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Small Town Big Beach Vision 2025 for Sustainability

2025 Vision for Sustainability 9 Action 1: Medical We have a responsibility to provide direct access to quality wellness services and emergency care to our citizens and visitors. Encouraging quality public health serves the needs of our citizens and helps to foster retiree and visitor recruitment and retention.

Instructor and Student General Orientation

Be able to state both the Mission and Vision statement of TMH Identify the I CARE values and be able to give an example of each Be able to identify important Human Resource Policies and how they affect you in your role at TMH Understand the process for reporting workplace harassment at TMH

Promoting Employee Well-Being - SHRM

Promoting Employee Well-Being: Wellness Strategies to Improve Health, Performance and the Bottom Line ting individuals financial Suppor security aspirations.

2016-2019 Wellness Strategic Plan

Ohio State invests approximately 5.1 million dollars in wellness every year, which includes the Health Plan, Your Plan for Health, the Office of the Chief Wellness Officer, and Student Life. Ohio State s ROI was calculated for the following programs: Wellness Education and Programming, Biometric Health Screening, Health Coaching and Care

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Wellness in the Workplace 2012: An Optum® Research Update Step 2: Establish a Wellness Committee The next step is to establish a wellness committee. The committee will be responsible for promoting your worksite wellness program, planning activities, recruiting team leaders, and conducting program evaluations.

SEPTEMBER 2020 - Franklin County, Ohio

Wellness Vision Workshop Emotional Intelligence training is a very hot topic in today s workplace. Understanding and improving the vision statement to be


MISSION STATEMENT The City of Gulf Shores is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our residents, visitors and businesses. We are committed to preserving our city s family-friendly, small-town, safe atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings, while providing the infrastructure and


Wellness. Overview. continued. Components of a Successful Worksite Wellness Program. The following is an overview of the planning steps for creating a wellness program: Secure Organizational Commitment. For the success of any wellness program, it is important that Senior Management support the efforts and work to drive participation in the

Carefully Crafting Your Organization s Wellness Plan

Feb 07, 2007 a worksite wellness initiative and much of it can be linked back to the lack of an operating plan. At the Wellness Councils of America, we believe that there are seven essential components of an exceptional operating plan. These seven components include: 1. A Vision/Mission Statement For The Wellness Program That Incorporates The

Creating a Workplace Wellness Committee

Workplace wellness programs offer ways to help people get healthy and stay healthy. Implementing a comprehensive workplace wellness program is an excellent way to help individuals practice healthy lifestyles and change unhealthy habits to reduce their risks of developing high-cost health problems.

Wellness Vision Statement - Horton Alerts

are confident that continuing on the path of workplace wellness will only enhance the lives of our employees and our clients. Glenn Horton WORKSITE WELLNESS Wellness Vision Statement A s an insurance agency, and more notably, an employee benefits administrator we are constantly evaluating increasing health care

University HealthCare Alliance Provider Wellness Year in Review

Andrea Hausel, MPH, RD, CDN (Wellness Program Director) 100% time; Rachel Seaman, MD (Medical Director, UHA Provider Wellness Program), 20% time. Acknowledgements Thank you to Dr. Bryan Bohman for his vision and continuous support in creating a Provider Wellness Program at UHA.

Workplace Wellness - An Employer's Guide

Vision Statement. All successful and long-lasting wellness programs, and organizations for that matter, have clear vision or mission statements. A vision statement should include the values that drive the program along with the ultimate goals or accomplishments the program is trying to achieve. It should support the company s overall mission


including a vision statement, goals, and objectives. We can assist you with using workplace wellness frameworks, such as the CASS Workplace Wellness Planning and Implementation Guide. Assisting in conducting organizational assessments to learn more about your workplace wellness opportunities and priorities, and to

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Sample Vision Statements The following vision statements come from several rural primary care clinics that are implementing Collaborative Care: Vision Valley View Health Center Valley View Health Center s Vision Statement for creating a healthy community: We recognize the value of all of our resources such as employees, grants and other

Worksite Wellness Toolkit

improvement, worksites are able to integrate wellness into the overall vision and mission statement of the organization. Worksite Wellness Toolkit Page 8 Worksites can create new policies and changes in the worksite environment to support health and wellness.

An Employers Guide to Promoting Wellness at the Workplace[1]

Vision Statement. All successful and long-lasting wellness programs have clear vision or mission statements. A vision statement should include the values that drive the program along with the ultimate goals or accomplishments the program is trying to achieve. It should support the company s overall mission statement.

A Step-by-Step Exercise for Creating a Mission Statement

statement to your organization at a later date. Step 6: Jump A mission statement does two things: 1. Tells the world why what you re doing matters. 2. Leads your organization to do what matters. By itself, a mission statement isn t enough. You ve got to make the jump. Make your mission a reality. Do work that matters. 15 You

Chapter 8: Vision, Planning, and Goals - Wellcoaches

and in the client s voice. A complete Wellness Vision statement might sound something like this: I am strong, lean, and 20 pounds lighter, shopping for cute, attractive new clothes for my attractive body. I am happy, with lots of energy to do whatever I feel like doing. My health is better and I am open, more patient, and social.

At a tipping point? Workplace mental health and wellbeing

unemployment, poor workplace productivity and health and social care. Employers have a key role to play in supporting employees' mental health and wellbeing. The government has given increasing recognition to the importance of workplace mental health as have forward-looking employers who are creating strategies around workplace mental wellbeing.


MISSION & VISION STATEMENT The strategic mission of the wellness program is to improve health, well-being and performance through awareness, education and engagement in dynamic and holistic wellness programs that feed body, mind and spirit so that we are the most engaged, productive, successful, confident and resilient as we can be.

Healthy Options Become a Worksite Reality

Wellness Collaborative. They created a six-member wellness committee and met via monthly conference call to determine monthly educational topics, identify quarterly challenges, and brainstorms ways to promote the initiative. The committee crafted a workplace wellness vision statement: Encouraging wellness by creating

Workplace mental wellbeing policy SAMPLE POLICY

workplace mental wellbeing policy. Responsibilities Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to making the workplace mental wellbeing policy effective. Managers have a responsibility to: Monitor the workplace, identify hazards and risks and take steps to eliminate or reduce these as far as is reasonably practicable.


A wellness team is an essential part of a Worksite Wellness Program infrastructure. The role of the wellness team is to communicate, participate, motivate, and support the Worksite Wellness Program. These are the key components to a successful wellness team:} All employees have the opportunity to volunteer for the team. If specific departments


The Employee Health and Wellness Strategic Framework for the Public Service (EH&WSF) Objective of this document: The key objective of this document is to communicate the Strategic Framework, which provides for an integrated, needs-driven, participative, and holistic approach to Employee Health and Wellness in the Public Service.

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Workplace Health Screenings 2014 Prevention Campaign Fact Sheet Vision of the National Prevention Strategy: Working together to improve the health and quality of life for individuals, families, and communities by moving the nation from a focus on sickness and disease to one based on prevention and wellness. WHAT IS A SCREENING?

2012 Annnnuuaall MMaannddaatteess

Jan 26, 2011 MISSION, VISION & VALUES STATEMENT MISSION: Bellevue's mission is to provide the highest quality of care to New York's neediest populations and to deliver health care to every patient with dignity, cultural sensitivity and compassion, regardless of ability to pay. VISION: Our vision is to be one of the 10 ten safest hospitals in the nation. VALUES:

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3. Putting in place a workplace mental health policy 33 4. Step I: Analysing mental health issues 35 Making the case 35 Establishing a coordinating process 37 Assessing mental health issues 37 5. Step II: Developing the policy 43 Formulating a vision statement 43 Identifying the values and principles 43 Defining the objectives 44

Workplace Health Program Definition and Description

Workplace Health Program Definition and Description DEFINITION Workplace health programs are a coordinated and comprehensive set of health promotion and protection strategies implemented at the worksite that includes programs, policies, benefits, environmental supports, and links to the surrounding community designed to encourage the health and

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costing the country an estimated €75 billion.8 Fabienne Broucaret, wellness expert and founder of workplace health site My Happy Job, believes our work environment ^undeniably affects our health With workers in many markets spending more time in the office than ever (see below), the problem is increasing.


A Year in the Life of a Worksite Wellness Committee MPLE Wellness Committee ction Plan ABC Corporation Organization: Program Coordinator: ith Planning Chairperson: organ January 1, 2011 Period Ending: Period Beginning: ber 31, 2011 Vision Statement: To ork cultu ployees health. Goals: ork day ork day Period Budget: $500.00

HERO Five Year Strategic Plan 2016-2021

3) Improve evidence informed best practices in the workplace that advance health and well-being worldwide. 4) Increase evaluation and research in individual level satisfaction with, and outcomes from, wellness programs. 5) Increase American workplaces interest in, capacity for, and involvement with employee

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2) The mission of our wellness committee is to establish and maintain a workplace that encourages environmental and social support for a healthy lifestyle. 3) The mission of the Wellness Committee is to promote and support programs that encourage the wellness of [name of organization] employees.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Plan

Wellness Vision & Mission Wellness is a foundation for teaching and learning, and encompasses the interrelated dimensions of physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Our vision is to create a sustainable culture of overall health and wellness for students and staff at Harrison School District Two.

10 ways to energize your safety committee

positive impacts for every workplace. Here are 10 ways to energize your safety committee and achieve outstanding results: Combine safety and wellness committees. If you have one committee for safety and one for wellness, think about combining them to work on employee safety and health efforts together. The new

HSC - A strategy for workplace health and safety in Great

vision, which is to see health and safety as a cornerstone of a civilised society and, with that, to achieve a record of workplace health and safety that leads the world. This strategy builds on success and develops and takes forward the Revitalising Health and Safety Strategy Statement of June 2000. This is a strategy, not a plan. This

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develop a workplace wellness policy or statement. This will outline your workplace s vision for improving worker health and wellbeing. Consider including: a statement of the workplace s commitment to health and wellbeing a list of the goals and objectives responsibilities of key groups, stakeholders or individuals

WFP Wellness Strategy

WFP s Wellness Vision Statement 2. WFP is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing of all employees. Accordingly, it seeks to offer a safe and healthy working environment which contributes to human dignity and self-fulfilment.


workplace, yielding measurable benefits. This alignment will further drive synergies in the use of risk assessment, medical surveillance examinations, safety training, safety engineering, workplace wellness programs, and total worker health. By maintaining the health of Soldiers and employees, health-related costs decrease while work productivity