Influence Of Isoxsuprine On Muscle Blood Flow

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Drugs and the fetus during labour and delivery

by JW Downing 1981 Cited by 1 The anaesthetist's potential to favourably influence agents should, in theory, enhance uteroplacental blood flow and improve isoxsuprine. However uterine and vascular smooth muscle, relax the myometrium, and cause.


by CS WARDLE 1978 Cited by 146 limited to the vascular space but passed into a lymph circulation in the muscle. (​Wardle Effect of Isoxsuprine HCl on muscle blood volume and lactate release.

AS A UTERINE RELAXANT - The Journal of Obstetrics and

the uterine blood and muscle show a steep fall and which may be the of menstrual flow and the consisten- cy with which the dic effect of 'Duvadilan' on the.

Influence of Isoxsuprine On Muscle Blood Flow - JAMA Network

several years, the final proof of bene¬ ficial results is still in abeyance. Ed. Influence of Isoxsuprine. On Muscle Blood Flow. To the Editor. p=m- ​Strandnesshas.

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effects of ritodrine in the fetus, using the chronically instrumented pregnant uterine and umbilical blood flow, and glucose, lactate and oxygen concentrations​ 

and Orciprenaline on Gravid Human Isolated Myometrium

by JB Calixto 1984 Cited by 12 Influence of the Neuronal Uptake Process. JO1O. BATISTA. CALIXTO1 and. CIDAL1A multiparous. The muscle strips were obtained from the lower uterine segment effects produced by isoprenaline, isoxsuprine, terbutaline and orciprenaline placental blood flow associated with the use of 13-mimetic compounds may.

Effects of sympathomimetic tocolytic agents on the - CORE

by V Unbehaun 1974 Cited by 36 quently used compounds are: Isoxsuprine = Duvadilan relaxation of uterine smooth muscle is only one influence on the fetal circulation, when severe.

Are Drugs Effective Treatment for Horses With Acute Laminitis?

by W Moyer Cited by 6 increase blood flow; isoxsuprine HClb (0.6 mg/ kg, q 12 h) by directly relaxing smooth muscle, causing prevent or influence positively the outcome of horses.

Plasma clearance - Physiologie et Thérapeutique - ENVT

by A BOUSQUET-MÉLOU Cited by 248 Plasma clearance (a volume per time, i.e. a flow) expresses the overall ability of pulmonary effect before reaching the arterial circulation (vide infra), or if the 

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by S Yao measuring calf. (muscle) and foot (skin) flow in a constant temperature room. PIGURE 35 : The effect of intra-arterial injection of Isoxsuprine on the pressure 

Role of endothelin in the pathogenesis of acute laminitis in

by AM Stokes 2003 Cited by 3 EFFECT OF ENDOTHELIN-1, AN ENDOTHELIN ANTAGONIST AND pulse, increased respiration, muscle tremors, and injection of mucous caused an increased blood flow to the digit; but isoxsuprine and pentoxifylline did not improve.

Non-muscle myosin II in disease - CyberLeninka

by KA Newell-Litwa 2015 Cited by 107 vasodilator, fasudil, which is used to increase blood flow following stroke, has also been expression and regulation can impact disease pathology, the following section Acetohexamide, nifedipin, isoxsuprine and proadifen. RLC inhibitor.

Geriatric Drug Therapy - MDedge

by RW Sloan 1981 Cited by 7 dence of adverse drug effects is 1.5 to 3 times higher in older patients and blood flow is also decreased in elderly patients, a fact which and paralysis of the ciliary muscle. This can be an (Cyclospasmol), and isoxsuprine (Vasodilan) are.

studied. Isoprenaline did not clearly affect myometrial and

Both isoprenaline and isoxsuprine tended to depress myometrial activity. None of the drugs Blood flow throughthe uterine wall can be influenced bycontraction of the myometrium as well as by the vascular smooth muscle itself. Attention has,.

Isoxsuprine and the rat abdominal pedicle flap - Journal of

by RW Griffiths 1981 Cited by 19 Isoxsuprine and the rat abdominal pedicle flap: a controlled with Isoxsuprine. Animals Many factors may influence the viability of ex- perimental skin blood flow to flap tissue either by muscle flap and skin flap survival in the pig. Plustic.

Abstract - UZH

by U Bleul 2014 Effect of xylazine, isoxsuprine and lidocaine on Doppler. 1 sonographic uterine example, analysis of blood flow velocity and blood flow resistance in the umbilical. 51 animals and also has analgesic and muscle-relaxant properties [​23]. 99.


by EHM Bontekoe 1980 Cited by 1 indwelling jugular catheter for blood sampling and for orciprenaline infu- sions. Five ewes were studied the influence of the non-selective p-mimetic compound isoxsuprine. (Duphaspasmin) (1972) observed an increase in uterine blood flow due to treatment with fenoterol (an of uterine smooth muscle. 2. Tierzucht 

Physiological Basis for the Clinically Observed Circulatory

We report here measurements of the effects of isoxsuprine on the Blood flow through the muscles of the skinned hind limb of the urethane-anaesthe-.

Vascular Dysfunction in Horses with Endocrinopathic Laminitis

by RA Morgan 2016 Cited by 29 disturbances with laminitis are unknown but since dysregulation of the blood flow to the lami- (Table 2, Figs 1 and 2), this was an endothelium-independent effect in domperidone) or beta-adrenoceptor agonists (isoxsuprine the PI 3-kinase- and MAP kinase-mediated signaling in human muscle.

on the Feto-Placental Unit in Chronic Fetal Distress

The rate of placental blood flow is the determinant factor of materno- fetal interchanges. effects of ritodrine on blood pressures and cardiac ou~put; and 2​. to investigate the p-mimetic drugs, all of which cause relaxation of smooth muscles in- and HODR (13) in 1966 administered isoxsuprine to women with toxaemia.

Rhythmic contractions of the teat sphincter in bovines: an

milking, presumably due to the effect of the increased muscle tension that epinephrine (Parke, Davis), of isoxsuprine (Mead- John- of teat milk flow. Trans​.

Lamellar energy metabolism and perfusion in the - UQ eSpace

time and between EHC and CON horses using a mixed-effects linear regression local lamellar blood flow using the urea clearance method [27-29]. (1997) Effects of acepromazine maleate, isoxsuprine hydrochloride and prazosin Lactate induces insulin resistance in skeletal muscle by suppressing glycolysis and.

Drug treatment of claudication: Vasodilators, hemorrhcologic

by LM Taylor 1986 Cited by 9 ical influence of vessel diameter on blood flow, as described by stimulators such as nylidrin and possibly isoxsuprine. further reducing muscle blood blow.

Laminitis & Founder - Life Data Labs, Inc.

may affect one foot, the front feet only, the hind feet only or all four feet. crease blood flow by relaxing the smooth muscle of blood vessels. and isoxsuprine.

Other pharmacologic agents that may affect bronchial

by CT Furukawa 1984 Cited by 10 contractility of bronchial smooth muscle that may be related to times a day showed diurnal decreases of peak flow rates and blood-brain barrier, so they help to reduce side effects. on a chronic basis in one patient.5 Isoxsuprine, which.

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by R Todhunter 1985 an event greatly influences the chances of breakdown. such as tendons and muscles. A firm,well' drained This reduces the blood supply, causing ischemia.

Vascular Dysfunction in Horses with Endocrinopathic - PLOS

by RA Morgan 2016 Cited by 28 (Table 2, Figs 1 and 2), this was an endothelium-independent effect in laminar aimed at restoring blood flow to the hoof by alpha adrenoceptor antagonism (​acepromazine, domperidone) or beta-adrenoceptor agonists (isoxsuprine the PI 3-kinase- and MAP kinase-mediated signaling in human muscle.

Comparative effect of haemodynamic variables and

by TIM WATTS 2010 viscometer, to systematically determine the effects that haemodynamic variables, or rheological properties of 1.3 Red blood cell properties influencing blood flow In the rat cremaster muscle, in vessels between 10-50μm, the width of Aarts et al (Aarts et al., 1984) used isoxsuprine and chlorpromazine to increase RBC.

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25 Nov 2020 Although skeletal muscle plays a key role in decreasing blood glucose levels, a direct the tumor-suppressive effects of isoxsuprine. A. Flow cytometric analysis revealed that the number of ISCs was reduced in Irf2 / mice.

Evaluation of Alterations in Uterine Blood Flow using Doppler

19 Mar 2021 Keywords: Uterine Blood Flow; Doppler Ultrasonography; Genotyped Beef Cows; Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue; Rumen- (RPN) could potentially reduce the toxic effects of ergovaline edema, smooth muscle hyperplasia, mucoid degeneration and effects of epidural anesthesia and isoxsuprine.

In vitro inhibition of breast cancer spheroid-induced - Nature

8 Jan 2013 assesed the effect of acetohexamide, isoxsuprine, nifedipin and proadifen on leukocytes, smooth muscle, epithelial, neuronal and fibroblast cells. (Spector et to treat hoof-related problems and to increase circulation within.

Effects of therapy on maximal walking time following femoral

by MC Conrad 1977 Cited by 12 around the block,1 3 an increase in blood flow around the block,4 7 a further intervention; group 4, given isoxsuprine hydro- chloride muscle constriction.

Current Practice - The BMJ

here is to review the rationale, indications, contraindications, side-effects, and limitations of vasodilator drugs given for improving peripheral circulation in the 

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

by E Wells effect on fetomaternal circulation in pregnant women at risk of class of calcium channel blocker, and are selective for smooth muscle. Raymajhi R, Pratap K. A comparative study between nifedipine and isoxsuprine in the.

Treatment and Drug resistance - MASTERARBEIT

by S Holzner 2015 Survival in blood circulation through 1. Isoxsuprine leads to relaxation of uterine and vascular smooth muscle by (C) Effect of isoxsuprine on 12(S)-​HETE.

Analysis of effect isoxsuprine hydrochloride and - SciELO

by W Costa 2015 Cited by 4 PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of isoxsuprine and nicotine on TRAM. METHODS: Forty muscle, primarily within skeletal muscle, with little effect on cutaneous blood ischemia in flaps, making them survive with less blood flow than usual 

An overview of pharmacologic treatment of cognitive decline

because of their effects on brain electrophysiology, on neurohumoral processes, or on central vasodilators. Find- ings of reduced cerebral blood flow in senile dementia. (1 ,. 2) added further is a smooth-muscle relaxant isoxsuprine, has​.

Effects of Obstetric Analgesia and Anesthesia on Uterine

muscle tone), and Re is extrinsic vascular resistance (intrauterine pressure).l The Adrenergic Influences on Uterine Blood Flow and Uterine Activity R. A., 1977​, Effects of salbutamol and isoxsuprine on uterine and umbilical blood flow in 

Tocolytic Drugs for Use in Veterinary Obstetrics - Europe PMC

tocolytic drugs, isoxsuprine (Duphas-. pasminT ) and effect on uterine smooth muscle its action on the well as an improved blood supply to the placenta and 

Full Text (PDF) - Neurology

2 May 1970 influences upon cerebral blood flow, blood viscosity, and possibly the clotting were reduced or absent and muscle tone was diminished. This is in contrast to logical and pharmacological dosage, as well as isoxsuprine,.

A comparative study on the effect of various pharmacological

by CS Nieto 1992 Cited by 38 nutrient blood flow, probably due to arterial insuffi- ciency, which blood flow and agents increasing tolerance to ischae- mia. Group G. Hydralazine (​arteriolar smooth muscle relaxing glandins, hydroxydopamine, isoxsuprine, thymoxam-.

Beta2-adrenoceptor agonists for dysmenorrhoea - eCommons

by Z Fedorowicz 2012 Cited by 23 through a process of increasing blood flow to uterine muscle and in reducing studies evaluated the effects of orally administered isoxsuprine compared with 


by MC Fonteles 1974 Cited by 1 innervate only. those blood vessels which hav~ smooth muscle in their wall (​Munkacsi ,. crease in PAR excretion.with the increase in.blood flow.while Tyburczyk onset of perfusion was blocked by isoxsuprine perfusion (compare groups I 


by RL Katz 1968 Cited by 204 terial blood pressure. In some situations the. Cardiac irregularities have repeatedly been rationale for this use is in doubt; there are studied in anesthesia but 

Nifedipineversus Isoxsuprine for Suppression of Preterm Labour

Keywords: Preterm labour, Isoxsuprine, Nifedipine, Tocolysis, Pregnancy. 1. Introduction. Preterm birth effective smooth muscle relaxant with low toxicity and no teratogenicity. insignificant effect on umblical blood flow in. Nifedipine group.

The effect of Th 1165 a upon the reactivity of placental vessels

by Č Jungmannová 1974 Th 1165 influences not only the uterine muscle but also smooth between uterine activity and blood flow in The passage of isoxsuprine is supposed (​SHEN-.


9 Aug 1994 impact of self-injection of papaverine and phentolamine; a long-term prospective study, vasodilator agents to the circulation of a human via trans mucosal vasodilators such as isoxsuprine hydrochloride and nicotinyl alcohol. nosum using a hypodermic needle, certain smooth muscle relaxing drugs 

Non-Surgical Management of Peripheral Vascular - JSTOR

by CAC Clyne 1980 Cited by 34 blockers), or exert a direct effect on the blood vessel wall.24. Many will increase blood flow at rest in patients with occluded ischaemic muscle. Beta-adrenergic 

chlorpromazine and fenoterol upon human pregnant - NCBI

by G Ballejo 1986 Cited by 26 The inhibitory effects of nifedipine, verapamil, cinnarizine (calcium entry blockers)​, chlor- promazine (a muscle contractions depends on the stimulus employ- isoprenaline, isoxsuprine, terbutaline and orciprenaline Circulation Res.,.


by O MATSUO 1974 Cited by 2 mostly by isoproterenol, affected rather variably by isoxsuprine, while tributed to the operation of an autoregulatory response on the cerebral circulation and muscle, and in the CSF and blood, after administration.