Russian Social Media Influence

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The proliferation of social media platforms has democratized the dissemination and consumption of information, thereby eroding traditional media hierarchies and undercutting claims of authority. The environment, therefore, is ripe for exploitation by bad actors.

Countering Malign Kremlin Influence Development Framework

vulnerabilities to Kremlin malign influence are exacerbated by substantial economic dependence on Russian trade and investment, by dependence on Russian energy, by information environments that are highly connected and exposed to Kremlin-dominated media, and by democratic backsliding in several countries in the region. In addition,

Extremist Content and Russian Disinformation Online: Working

countering Russian influence, I helped launch the Hamilton 68 initiative. We wanted to raise awareness of how Russia does its influence. I think the main lessons are twofold. One, Russia uses social media predominately through the allowable ways any user uses social media. They haven t invented any particular weapon or capability, but instead

Trends in Online Politics Influence -

Russian social media pages masqueraded as Libyan outlets, and the network established a physical Libyan newspaper to promote content consistent with the foreign policy initiatives of the Kremlin

Understanding and Combating Russian and Chinese Influence

Russia has invested heavily in its influence operations most notably in its use of information warfare as a tactic to pursue these goals and level the playing field. Russia s influence playbook includes the following covert, coercive, and corrupt elements: Disinformation campaigns and the exploitation of online media platforms. Russian

Social Media Weaponization

Russia used tactics of influence and coercion long before social media allowed for nearly ubiquitous access to its targets and a prolific capability for controlling a narrative and manipu-lating the hearts and minds of a pop-ulation on a range of sensitive societal issues, including public health. Russia has a long history of seeking

Virtual Hatred: How Russia Tried to Start a Race War in the

In sum, this was a social media campaign designed to promote racial ten-sions and undermine the social fabric of the United States. Russia s social media campaign can be described as propaganda be-cause it sought to covertly influence opinions and behavior in the United States. 8. Propaganda involves the communication of facts, fiction, argu-

Fighting in the Grey Zone : Lessons from Russian Influence

Mar 29, 2017 Russian influence operations in Ukraine. Russia s unconventional war against Ukraine has revealed a formidable toolkit of measures for fighting in the so-called grey zone, from world-class cyber and electronic warfare capabilities

The breakout scale: Measuring the impact of influence operations

One of the greatest challenges in the study of disinformation and influence operations (IOs) is former Russian trolls.3 each social media platform is a discrete entity that

Russian Political Warfare Origin Evolution And Application

continuing assertions from Russian media, the judicial system, and other Federal agencies and officials that past and current members of the SOF establishment have organized to pursue interests other than those publicly declared by the state or allowed under law.


Does Russia s use of social media influence the American public discourse on nuclear weapons? Russia is influencing the American public discourse and is using an active long-term media strategy to complement and support its nuclear policy objectives. However, the discourse is mostly reactive and ranges from positive and negative


up by Russian sponsored social media accounts and media; in Germany, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) campaigned aggressively in districts with a high concentration of Russian speakers while Russian state media provided favorable coverage; and in the Netherlands, fears of vote manipulation pushed

Robert A. Fox Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute

Oct 31, 2017 social media companies share their data, no one can fully comprehend the scope of Russia s manipulation and the degree of their impact. Russia is the first to successfully integrate the entire social media ecosystem, but they assuredly won t be the last. Social media companies must move to deal with Russian disinformation, but also look beyond

Mark Zuckerberg Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Facebook

Oct 19, 2020 Social media manipulation was an integral component of Russia s effort to incite political division and discord, undermine Americans confidence in U.S. electoral systems, and influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Sharing a Playbook?: The Convergence of Russian and U.S

set out to find whether propaganda travelled from Russian sources to U.S. news and social media; instead we discovered that they echoed each other in a far more organic way. While we did not find Russian influence in the classic propaganda sense, we did find a particular confluence between Russian and Fox News messaging about Biden.


Nov 01, 2017 media companies what they know about the full extent of the Russian use of social media, why it took them so long to discover this abuse of their platforms, and what they intend to do about it to protect our country from this malign influence in the future.

Recent Trends in Online Foreign Influence Efforts

: Foreign governments have used social media to influence politics in a range of countries by promoting propaganda, advocating controversial viewpoints, and spreading disinformation. We analyze 53 distinct foreign influence efforts (FIEs) targeting 24 different countries from 2013 through 2018.

Recorded Future: Intelligence for Enterprise Security

and tactical foreign intelligence tasks for the Russian government. It is composed of subunits, several of which are engaged in cryptography, signals intelligence, disinformation, and intrusion activity. The IRA is a commercial media entity that has specifically been engaged in social media influence operations. Record Frou dutu®e w

Russian Soft Cyber Influence Operations - United States House

free and fair media, via multiple communications technologies and social media platforms. The Russian influence campaign that occurred during the 2016 US Presidential election is a key example of this emerging practice of what this report refers to as soft cyber influence operations.

The Tactics & Tropes of the Internet Research Agency

Knowledge reviewed an expansive data set of social media posts and metadata provided to SSCI by Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet, plus a set of related data from additional platforms. The data sets were provided by the three primary platforms to serve as evidence for an investigation into the Internet Research Agency (IRA) influence operations.

Russia s Campaign

Russian Social Media Efforts in 2016 Statistics of known false/misleading activity Twitter: 10 Million Tweets Instagram: 116,000 posts Facebook: 61,000 posts Additional Videos: 1,000+ That s almost 28,000 social media actions per day!

Russia Likely to Continue 6HHNLQJ WR UnderminH Faith in US

In the 2016 US presidential election, Russian social media trolls targeted specific communities and claimed the election was rigged by the establishment, encouraging these voters to stay at home or vote for third-party candidates in order to influence the election outcome, according to reports by firms with expertise in social media network

(U) Mapping Russian media network Media s role in Russian

influence. In addition to media, other key levers of influence are culture and society, business, and politics. analyzing Russia s In broader external influence, we explored Russian media decisionmaking and messaging in four recent historical cases - involving crisis, armed conflict, grey zone, and steady-state. We reached the following


Mar 16, 2018 Russian influence operations do not focus on isolated events. Rather, taken as whole, automated, means to deliberately sway public opinion.3 Russia-linked social media accounts on

Russian Influence and Unconventional Warfare Operations in

Mar 29, 2017 social media tools, and so forth. The second is building up and leveraging business and political relationships. This includes support to political activists and parties, and efforts to develop business lobbies that will support Russian goals. I start with the first of these. In Ukraine, Russian-language print, internet, and television media

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a Russian Internet investment company that owns controlling interests in top-ranked Russian social media portals VKontakte, and Odnoklassniki to 35%, making him the single-largest stakeholder (Russkiy Newsweek, 17 August 2009).

Russian Influence in the Baltic States - Radiant Solutions

demographics and social vulnerability, as well as Russian media and political influence in the Baltics. BELARUS ESTONIA Baltic Sea POLAND KALININGRAD RUSSIA FINLAND LATVIA LITHUANIA The Baltics 13 core themes of human geography

Clint Watts Robert A. Fox Fellow, Foreign Policy Research

powered the influence system Russia successfully constructed in the previous two years. On the evening of 30 July 2016, my colleagues and I watched as RT and Sputnik News simultaneously launched false stories of the U.S. airbase at Incirlik being overrun by terrorists. Within minutes, pro-Russian social media aggregators and automated bots

ISSUE BRIEF Defining Russian Election Interference

Moscow s influence campaign followed a mes-saging strategy that blends covert intelligence operations such as cyber activity with overt ef-forts by the Russian Government agencies, state-owned media, third party intermediaries, and paid social media users or trolls. Cyber enabled influence operations encompass a

Russian Social Media Influence - RAND Corporation

iv Russian Social Media Influence researchers used human-subject protection protocols for this report and its underlying research. The views of the sources that these pro-tocols rendered anonymous are solely their own and do not represent the official policy or position of the Department of Defense or the U.S. government.

War by Other Means

cyberhackers, official Russian media networks, and social media users or trolls paid by Kremlin-linked oligarchs. Russian media outlets such as RT formerly Russia Today and Sputnik, as well as websites such as WikiLeaks, serve as information launderers, playing a role similar to that of money launderers but for information.

Weaponizing the haters: and the strategic politicization of

discourse for strategic purposes, most famously during the Russian social media influence campaign during the 2016 Presidential election in the United States and current, similar efforts targeting

Countering Russian Social Media Influence

xii Countering Russian Social Media Influence ership to limiting Russian proxies, reducing amplification channels, and finally improving consumer knowledge and judgment. Table S.1 summarizes the proposed approaches by links in the disinformation chain. We note that no single approach is likely to be completely effec -


ABSTRACT. This thesis provides an overview of how the Russian Federation deploys strategic weapons of influence through social media with the intent to weaken the United States.

United States House of Representatives Committee on Science

Mar 01, 2018 information regarding Russian entities purchasing advertisements or posting content targeting domestic energy markets. On October 31, 2017, Chairman Smith again wrote the social media companies 6requesting information. The Committee received and reviewed the companies produced documents for evidence of Russian influence.

Russian Social Media Influence - Senate

Social Media Influence: Understanding Russian Propaganda in Eastern Europe that examined Russia s social media influence in Eastern Europe. 3 Understanding activities in this region, which Russia considers its near abroad, will help advance the North Atlantic Treaty

A New Frontier Social Media Election Observation Briefing

social media, is also huge. Observers would need to know with some precision what to look for. Any social media information posted somewhe-re, on any channel, at any time could potentially influence voters. Third, the technical possibilities to retrieve large data from social media networks have been narrowing. Facebook, in particular, has become

Beyond Hybrid War: How China Exploits Social Media to Sway

The Russian Model of Social Media Influence Operations Russian attempts to leverage English-language social media to undermine faith in democratic processes, support pro-Russian policies or preferred outcomes, and sow division within Western societies have been well documented over the past several years. Research on Russian information