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echnical Note C.3 ater Resources and Environment

Mar 28, 2008 sustainability, and poverty, and shows how the 2003 Water Resources Sector Strategy s call for using water as a vehicle for increasing growth and re-ducing poverty can be carried out in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Over the past few decades, many nations have been subjected to the ravages of either droughts or floods.

GuidinG PrinciPles on Business and Human riGHts

Special Representative annexed the Guiding Principles to his final report to the Human Rights Council (A/HRC/17/31), which also includes an introduction to the Guiding Principles and an overview of the process that led to their development. The Human Rights Council endorsed the Guiding Principles in its resolution 17/4 of 16 June 2011.

Soil salinity assessment: Methods and interpretation of

The technology described in this report for measuring soil salinity has been extensively and successfully field-tested. It is concluded to be sound, reliable, accurate and applicable to a wide variety of useful applications. It is based on proven theory of soil electrical conductivity. The required equipment is commercially available.


6 easyJet plc Annual report and accounts 2017 DISCIPLINED APPROACH Our investment strategy is focused on our long-term sustainability. The up-gauging of our fleet through the addition of A320 and A321neos to the fleet plan delivers a significant cost per seat benefit, as well as supporting an increase in market share in slot-constrained airports.

The Global Macroeconomic Impacts of COVID-19: Seven Scenarios

Mar 02, 2020 2 1. Introduction The COVID-19 outbreak (previously 2019-nCoV) was caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This outbreak was triggered in December 2019 in Wuhan city in Hubei province of China.

Implications for policymakers:Climate change

scales can reduce the magnitude of environmental change in a process known as ecological or landscape buffering, by increasing opportunities for species to find suitable habitat locally. While buffering may reduce the impacts of future climate change, it will not eliminate it; by 2070 much local-scale buffering may be exceeded


At DS Smith, we are committed to redefining packaging for a changing world and have therefore developed a robust circular business model. We use renewable resources, which support carbon capture, and after our paper and cardboard has been used across a wide-range of applications it can be recycled up to 25 times.


Our Strategic Report, pages 1 to 35, contains information about us, how we create value and how we run our business. It includes indicators, as well as our approach to sustainability and risk. The Strategic Report is only part of the Annual Report and Accounts 2018. The Strategic Report has been approved by the Boards and signed

Broccoli Production in California

each increase in soil salinity of 1 dS/m above this threshold. irriGation Broccoli requires adequate soil moisture to maxi-mize yield and quality, especially during flower head formation. Overwatering can cause loose heads or hollow stems to develop and can promote root dis-eases. Broccoli is mostly irrigated with furrows and overhead sprinklers.

Berkeley Group - Annual Report 2019

84 Corporate Governance Report 88 Audit Committee Report 91 Nomination Committee Report 92 Directors Remuneration Report 114 Directors' Report Financial Statements p 118 172 120ndependent Auditors Report I 128 Consolidated Income Statement 128 Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 129 Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

Introductory level GIS Projects - Monroe Community College (SUNY)

Instead of students becoming frustrated as they try to find (Sinton and Schwartz, 2009), and then convert it into usable GIS datasets, students can jump right in and begin to learn how to use GIS tools, but more importantly, learn new concepts. Lloyd (2001) and Sinton and Schwartz (2009) find that this technique promotes conceptual learning. The

Multi-User Microgrids: Obstacles to Development and

Jul 19, 2016 This report was prepared by the Institute of Sustainable Energy (ISE) at Boston University, based on interviews and research conducted between May and September 2018. The research underlying this report was conducted under the leadership of the principal investigator, Prof. Kira Fabrizio. Prof.

Discover the world s - EURACTIV.com

The following report presents research by DS Smith and Forbes Insights, which quantifies the amount of empty space and its results the foundations of what Sustainability is one of the top

TRADE SIA on the Environmental Goods Agreement - Final Report

Final Report, Trade SIA on the Environmental Goods Agreement 2016 EN This report was commissioned and financed by the European Commission. The information and views set out in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Commission.


Table 2.1 Soil factors that can influence the rate of organic matter turnover. CHAPTER 3 Figure 3.1 Organic carbon cycling in soils. Figure 3.2 Theoretical changes in soil organic carbon (%) representing an upper and lower limit, or a more typical state of flux. Figure 3.3 A model simulation showing the influence of cation exchange capacity


agency or can and should be adopted by such other agency. 3. Specific economic, legal, social, technological, or other considerations, including provision of employment opportunities for highly trained workers, make infeasible the mitigation measures or project alternatives identified in the Final PEIR. Findings

Mitigation Pathways Compatible with 1.5°C in the Context of

Development. In: Global Warming of 1.5°C. An IPCC Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty [Masson-Delmotte,


something they can do. Watch it on PBS and visit the Web site to get episodes, games, 35 hands-on challenges, and much more. Invention, here we come! Through design challenges, educational resources, and grant programs, InvenTeams engages kids in invention, empowers them to problem solve, and encourages an inventive culture in schools and

Environmental Key Performance Indicators

Butproducing a report of value both to your business and to stakeholders can be a challenging task. As the environmental debate moves on, this can be true even if you have produced one before. These guidelines are designed to make the process less daunting. They propose most firms concentrate on five or fewer performance indicators of greatest

EU 20 17

SUSTAINABILITY IMPACTS Indi viduals B U Y-S I D E S E L L-I D E Bon ds Private Equity Property Commodities Currency Derivatives Consumers Workers FI G U R E 3 A S S E TOW N ER S U IQ P H AC L Y M ( S O UR C E : A D AP T EDF ROM V I NL CS G Y 2 0 1 7 )

ExxonMobil Sustainability Report

climate change are included in our Sustainability Report and Energy & Carbon Summary. I hope you find these reports useful and informative in understanding more about ExxonMobil s positive contribution to society. Thank you for your interest, and we welcome your feedback. Sincerely,

Susan N. Gary, Best Interests in the Long Term: Fiduciary

Apr 08, 2019 to report material information, and reporting standards de-veloped by the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) are improving understanding of the financial materiality of ESG factors. Given the development of new financial products and strate-gies, fiduciary duties require examination.


mix of pollinator species can provide superior pollination services to relying on one species, both because species provide complementary functions and as the can be differences in adaptation to environmental conditions (Hoehn, Tscharntke et al. 2008, Brittain, Kremen et al. 2013) Therefore the complete substitution of the natural asset

Understanding Recycled Content - PPEC

production run so each ( customer can label the recycled content of its packaging) an average or over a much longer period of time (normally 12 months) for mill or industry averages. PPEC asks all Canadian-based packaging mills for recycling data National averagevery two yearse recycled

APASS TESTING LIST CURRENT AS OF 08.07.2020 Amazon Packaging

Aug 07, 2020 Amazon standard lab report to upload with Amazon for quick certification. To achieve certification your products will be evaluated to: (1) meet all requirements for the corresponding standards listed in the Packaging Certification Guidelines; and (2) pass an International Safe Transit Association


compounds can generally exist as either solids, liquids or gases. For water (H 2 O), these states can be ice, liquid water and/or water vapour. The state of a material at a given moment depends on its composition and on the temperature and the pressure exerted. For instance at sea level (~ 105 Pa), water will be ice below 0°C,

Summary for Policymakers - IPCC

This Summary for Policymakers (SPM) follows the structure of the Working Group III report. The narrative is supported by a series of highlighted conclusions which, taken together, provide a concise summary. The basis for the SPM can be found in the chapter sections of the underlying report and in the Technical Summary (TS).

TECHNICAL PAPER NO. w W~~~VTP3s8 Work in progress ODct.

Oct 01, 1997 No. 321 Srivastava, Smith, and Forno, Biodiversity and Agriculture: Implications for Conservation and Development No. 322 Peters, The Ecology and Management of Non-Timber Forest Resources No. 323 Pannier, editor, Corporate Governance of Public Enterprises in Transitional Economies

Sustainability Report Double Page - DS Smith

At DS Smith, we have a strong proposition to the market. Sustainability is at the heart of our business model; there are increasing opportunities to use sustainability trends as drivers for new business and volume growth; and our strong performance in MSCI, CDP and other ESG frameworks enables

DS Smith Sustainability Review 2018 - DS Smith Packaging

Reporting Standards (Core) in reference to the DS Smith Sustainability Review 2018 and DS Smith Annual report & accounts 2018. General Standard Disclosures Page Number and Links External Assurance Organisational profile 102-1 AR pg. 136 Yes 102-2 SR pg. 3, AR pg. 2 102-3 AR pg. 139, 150 Yes 102-4 SR pg. 2, 3 102-5 AR pg. 138 Yes 102-6 AR pg. 17-21


built at a rapid rate. Bertram et al. (2015) find that under less stringent near-term policies, most of the near-term emissions come from additional coal-powered generation capacity and conclude that significant coal capacity would have to be retired in the future to meet warming targets. Johnson et al. (2015) find that the