How To Calculate P Value In Two Sided Sign Test

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Lecture 7: Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA

After calculating a test statistic we convert this to a P-value by comparing its value to distribution of test statistic s under the null hypothesis Measure of how likely the test statistic value is under the null hypothesis P-value ≤ α ⇒ Reject H 0 at level α P-value > α ⇒ Do not reject H 0 at level α Calculate a test

Confidence Intervals for the Difference Between Two Proportions

For two-sided intervals, the distance from the difference in sample propor tions to each of the limits may be different. Thus, instead of specifying the distance to the limits we specify the width of the interval, W. The basic equation for determining sample size for a two -sided interval when W has been specified is W =U −L For one-sided

Statistics: 2.2 The Wilcoxon signed rank sum test

and two-sided p-values. If not, double the one-sided p-value to obtain the two-sided p-value. This is an exact test. Normal approximation If the number of observations/pairs is such that n(n+1) 2 is large enough (> 20), a normal approximation can be used with µ W = n(n+1) 4 , σ W = r n(n+1)(2n+1) 24 Dealing with ties: There are two types of

Sample questions: EXAM 2

b. Give all steps of the chi-squared test, explaining how to interpret the P-value. c. Explain what further analyses you could do that would be more informative than a chi-squared test. The following questions are true or false. Indicate T or F next to each. 6. For a given set of data on two quantitative variables X and Y, the


Find out the tabulated values of the statistic based on the value of the level of significance and indicate the critical region-it can be one-sided, i.e, the entire region is on one side or it can be both sided. (VII). Calculate the value of the statistic from the given data

Point-Biserial and Biserial Correlations

correlation, this is the value of the t-test with N 2 degrees of freedom. It is identical to the two -sample t-test for testing whether the means are different. For the biserial correlation, this is the value of the z-test which is based on the standard normal distribution. Prob Level This is the p -value of the hypothesis test mentioned above.

Assignment 4 (Sol.)

Using this value of b 1, we have b 0 = y b 1 x b 0 = 6:31 2:484 2:15 = 0:969 7. Recall the regression output obtained when using Microsoft Excel. In the third table, there are columns for t Stat and P-value. Is the probability value shown here for a one-sided test or a two-sided test? (a) one-sided test (b) two-sided test Sol. (b)

Using Stata for Categorical Data Analysis

2014: The user-written exactcc command (findit exactcc) can calculate the Yates correction if you really need it.] Fisher s Exact Test is generally better anyway. (3) Fisher s Exact Test is most useful when the sample is small, e.g. one or more expected values is less than 5. With larger N, it might take a while to calculate.