The Role Of Gastric Lipolysis On Fat Absorption And Bile Acid Metabolism In The Rat

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In vitro lipolysis assay as a prognostic tool for the development

by FS Klein Cited by 5 4 Modelling gastric fat digestion: Development of a gastric lipolysis assay ​ 86. 4.1 gastric lipase requires no cofactors or bile salts for its lipolytic activity61,64,65. essential role in both, the digestion and the absorption of lipids. Bile Metabolism studies in rats have shown that SEs are partially hydrolysed to.

Multiscale structures of lipids in foods as - HAL-Inserm

by MC Michalski 2013 Cited by 175 Keywords: lipid, fatty acid, food, emulsion, digestion, metabolism. in vitro colipase-dependent pancreatic lipase, bile salt-stimulated lipase positions did not present such a resistance to lipolysis [23, 25]. Postprandial kinetics of EPA and. DHA in the rat lymph after an intragastric administration of fish oil or seal oil [​27] 


by F Lammert 2005 Cited by 160 Some of the lipolytic products, including ides, and fatty acids in the intestinal lumen.18,19 During lipolysis strains of mice,17,53 56 rats,57 and rabbits.58,​59 These ob- servations native pathway of bile salt synthesis display significantly reduced bile crucial role in cholesterol absorption by regulating in- traluminal 

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by YS Kim 1966 Cited by 156 Vol. 45, No. 6, 1966. The Role of Altered Bile Acid Metabolism in the formation, a probable step in fat absorption that which gastric instillation and sampling of jejunal con- tent were not establish that lipolysis has proceeded normally On the transformation and enterohepatic circulation of cholic acid in the rat. J. biol.

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by G Fernandowarnakulasuriya 1981 Cited by 131 old rat stomach and intestine, lymph, plasma, and liver Gastric lipolysis of long-​chain TG is nearly abolished in adult rats An attempt was made to assess the role of the liver of gastric lipolysis on fat absorption and bile acid metabolism.

Lipolysis and Absorption of Fat in the Rat Stomach

by SB Clark 1969 Cited by 110 the formation of monoglycerides and fatty acids. The existence of a gastric lipase was first postulated by Volhard2 but the evi- dence for such an enzyme in gastric.

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by A Uchida 1811 Cited by 51 increased intestinal fatty acid oxidation in fenofibrate compared to vehicle treated HF fed mice. on the small intestine play a critical role in the hypotriglyceridemic other genes involved in dietary fat absorption including microsomal activation is a fasting response, which is known to increase lipolysis.

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by KS Chadaideh 2021 2017), and both intestinal and systemic inflammation (Duan Despite the essential role of dietary fat in human physiology, we currently fat digestion, primary bile acids flow into the small Rats fed saturated fat diets exhibited an increase in the lipolytic activity of enzymes such as pancreatic lipase (PL).

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by P Borel 1989 Cited by 11 Digestion and the Intestinal Absorption of Dietary Lipids in the Rat. P. Borei, D. Lairon, M. Senft, Cellulose Hemicellulose Dietary fiber Fat Cholesterol Digestion of triglyceride lipolysis in the stomach and the small intestine. hemicelluloses play a key role. from mixed micelles by bile acid séquestrants and.

Fat globules in milk and their structural modifications during

by H Singh 2019 Cited by 5 membrane, gastrointestinal processing, lipid digestion Structure, and Function at the ADSA Annual Meeting, Knoxville, made in understanding the synthesis of milk fat glob- and bile salts, is crucial to understanding the physi- In rats, gastric lipase is absent but the acid-stable lingual li- pase, produced by Von 

Biliary secretion and excretion in health and disease: Current

by AF Hofmann 2007 Cited by 142 lipid absorption, and bile acids also possess powerful direct and indirect secreted by the liver into the intestinal tract is present in all vertebrates, so far as is 

Pancreatic Triglyceride Lipase Deficiency Minimally Affects

by KW Huggins 2003 Cited by 56 Fat Absorption but Dramatically Decreases Dietary Cholesterol lipids and bile salts to form micellar structures or complexed Solubilization of the lipolytic The role of proteins that mediate intraluminal lipid digestion Lipase-null Mice ​A rat PTL cDNA clone was obtained from Dr. Patsy bile acid metabolism. Flowing 

Bile-acid-mediated decrease in endoplasmic reticulum stress

by BP Cummings 2013 Cited by 63 Although gastric restriction and malabsorption probably contribute component of bariatric surgery improves glucose metabolism. in UCD-T2DM rats and increases circulating bile acids, independently of an integral role in the development of insulin resistance and diabetes and lipid metabolism in type 2 diabetes.

Dietary calcium affects body composition and lipid metabolism

by H Alomaim 2019 Cited by 16 Rats fed the high Ca diets had lower serum total and LDL cholesterol com- Calcium (Ca) is a mineral nutrient rich in milk products and plays an important role as a sec- tary fat absorption and lipogenesis and increased lipolysis and tral sterols and bile acids and lipid metabolism in the liver were 


in fat malabsorption, with the purpose to increase diagnostic and eventually therapeutic gastric lipolysis on fat absorption and bile acid metabolism in the rat.

Gastric Lipase in the Newborn Rat - Nature

by E Levy 1982 Cited by 33 chain (ZC14) fatty acids suggesting a preferential lipolysis of in which the gastric lipase might play a role in overall fat digestion, lipolysis in rat milk in contrast to the presence of a bile salt- absorption and bile acid metabolism in rat. Clin.

Intestinal absorption of triglycerols

by J CLÉMENT 1980 Cited by 26 Triglycerides are insoluble in water and the major function of the digestive The free fatty acids and 2-monoglycerides resulting from lipolysis are in the rat are ; apo A (7 p. lium, then de novo triglyceride synthesis in the enterocyte, and finally chyle transport the stomach due to the action of pancreatic lipase and bile.

Persistent fat malabsorption in cystic fibrosis - Journal of

by M Wouthuyzen-Bakker 2011 Cited by 51 Despite PERT, intestinal fat absorption remains insufficient in most CF energy intake into the duodenum may play a role in CFPFM [6]. digestive/lipolytic enzymes are active at the site of the water oil mainly consisting of phospholipids and bile salts derived from Bile salt synthesis was normal or even increased,.

Studies of Fat Lipolysis by Post-Heparin Human Plasma

by H ENGELBERG 1959 Cited by 10 unsaturated fats by the heparin lipolytic factor are studied. SINCE the original intestine.3 8 The absorption of dietary cho- lesterol is on cholesterol synthesis in rat liver.9-13Simi- lar amounts of fats results in an increased bile acid secretion in the bile and a fall in heparin plays a role. The neutral fat Intestinal excre-.

Digestion and absorption of lipids in non-ruminant and

by FA Harrison 1975 Cited by 41 'LIPID METABOLISM AND ITS CONTROL'. Digestion and In adult animals it is difficult to assess the quantitative importance of gastric lipolysis, but Both bile and pancreatic juice are required for optimum fat absorption, and in the absence of that of the rat, probably because of the extremely acid conditions (pH 2.5-3.5​).

Lipid Digestion and Absorption - American Academy of

and the importance of intragastric lipolysis for initiating the lipid digestion are explored. of bile acid micelle formation and its role on nutrient lipid solubilization synthesis and structure of human milk lipid together with a dis- cussion on the rats.Pediatr. Res 1982;. 16:282-285. 28. Barbara. L, Lazzari. R, Roda. A, et a!:

Lipids and bariatric procedures part 1 of 2 - Journal of Clinical

by HE Bays 2016 Cited by 47 bile acid metabolism, and lipids; and (6) bariatric procedures, drates, and proteins) and their absorption on lipid levels; (2) the stand the role of bariatric procedures on lipid meta- interacts with TG-containing lipoproteins, allowing lipolysis from rats that underwent gastric bypass into germ-free.

Altered intestinal bile salt biotransformation in a cystic fibrosis

by FAJA Bodewes 2015 Cited by 16 biliary bile hydrophobicity and bile salt metabolism in Cftr production, biliary and fecal bile salt- and lipid compositions and fecal bacterial most bile salts are absorbed in the terminal ileum and return to bicity (and thus, cytotoxicity) plays a role in the early genesis of lipolysis and post-lipolytic events.

Digestion of human milk fat in healthy infants - DiVA portal

by X He 2020 Cited by 3 triglyceride lipase, phospholipase A2, and bile salts is immature. The dominant lipases binding. Fig. 3 Lipolysis of milk fat globule (MFGs) in the stomach. 18 glycerophospholipid metabolism, as well as fatty acid degra- dation and [37] Plucinski TM, Hamosh M, Hamosh P. Fat digestion in rat: role of lingual lipase.

Variations in gastrointestinal lipases, pH and bile acid levels

by S Amara Cited by 13 The enzymatic digestion of lipids or GI lipolysis involves several enzymes produced Nevertheless, in rats, a substantial release of the fatty acids The role of gastric lipolysis in the coalescence process was nicely shown under the Hofmann, Cholylsarcosine, a new bile acid analogue: metabolism and 

Bile salts and fat absorption - Gut

by AM Dawson 1967 Cited by 34 and fat absorption. There has been a recent resurgence of interest in bile salt metabolism. their precise effect on pancreatic lipolysis is still open to question. Even so, it is a possible mucosal role of bile salts is that bile salts are not absorbed by the jejunum. However, Intestinal absorption of bile salts in the rat. Amer.

Physiology of the Neonatal Gastrointestinal System Relevant

by A Neal-Kluever 2019 Cited by 13 time or emptying, production of intestinal bile salts, mucosal structure, epithelial perme- role for neonatal feeding and hormones in the digestive capacity of the neonatal pig infants, although the biologic reasons for preterm malabsorption of fat mucin production, and gastric lipolysis may also impact absorption to a.

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by N Peretti 2005 Cited by 76 The purpose of this paper is to focus on defects that are related to fatty acid deficiency (EFAD) and intestinal fat transport is to dietary intake, lipids are derived from bile and desqua- inefficiency of sequential events: the lipolysis of alimen- tion of EFA in rats with fat malabsorption induced by bil-.

Digestion and absorption of 2 fat emulsions with different

by M Armand 1999 Cited by 448 size, gastric and pancreatic lipase activities, and fat digestion. Blood lipids were measured and its lipolysis was greater than that of the coarse emulsion transferred into structures made of phospholipids or bile salts, first study conducted in rats in our laboratory suggested that emul- function or lipid metabolism.

A dysregulated bile acid-gut microbiota axis - The Lancet

by M Wei 2020 Cited by 17 Background: The composition of the bile acid (BA) pool is closely orie food intake and sedentary lifestyle play an important role in obe- (2) OR mice have increased fat oxidation gallbladder, and released into the intestine to facilitate absorption of and obesity-resistant rats under high fat diet.


by TH Liao 1983 Cited by 49 to partial (di- and mono-) acylglycerols and free fatty acids. in the newborn because of immature pancreatic (lipase) and hepatic (bile acid synthesis) function. and quantitative contribution of these two enzymes to intragastric fat digestion by and hepatic function, in- tragastric lipolysis is necessary for normal diges-.

Lipid Composition, Digestion, and Absorption - MDPI

by K Burge 2021 membranes, as well as fatty acid (FA) synthesis by the mammary gland, relative importance of the n-3/n-6 ratio to preterm infant health as gastric lipase is highly effective as it does not require bile salt Milk Polar Lipids Affect In Vitro Digestive Lipolysis and Postprandial Lipid Metabolism in Mice. J. Nutr 

Effect of dietary fat on cholesterol absorption, synthesis and

by LD Davis 1983 After ingestion of a fatty meal by a nonruminant, little lipolysis takes place in the fatty acids were absorbed, indicating the importance bf the pregastric esterase enzyme of bile salts within the intestinal lumen will result in impaired micellar the rat by infusing short-, medium-, and long-chain fatty acids. (saturated and 

Human Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes

by DC Whitcomb 2007 Cited by 485 panded, as the details of digestion and absorption are un- veiled. The digestive enzymes of the pancreas play a central role in digestion. In humans, gastric lipolysis releases 10 30% of fatty acids from dietary such as cholesterol esterase and bile salt dependent lipase. acid metabolism in the rat.

Fat Digestion in the Newborn - The Journal of Clinical

differs from pancreatic lipase, but closely resembles human and rat lingual optimum and does not require bile salts, it can act in the stomach where it [ ] satory function of intragastric lipolysis in the pre- Bile acid metabolism and fat ab-.

Principles of Physiology of Lipid Digestion

by E Bauer Cited by 230 In humans, the importance of gastric lipase is still Sprague-Dawley rats to examine the role of gastric lipolysis on fat absorption and bile acid metabolism.

Intestinal absorption of triglycerols - HAL-Inria

by J Clément 1980 Cited by 26 Triglycerides are insoluble in water and the major function of the digestive The free fatty acids and 2-monoglycerides resulting from lipolysis are solubilized lium, then de novo triglyceride synthesis in the enterocyte, and finally chyle transport the stomach due to the action of pancreatic lipase and bile.

C. Hypercholesterolemia 1. Enzymes of Cholesterol

synthesis is also exerted by bile salts, starvation, hormones and still other factors. (161, 1701, 3578). In rat liver, hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase is located in the microsomal supernatant system, inhibition of cholesterol synthesis by fatty acyl-CoA Free bile acids reaching the liver from intestinal absorption.

Variations in gastrointestinal lipases, pH and bile acid levels

by S Amara 2019 Cited by 13 Keywords: Bile acids. Digestion. Lipase. Lipolysis. GI tract. SEDDS. Contents. 1. in rats, a substantial release of the fatty acids present at the sn-2 position has been The role of gastric lipolysis in the coalescence process used for TAG re​-synthesis prior to chylomicron assembly and secretion (panel B).

Fat malabsorption in essential fatty acid-deficient mice is not

by A Werner 2002 Cited by 38 cassette; polyunsaturated fatty acids; phospholipid; bile salt. ESSENTIAL trol and EFA rats, i.e., lipolysis of dietary triglycer- strated the role of biliary PC in intestinal chylomicron formation, using (18:2n-6) (custom synthesis; Hope Farms).

Fat Digestion and Absorption in Lipase and Bile Acid Deficiency

shown that gastric lipolysis of milk fat accounted for approximately one-third Role of bile acids, calcium ions and cholesterol during lipolysis Hypophysectomy influences bile acid metabolism in the rat (Beher et al., 1966). While the 

bile salts - Journal of Lipid Research

by JE Staggers 1982 Cited by 33 Through the use of intestinal and liver perfusion experiments, to the importance of bile salts in fat digestion in neonatal rats. It has been shown that neonatal 

Abnormalities of lipid metabolism, gallstone disease and

by S Zanlungo 2011 Cited by 6 Regulation of lipid metabolism and energy homeostasis is complex and the have a minor regulatory role in both the intestinal absorption of lipids and metabolic GB function regulates the cycling of bile salts through the enterohepatic circulation. Fat. Lipolysis. Muscle. Insulin. FFAs. Bile CH. G5/G8. Gallbladder disease.

The Roles of Bile Acids During the Process of Normal Fat and

tion of fat. The major proponent of the lipolytic theory of fat absorption,. Pflüger of bile salts on the normal intestinal intestinal lipoprotein synthesis and the dis¬ cannulated the thoracic duct and por¬ tal vein during fat absorption in the rat.

Pancreas and Fat/Lipid Digestion - NASPGHAN

they function to efficiently move fat-soluble nutrients to Overview of Fat Digestion Lipolysis neutral milieu. Outcomes. FFAs,. MGs. Mixed micelles. Gastric emulsion Bile Acid Physiology key players in duodenal lipolysis and efficient and Bile acids. Synthesis. Tissue macrophages from senescent red blood cells.Missing: rat ‎ Must include: rat

Lipids in the stomach - Pure - Monash University

by M Koziolek Cited by 28 Gastric lipolysis; food effect; human gastric lipase; in vitro digestion; lipids; biorelevant The review focusses primarily on the role of lipids in the stomach and the secretion of bicarbonate, bile salts and pancreatic lipases leads to significant Gastric lipolysis of TAG comprising medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA​) is more 


the function of the bile salts in the intestinal tract has been rather The synthesis of bile salts by the liver is regulated by the amounts of by lipolysis, mainly monoglyceride and fatty acid. into gated bile salt on oleic acid absorption in the rat.

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by MC Michalski 2021 work on the impact of dietary lipids on absorption and their metabolic fate in the inflammation in rodents in line with intestinal effects. lipolysis were not absorbed or were produced in the distal part the colon ex-vivo, revealing a better gut barrier integrity in rat Bile acids have pleiotropic roles in lipid metabolism.

The role of gastric lipolysis on fat absorption and bile acid

by CC Roy 1979 Cited by 54 The Role of Gastric Lipolysis on Fat Absorption and Bile Acid. Metabolism in the Rat. C.C. ROY, M. ROULET, g/day) their usual dietary intake of fat, rats deprived of lingual lipase by the creation of an esophageal fistula had a significant 

Digestive system dysfunction in cystic fibrosis - Journal of the

by L Li 2014 Cited by 91 bicarbonate and bile acid secretion and aberrant mucus formation, In contrast, lipid digestion is significantly impaired in CF confirm gastric pH status and clarify the role of CFTR in gastric acid in rat and human intestinal biopsies [7,39​]. fatty acid metabolism in two murine models for cystic fibrosis.