Evaluation Of The In vitro Biocompatibility Of A New Fast‐setting Ready‐to‐use Root Filling And Repair Material

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Root perforation repair concepts and materials: A review

by SCS von Loetzen 2018 Cited by 2 Bioceramics, matrix techniques, MTA, repair materials, perforation repair. Perforation of the root canal is a serious complication of root canal treatment 

Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite on Push-out Bond Strength of

by SA Alsubait 2017 Cited by 17 Materials when used for repairing. Perforations on Human Dentin: An in vitro Evaluation. EndoSequence root repair material fast set putty (ERRMF;.

Bioceramic materials in endodontics - 学霸文献云下载

by Z WANG 2015 Cited by 117 They can function as cements, root repair materials, root canal sealers and filling materials, which have the advantages of enhanced biocompatibility,  29 pages

In vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of different pulp capping materials

by C Poggio 2015 Cited by 57 The results indicate significantly different biocompatibility among materials with different composition. Biodentine® and mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA)-based 

To Determine Tooth Discolouration After Treatment - JCDR

1 Feb 2019 Keywords: ENDOCEM-Zr, Endosequence root repair material, ProRoot evaluation for discolouration in the aesthetic zone by using a simple.

Biocompatibility of new bioactive resin composite versus

by A Abou ElReash 2019 Cited by 18 Evaluation of the in vitro biocompatibility of a new fast-setting ready-to-use root filling and repair material. Int Endod J. 2017;50(6):540 8. 3. Torabinejad M  10 pages

Sealing ability of Biodentine versus ProRoot mineral trioxide

by M Nabeel 2019 Cited by 19 Root-end cavity was prepared in each sample ultrasonically then filled with tested mate- an endodontic repair material, has superior features to MTA.

The use of Bioceramics as root-end filling materials in

by SM Abusrewil 2018 Cited by 21 surgery when Bioceramic root-end filling materials are used on human permanent teeth in (ERRM), and iRoot BP Plus Root Repair Material.

Calcium Hydroxide-Based Root Canal Sealers: A Review

by BDS Shalin Desai 2009 Cited by 255 ideal root canal sealer were outlined by Grossman (5) (Table 1). The first clinical use of calcium hydroxide as a root canal filling material was.6 pages

Subject Index

coccus faecalis, in vitro evaluation of,. 1611 of AH Plus removal of root canal filling material with repair of extensive apical root resorption asso- of new calcium aluminate cement in subcuta- hard-setting cement, biocompatibility of, molars prepared using, 1855 Pozzolan cement, fast setting, pulp capping mate-.

Jemds.com Review Article - DOI

Vancouver, Canada), novel root-end filling material (new resin cement), Capasio powder (Quick-Set), BioAggregate, polymer nano composite resin, Ceramicrete.

Evaluation of the in vitro biocompatibility of a new fast‐setting

by F Lv 2017 Cited by 18 fast-setting ready-to-use root filling and repair material as a reference to evaluate new materials (Eid et al.


by KA YAZDI Cited by 1 the root canal system with no voids using a three-dimension- ally stable and biocompatible filling material. The normal root- canal anatomy may be changed.

Sealing Ability of One-Up Bond and MTA With and Without a

by I Hardy 2004 Cited by 81 Therefore, unlike most in vitro perforation studies that use a hole drilled into the furcation area into which the repair material may be easily placed and 

Determining the setting of root canal sealers using an in vivo

by EJNL Silva 2020 Cited by 5 The setting of a new hydrophilic premixed calcium silicate root canal sealer. (BioC Sealer; Angelus, Londrina, PR, Brazil) was evaluated and compared with that  8 pages

The physical-mechanical properties and biocompatibility of

apexification, retrograde root end filling, repairing of root perforations and resorptions) and easy handling, low cost and faster setting are the major.

Biocompatibility of Root Canal Sealers: A Systematic Review

by DA Fonseca 2019 Cited by 20 or biocompatibility assessment, the material setting condition, fast-setting ready-to-use root filling and repair material. Int. Endod.

Updated 8.10.18 EndoSequence® BC Sealer™ and Root

Proinflammatory Cytokine Production of EndoSequence Root Repair Material and Concluded that BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™ is extremely biocompatible and.

Investigation of selected properties of a resin-based root canal

by FK Asheibi 2014 1.6 Homogeneity of the root filling using cold lateral condensation or Micro-CT evaluation of voids in the filling material of single-rooted teeth.

Cytotoxicity, Biocompatibility and Biomineralization of a New

by F Benetti 2019 Cited by 23 Bioceramic (Bio-C) Repair is a ready-for- use material suggested as substitute for MTA, but its properties need to be studied. This study evaluated the 

In Vitro Effect of Putty Calcium Silicate Materials on - MDPI

by FJ Rodríguez-Lozano 2020 Cited by 6 to perform apical surgery with a retrograde root filling [1,2]. Appl. Sci. fast-setting ready-to-use root filling and repair material.

Comparison of the Biocompatibility of Pro Root - Cronicon

9 Jun 2017 The study on the biocompatibility of root-end filling materials One of the fast-setting calcium silicate cements is Retro MTA, with.

Antibacterial Activity of Current Endodontic Repair Materials

by MA Tran 2018 biocompatibility, but also may possess antibacterial properties due to their MTA, Biodentine, EndoSequence BC Root Repair Material Fast Set Putty and 

Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de - Estudo Geral

by PMS Marques 2018 Introduction: The obturation of pulp canal space is performed using endodontic root canal sealers with ability to adhere core material to dentin walls and 

A Review of Endodontic Bioceramics - Journal of Islamic

by H Assadian Cited by 4 suitable for use in endodontics and new products of this generation are Key Words: Endodontics, Bioceramics, Root Canal Filling Materials, Root Canal.14 pages

MTA Plus® - NuSmile

The new pulp-capping materials MTA Repair HP, NeoMTA Plus, and Biodentine showed a suitable Comparative Analysis of Calcium Silicate-based Root Filling.

Comprehensive Review Of Current Endodontic Sealers - DUNE

by T Komabayashi 2020 Cited by 28 Choosing an endodontic sealer for clinical use is a decision that contributes to the long-term success of non-surgical root canal treatment (NSRCT)1).

Evaluation of Effect of 17% EDTA and 5.25% Sodium

by H Sharma 2014 Cited by 1 Exposure of ERRM to water, 17% EDTA, and 5.2% NaOCl during setting over 7 days An ideal endodontic root repair material should be biocompatible, 

Push-out bond strength of three different calcium silicate

by S Kadić 2017 Cited by 19 An ideal root-end filling material ought to have dimensional stability, radiopacity, proper setting time, antimi- crobial activity, biocompatibility 

TotalFill® - Ivoclar Vivadent

material dedicated to root repair, available in 3 consistencies, which ready-to-use filling cement, as well as a set of paper points and.24 pages

In vitro biocompatibility and bioactivity of calcium silicate

by W Song 2021 rates compared with conventional root‑end filling materials, the in vitro biocompatibility of a new fast‑setting ready‑to‑use root filling and repair 


by L Alsofi 2019 ABSTRACT. Aim: To compare the cytotoxic effect of regular and fast set Root Repair Materials using oral epithelial cells (OEC). Materials and methods: The 

Physical properties and hydration behavior of a fast-setting

by Y Guo 2016 Cited by 52 iRoot FS Fast Set Root Repair Material (iRoot FS) and three other endodontic cements. Microhardness was evaluated using the Vickers indentation test.

B Hemasathya 1 Mastan.pmd - Semantic Scholar

by B HEMASATHYA Cited by 7 Recent Advances in Root end Filling Materials : A Review. B. HEMASATHYA1, C. M. BEJOY MONY1 and exclusively for use as a root end filing material.

Evaluation of cytotoxicity and gelatinases activity in 3T3

by V Basak 2016 Cited by 9 met the requirements of an ideal root repair material, and efforts to develop new materials continue. Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA, 

Cytotoxicity assessment of three endodontic sealing - Elsevier

A new retrofilling material called EndoSequence® BM. RRMTM (ERRM, root repair material) is composed of a combination of calcium silicate and calcium 

In vitro cytotoxic evaluation of novel fast-setting - J-Stage

by B Ranjkesh 2018 Cited by 18 Keywords: cytotoxicity; MTT; dental materials; calcium silicate cement; fluoride; mineral trioxide aggregate. Introduction. Restorative materials and procedures 

Comparison of the biocompatibility of calcium silicate‑based

by NG de Oliveira 2018 Cited by 16 repairing material is undeniable, although there are in vitro biocompatibility of a new fast‑setting ready‑to‑use root filling  10 pages

Vitro Cytotoxicity Evaluation of a Novel Root - LBMD

by H Zhou 2013 Cited by 203 using a one-way analysis of variance test at a signifi- Cytotoxicity of a root filling material, when used in pulp capping, perforation repair, or as a  6 pages


NIH/NIDCR: R44 DE020204 (Primus PI) Quick-Set Endodontic Material. Additional perforation repair and as a root canal filling material.

Physicochemical Properties of a Bioceramic Repair Material

by H Coaguila-Llerena 2020 Cited by 1 The initial setting time was evaluated using Gillmore needle. The pH external resorption repair, and as root-end filling (7).

Effect of Selected Accelerants on pH, Setting Time and

(MTA) is the most widely used root end filling material in surgical The biocompatibility of new dental materials is established in vivo and in vitro.

Improvement of Reparative Bioceramics in Endodontics - A

10 Jan 2020 Endosequence. Bioceramic Root Repair Material (Brasseler, Savannah, USA) was developed as a premixed cement into a syringeable fast set putty to.


by DC Thom Clinical studies using glass ionomer cement as a root filling material interferes with DNA repair in human cells Nt vitro, there are no data relating 

In-vitro investigation of the performance of Mineral Trioxide

by AM EL-Ma aita 2013 The radiopacity of MTA together with new calcium silicate cements was assessed and search for the ideal root canal filling material persists.

Seyedeh Pegah Ghiasi Afjeh Contact Information - The UMB

by SP Ghiasi Afjeh 2020 The purpose of root end filling material in endodontic surgery is to fast set using a linear voltage displacement transducer (LVDT) under controlled.

Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical

Root End Filling Material; Part II: Adaptability and In-Vivo Biocompatibility biocompatibility and cytotoxicity of a new formulated calcium.

i Apexification Healing Patterns Comparing MTA & Bioceramic

by A Richardson 2020 Bioceramic BC RRM-Fast Set Putty) and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (ProRoot MTA) with apexification using MTA or Bioceramic Root Repair Material Fast Set.

Evaluation of the Biocompatibility of a Recent Bioceramic Root

by LH El-Mansy 2020 BACKGROUND: Recently, new calcium silicate bioceramic sealers were introduced to the market. prerequisites of root canal filling materials. Endodontic.

A micro-computed tomographic study using a novel test model

by FFE Torres 2021 Objectives: New premixed bioceramic root repair materials require moisture filled with the cements and scanned again to evaluate their