Affordable Housing Needs Affordable Transit

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Town of Apex Affordable Housing Plan

Dec 02, 2020 plan and discuss potential affordable housing tools that Apex could implement to meet its housing needs; Developing recommendations for feasible and impactful strategies and tools the Towncan pursue to address its housing needs and meet its affordable housing goals; and Drafting a plan for public review prior to adoption by the TownCouncil.

Implementing an Affordable Housing Requirement

to support affordable housing, and new TOD zoning around the future rail transit stations An islandwide affordable housing requirement and associated incentives both became ordinances in 2018. The bills, accompanying director s reports, and extensive background research and analysis are available on the Mayor s Office of Housing website

City of Bellevue Affordable Housing Strategy

D.2 Partnership with Sound Transit on Affordable Housing in Bel‐Red 16 D.3 Land Banking for Equitable Transit Oriented Development (REDI Fund) 16 A. Direct and Indirect Support 1. General Fund Contributions to Housing Trust Fund a) Support for New Construction Affordable Housing

Affordable Requirements Ordinance - Chicago

ing provisions that will encourage affordable development near transit stations and harness the housing market to jumpstart investment in neighborhoods where recovery from the recession has stalled. The ordinance would also continue to balance the increase in affordable housing with the financial needs of the development community while


of affordable housing, being added to the development pipeline since the beginning of 2019. While the Density Bonus program continues to be outpaced by the Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) program, it can incentivize mixed-income projects not located near high-quality transit, or that need off-menu incentives. DENSITY BONUS ORDINANCE UPDATE

Affordable Housing Vision, Goals & Strategies Draft April 23

Apr 23, 2021 affordable housing, lays out initial ideas that have been identified in existing plans and programs (e.g. 2014 Affordable Housing Goals and Strategies (last updated 2019), 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan Orange County, and Orange County 2017-2022 Master Aging Plan), discussions at Task Force

California's Housing Future: Challenges and Opportunities

affordable housing goals, should be rewarded with funding and other benefits. Those jurisdictions that are not meeting housing goals should be encouraged to do so by tying housing planning and permitting to other infrastructure-related investments, such as parks or transportation funding. 4.


Aug 30, 2020 affordable housing and opportunity. System outcomes will be designed to maximize benefit to these communities and not increase the problem of housing or involuntary displacement. Additionally, the incentive system will consider the different needs and contexts of Denver s neighborhoods to produce equitable outcomes.

Transportation Needs of Disadvantaged Populations: Where

Transportation needs of disadvantaged populations (persons with disabilities, older adults, and the poor) are explored, and a methodology to address transit markets is examined to determine where, when, and how to provide for basic mobility needs assuming pedestrian and transit-accessible community development.

Affordability Gaps Louisville Housing Needs Assessment

development of private market-rate and affordable housing units. Reduce parking requirements for affordable housing developments located in close proximity to public transit. Require visitability accessibility standards on all new homes. Establish a Cool Roofs, Cool Asphalt, & Tree Planting pilot program.

Developing Affordable Housing on Public Land In Los Angeles

(TOC) Affordable Housing Incentive Program (TOC Program) (Department of City Planning, 2017) (Figure 1). The TOC Program incentivizes affordable housing developments near transit stations by allowing increased density, floor area ratio, reduced parking requirements and other benefits.


The 2020 Cary Affordable Housing Plan provides an update of the Town of Cary s housing market and affordable housing needs along with short- and long-term strategies to address the creation of additional, sustainable affordable housing opportunities for Town residents.

The Need for Action in Alabama

HOUSING: In part due to a lack of available and affordable housing, 260,000 renters in Alabama are rent burdened, meaning they spend more than 30% of their income on rent. The President proposes


50 years and has a planned redevelopment of the 161-acre site that includes affordable and attainable housing options, 70 acres of open and green space, a public transit center, healthcare center, and child-care center. The plan addresses unmet needs in Fort Collins and is in alignment with the City s Strategic Plan goals of housing,

Regulatory & Land Use Affordable Housing Part II: Regulatory

affordable housing. Examples: inclusionary zoning, negotiated development rights, financial resources 2. Facilitate to make an action or process easy or easier Local governments can aid the production of affordable housing by facilitating partnerships, lowering development costs, and easing development standards.

Bridging the Gap: Affordable Housing and Workforce

Finalize visions for affordable housing and workforce development. To help facilitate partnerships, priorities, community engagement and align resources, the City needs a common vision for both affordable housing and workforce development. The ity s stronger neighborhoods framework, Chattanoonga 2.0, combined with the Communities of Opportunity

Affordable Housing and Walkable Neighborhoods: A National

Affordable Housing and Walkable Neighborhoods: A National Urban Analysis Current federal housing policy seeks to promote the development and preservation of affordable housing in sustainable locations. A key aspect of sustainability is the degree to which neighbor-

Transit Oriented Development Policy Housing Update

Apr 23, 2020 Transit‐Oriented Development Policy, which supersedes the previously adopted Transit‐Oriented Development Policy. Per the policy revision, the Affordable Housing Discount Framework will be staff level document, dynamically updated to reflect changing economic and financial conditions in the housing industry.

Implementing an Affordable Housing Requirement

Affordable Housing Requirement 5/1/18 1 Implementing an Affordable Housing Requirement More than 50 years after the post -statehood construction boom that transformed Hawai i, the island of Oahu finds itself in a housing crisis and needs to build more than 24,000 housing units to meet current demand

Strategies for Meeting Parking Demands for Affordable Housing

Pasadena, CA 25% parking reduction for affordable housing units Boulder, CO Reduction in parking minimum for affordable housing based on site Denver, CO 25% parking reduction for affordable housing units Eugene, OR 0.67 spaces per affordable housing habitable room or 3 spaces total for dwelling unit, whichever is greater based on total

Time to get on board

emphasis is placed on building affordable housing close to rapid transit stations. The City needs to work with the community to decrease the amount of urban displacement of people living on low incomes, who are being pushed out of the downtown core to access affordable housing, and further away from public transit.

Preserving Affordability and Access in Livable Communities

A livable community has affordable and appropriate housing, supportive features and services, and adequate mobility options for people, regardless of age or ability. As communities address the general shortage of affordable housing, preserving affordable housing in transit-oriented developments (TODs) is one of the challenges that

Fund 30300 The Penny for Affordable Housing Fund

The Penny for Affordable Housing Fund Focus Fund 30300, The Penny for Affordable Housing, formerly known as the Housing Flexibility Fund, was established in 2006 and is designed to serve as a readily available local funding source with the FY flexibility to preserve and promote the development of affordable housing. For fiscal years 2006 through

2023-2031 Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) Appeal Request

met its existing housing needs; it is ready and willing to do more. Please consider its record of accomplishments. 1. During the 5th cycle, the County adopted four sets of ordinances to remove barriers and increase opportunities for affordable housing by providing for a full range of housing types by-right. 2.

DASH Glendale & Evergreen Court

f. Housing supply, including affordable housing and special needs housing, within Urban Centers and in other areas planned for concentrations of mixed land uses. H-9. Plan for housing that is accessible to major employment centers and affordable to the workforce in them so people of all incomes can live near or within reasonable commuting distance

State of the City 2021: Affordable Housing

these needs. Of course, Durham s affordable housing crisis pre-dated the pandemic and will continue after it has subsided. That is why, in November 2019, Durham s voters gave such a whopping victory margin to the $95 million Affordable Housing Bond. Coupled with other local and federal tax dollars, the City now has in place a


housing more affordable. The establishment of the Housing Trust Fund, a substantial recommendation of the 10-Year Action Plan, is intended to incentivize the construction and preservation of affordable and attainable housing, encourage Missing Middle housing types, and meet other housing needs identified by the 10-Year Action Plan.

Affordable Housing Tools: Best Practices and Innovative Ideas

Affordable and Special Needs Housing funding federal, state, local or private funding dedicated to development of affordable and/or special needs housing, such as HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), VASH (Veteran s) housing vouchers.

Affordable Housing Fact and Myth - Bellevue, WA

Housing Affordability. #1 community concern 77% in 2017, 68%: 2015, 51%: 2013 (Human Services Needs Update) 16% renters & almost 1/3 senior renters spend more than 50% of income on housing. Standard is <30% of income. Greatest need is for lower incomes. Need is for 24% of housing affordable to lower incomes. Bellevue currently <7%

Fairfax County s Investment in Affordable Housing

The use of publicly-owned land for new housing production, and the co-location of such housing with public facilities. The creation of new and enhanced opportunities for accessible housing for persons with disabilities. The creation of housing near transit and activity centers. 7


Street parcel, which will become an affordable housing project for senior citizens and special needs individuals, to be built by Eden Housing. BRIDGE Housing has also submitted a proposal for a development in the transit-oriented district of the Downtown Dublin Specific Plan. The proposed project is located on a 3.6-acre site located

Preserving, Protecting and Expanding Affordable Housing

network. A lack of affordable housing drives lengthy and costly commutes, a scarcity of work and educational opportunities, and social isolation. Although the body of research linking housing and health is still growing, researchers have also found that access to quality affordable housing in well-resourced neighborhoods

Final Report Funding Affordable Housing Near Transit in the

Funding Affordable Housing Near Transit in the Bay Area Region May 2017 4 I. INTRODUCTION Based on the Bay Area s progress in meeting the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) goals for 2007-2014, it is apparent that the region faces a challenge in producing sufficient very low income (VLI),

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities

Jul 31, 2018 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Integrating affordable homes and sustainable transportation. The Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC) builds healthier communities and pro-tects the environment by increasing the supply of afford-able places to live near jobs, stores, transit, and other daily needs.

Regional Housing Strategy: Regional Housing Needs Assessment

Regional Housing Needs Assessment Executive Summary 2021 5. The region needs housing affordable to moderate and low-income households now and as the region grows. Addressing affordability needs will most likely require some level of public incentive for 34% of new housing ranging from

Goal 2. Meet the Need for Quality Affordable Rental Homes

unmet affordable housing needs and neighborhoods where HUD is supporting housing-related investments (for example, transit-oriented developments). 3. Improve project-based vouchers to make them a more effective tool for creating supply where it is most needed. 4.

Affordable housing needs affordable transit

Affordable housing needs affordable transit ShIrISh B PatEl, JaSmInE SalUJa anD OOrmI KaPaDIa AbstrAct This paper describes a proposal for affordable housing across all income groups on urbanizable mostly greenfield peri-urban sites served by a suburban railway station. Connecting to this arterial transit node, a bus rapid transit system

Meeting Affordable Housing Needs: Sites, Location

The 1968 Fair Housing Act requires HUD to administer its housing and urban development programs in a manner affirmatively to further the goals of the Fair Housing Act. HUD passes this obligation on to states, most large cities and counties, and public housing authorities. 42 U.S.C. §§ 3601, 3608(e)(5).

Louisville Housing Needs Assessment Executive Summary

The HNA analyzes housing-related needs within 21 housing market areas that together cover the entirety of Jefferson County. The market areas, drawn by Louisville Metro Government (LMG) for planning purposes, encompass groups of 2010 census tracts that share geographic and socioeconomic characteristics.


Manager, the study will culminate in the development of an affordable housing element of the County s comprehensive plan. As part of the affordable housing study, this report analyzes current housing conditions and affordability, forecasts future household growth and household characteristics, and discusses the County s greatest housing needs.