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0 - 9 Digits used for keying in numbers.) Triple-zero key (saves time when entering 000 values). b Backspace key (deletes incorrect entries one digit at a time). ¥ Decimal point. % Percent Four-function (+, , x, ÷) percent key. See page 16for examples. µ Memory Adds the displayed number to the cumulative memory. Pressing s µ(M-)will

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For the purposes of convolution, images can be thought of as functions on pairs of integers. The image has a given intensity value at each x and y coordinate; we can imagine, as we have been, that all values outside the boundaries of the image are zero. Although images are

Complex Analysis and Conformal Mapping

of two inter-related real harmonic functions: u(x,y) = Re f(z) and v(x,y) = Im f(z). Before delving into the many remarkable properties of complex functions, let us look at some of the most basic examples. In each case, the reader can directly check that the harmonic functions provided by the real and imaginary parts of the complex function are

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True/False Solution Examples In the True/False problems in the textbook, you need to give complete explanations, and not just the word True or False The following are examples of complete, correct solutions to a few of these problems. Section 1.1, page 12, Problem 24. a. Elementary row operations on an augmented matrix never change the

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3.2. Real-valued functions We specialize to the case of real-valued functions f: X!R or extended real-valued functions f: X!R: We will consider one case or the other as convenient, and comment on any di er-ences. A positive extended real-valued function is a function f: X![0;1]: Note that we allow a positive function to take the value zero.

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set of non zero real numbers. Set-builder notation. An alternative way to define a set, called set-builder notation, is by stating a property (predicate) P(x) verified by exactly its elements, for instance A = {x ∈ Z 1 ≤ x ≤ 5} = set of 1Note that N includes zero for some authors N = {1,2,3, }, without zero.

Chapter 3 Random Vectors and Multivariate Normal Distributions

XTX is referred to as non-central chi-square with d.f. n and non-centrality parameter λ = n i=1 μ 2/2=1 2 μ Tμ. The density of such a non-central chi-square variable χ2 n (λ) can be written as a infinite poisson mixture of central chi-square densities as follows: f χ2 n(λ)(x)= ∞ j=1 e−λλ j j! (1/2)(n+2 )/2 Γ((n+2j)/2) e−x/2x

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Real Numbers Irrational Numbers All Real Numbers that are NOT Rational Numbers; cannot be expressed as fractions, only non -repeating, non terminating decimals −√2 , −√35 ,√21, 3√81,√101 ,𝜋,ℯ, 𝜑 *Even roots (such as square roots) that don t simplify to whole numbers are irrational.

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For 16-bit images, the image min and max are used for scaling instead of 255. Log For 8-bit images, applies the function f(p) = log(p) * 255/log(255) to each pixel (p) in the image or selection. For RGB images, this function is applied to all three color channels. For 16-bit images, the image min and max are used for scaling instead of 255.

CHAPTER 4 AlgebrAic expressions And AlgebrAib formulAs

of rational numbers, concept of rational expressions is developed. 4.1.2 Rational Expression The quotient () px qx of two polynomials, p(x) and q(x), where q(x) is a non-zero polynomial, is called a rational expression. For example, 21, 38 x x + + 3x + 8 ≠ 0 is a rational expression. In the rational expression () px qx, p(x) is called the


Thus, for example, a non-negative (positive) real-valued function f satis es f 0 (f > 0), where 0 is the constant function on the domain of f, Function Images. If A ˆ X, then the image of A is the subset of the codomain Y given by f(A) = ff(x) such that x 2 Ag: The image of A tells us the set of all results we obtain by giving every

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4. The real numbers R. These are the numbers which can be expressed as decimals. The rational numbers are those with nite or recurring decimals. In R, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (except by zero) are still possible, and all positive numbers have square roots, but p 1 62R. 5. The complex numbers C = fx+ iyjx;y2Rg, where i2

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Addition: for each pair of real numbers a and b there exists a unique real number a + b such that + is a commutative and associative operation; there exists in Ra zero, 0, for addition: a+0 = 0+a = a for all a ∈ R; for each a ∈ Rthere exists an additive inverse −a ∈ Rsuch that a+(−a) = (−a)+a = 0.

1 Convex Sets, and Convex Functions

examples below.) Next, is the notion of a convex set. De nition 1.2 Let Kˆ V. Then the set K is said to be convex provided that given two points u;v2 Kthe set (1.1) is a subset of K. We give some simple examples: Examples 1.3 (a) An interval of [a;b] ˆ R is a convex set. To see this, let c;d2 [a;b] and assume, without loss of generality, that

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the formula gives real number values in a small interval around x= a. For example 1 x a is not analytic at x= a, because it gives 1 at x= a; and p x ais not analytic at x= abecause for xslightly smaller than a, it gives the square root of a negative number. Taylor Series Theorem: Let f(x) be a function which is analytic at x= a.

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Example 2.9. Fix a positive real number a. We can raise anot just to integral powers, but to arbitrary real powers (this is false for negative a). The equation ax+y = axay, valid for all real numbers xand y, tells us that the exponential function with base a, sending xto ax, de nes a homomorphism R !R and it is injective (that is, ax = ay)x= y

CHAPTER 1 Matrices and deterMinants

the entries of its diagonal is not zero and non-diagonal entries are zero. e.g., A = 0 0 3 0 2 0 1 0 0, B = 0 0 2 0 2 0 and C = 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 are all diagonal matrices of order 3-by-3. M = 0 3 2 0 and N = 0 4 1 0 are diagonal matrices of order 2-by-2. (xi) Scalar Matrix A diagonal matrix is called a scalar matrix, if all the diagonal

Chapter 5 Linear Transformations and Operators

86 CHAPTER 5. LINEAR TRANSFORMATIONS AND OPERATORS That is, sv 1 +v 2 is the unique vector in Vthat maps to sw 1 +w 2 under T. It follows that T 1 (sw 1 + w 2) = sv 1 + v 2 = s T 1w 1 + T 1w 2 and T 1 is a linear transformation.

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But it is not surjective, as the image consists only of the positive real numbers. So none of the maps in A is an isomorphism. C. CLASSIFICATION OF GROUPS OF ORDER 2 AND 3 (1) Prove that any two groups of order 2 are isomorphic. (2) Give three natural examples of groups of order 2: one additive, one multiplicative, one using composition. [Hint

2 Complex Functions and the Cauchy-Riemann Equations

Some of the most interesting examples come by using the algebraic op-erations of C. For example, a polynomial is an expression of the form P(z) = a nzn+ a n 1zn 1 + + a 0; where the a i are complex numbers, and it de nes a function in the usual way. It is easy to see that the real and imaginary parts of a polynomial P(z) are polynomials in xand

Vectors and Vector Spaces

Examples of scalar fields are the real and the complex numbers R := real numbers C := complex numbers. These are the only fields we use here. Definition 1.1.1. A vector space V is a collection of objects with a (vector) addition and scalar multiplication defined that closed under both operations and which in addition satisfies the

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real numbers as input. So, for example, the formula 8n2N;n 0 asserts that all natural numbers are at least zero, and the formula 9z2Z;z 0 asserts that there exists an integer that is at least 0. Both of these formulas are true. On the other hand, the formula 8z2Z; z 0 is a well-formed formula in rst-order

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1) ALL non-zero numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are ALWAYS significant. 2) ALL zeroes between nonzero numbers are ALWAYS significant. - 3) ALL zeroes which are SIMULTANEOUSLY to the right of the decimal point AND at the end of the number are ALWAYS significant. 4) ALL zeroes which are to the left of a written decimal point and

Chapter 6 Linear Transformation

4. The range of f is the set of images of elements in X. In this section we deal with functions from a vector sapce V to another vector space W, that respect the vector space structures. Such a function will be called a linear transformation, defined as follows. Definition 6.1.1 Let V and W be two vector spaces. A function T : V → W

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1. REAL NUMBER Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic - statements after reviewing work done earlier and after illustrating and motivating through examples. Decimal representation of rational numbers in terms of terminating/ non-terminating recurring decimals. UNIT-ALGEBRA 2. POLYNOMIALS Zeroes of a polynomial.

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However, not all of these sets of numbers are elds of numbers. For example, 3 and 5 are in N, but 3 5 is not. Also, 3 and 5 are in Z, but 3=5 is not. This shows that N and Z are not elds of numbers. However, Q;R, and C are all elds of numbers. There are other (weird) examples of elds, but for this class you may assume that the word

Injective and surjective functions

negative numbers aren t squares of real numbers. For example, the square root of 1 isn t a real number. However, like every function, this is sujective when we change Y to be the image of the map. In this case, f(x) = x2 can also be considered as a map from R to the set of non-negative real numbers, and it is then a surjective function. Thus,


Note that because the points are distinct, this determinant is not equal to zero. Because the determinant of coefficient matrix of the linear system (1) is non-zero, that matrix is non-singular so that there exists a unique set of numbers a0, a1, a2, a3, , an−1, an that solve those linear systems. But those numbers are the

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the jproduct of the images is b. i. b = b. i+j. D Here is a far more non-trivial example. Lemma 7.3. The group of real numbers under addition and positive real numbers under multiplication are isomorphic. Proof. Let G be the group of real numbers under addition and let H be the group of real numbers under multiplication. Define a map. φ: G

Chapter 7 The SingularValue Decomposition (SVD)

than real-world images, with edges everywhere. For a video, the numbers aij don t change much between frames. We only transmit the small changes. This is difference coding in the H.264 video compression standard (on this book s website). We compress each change matrix by linear algebra (and by nonlinear

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Many types of real-world signals (e.g. sound, images, video) can be viewed as an n-dimensional vector x = 0 B @ x1 xn 1 C A 2Rn of real numbers, where n is large (e.g. n ˘106). To acquire this signal, we consider alinear measurement model, in which we measure an m-dimensional vector b = Ax 2Rm for some m n measurement matrix A (thus

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Practically, real values can only be measured and represented using a finite number of digits. Continuous attributes are typically represented as floating-point variables. 01/27/2021 Introduction to Data Mining, 2nd Edition 12 Tan, Steinbach, Karpatne, Kumar Asymmetric Attributes ˜ Only presence (a non-zero attribute value) is regarded as

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A finite length signal is non-zero over a finite set of values of the independent variable An infinite length signal is non zero over an infinite set of values of the independent variable For instance, a sinusoid f(t)=sin(ωt) is an infinite length signal ( ) 12 12,:, fft tttt tt =∀≤≤ >−∞<+∞ 38

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irrational numbers, apparently dates back to the Greek philosopher Hippasus in the 5th century BC. We defined a rational number to be a real number that can be written as a fraction a b, where aand bare integers and bis not zero. If a number can be written as such a fraction, it can be written as a fraction in lowest terms,

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So the both the real and imaginary parts are clearly continuous as a function of (x;y). (iii) The principal branch Arg(z) is continuous on the plane minus the non-positive real axis. Reason: this is clear and is the reason we de ned branch cuts for arg. We have to remove the negative real axis because Arg(z) jumps by 2ˇwhen you cross it. We

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resident and non- resident aliens, their spouses, and dependents; All valid ITINs are a nine-digit number in the same format as the SSN (9XX-8X-XXXX), begins with a 9 and the 4. th. and 5 digits range from 50 to 65, 70 to 88, 90 to 92, and 94 to 99. Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) that

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These last two examples are plane transformations that preserve areas of gures, but don t preserve distance. If you randomly choose a 2 2 matrix, it probably describes a linear transformation that doesn t preserve distance and doesn t preserve area. Let s look at one more example before leaving dimension 2. 4


2. Prove that the set of squares of rational numbers is dense in the set of all non-negative real numbers. 3. Prove that for any set A in a topological space @A ˆ @A and @(IntA) ˆ @A. Give an example when all these three sets are di erent. 4. We say that a topological space (X;T ) satis es (T1) separation axiom (or simply

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it. We talk about zero degrees longitude, zero degrees on the temperature scale, and likewise zero energy, and zero gravity. It has entered the non-scientific language with such ideas as the zero-hour and zero-tolerance. All about nothing The sum of zero and a positive number is positive The sum of zero and a negative number is negative