Smith, which shows the need to assess the social support network of caregivers. The case of Mary Adams and her family, which highlights the need to expand the social network to provide more support. The case of Karima, which examines how clients may need to balance managing existing supports while creating new ones.

TRACE: Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange

behind globalization and branding, this study will look into the development of the Disney Company and its brand. The purpose of this study is to examine the history behind the Disney Company in order to understand what has enabled them to have a brand with such positive equity on a global scale. In order to accomplish this purpose,

Ethical Decision Making

Case Study 3: During the first week of spring quarter, after spending $200 to purchase a copy of your calculus book, a friend in you class provides you with access to the book in pdf format. Your finances are tight because you spent your summer savings on fall and winter quarter expenses for school. What do you do? Case Study 4:

A Review of the Literature Concerning Ethical Leadership in

ethics. In a qualitative study completed by the author, it was discovered that sixty-six per cent of people question if ethics within leadership even exists. This is what the author refers to as a crisis of trust (p. 200). The conclusion of the study found that the

The Significance of Vision and Mission Development for

company. It provides the driving force that can get a company through the growing pains it will inevitably encounter. It is a basic shape of the company future; it expresses optimism, and hope about possibilities regarding the desired future. [5] B. Development of Vision There are several ways to develop a vision [3]:


Nov 24, 2014 The research is carried out by conducting a qualitative case study of the organization. The research data is collected from semi-structured interviews, open-ended surveys and internal documents, which are then analyzed in an abductive nature using methods of content analysis. The theoretical framework of the study focuses on the stakeholder