On The Conditions For The Breaking Of Oscillations In A Cold Plasma

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Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Phase-mixing in a - URSI

by C Maity On the Wave-Breaking Phenomena in a Cold Magnetized Plasma recently in the field of wave-breaking of electrostatic oscillations in a magnetic field. The.

Influence of Non-Thermal Plasma Species on the Structure

by F Grzegorzewski Cited by 12 chemistry rather complex and a summary of all chemical reactions in different cold plasmas is almost impossible. It is due to this unique environment that 

Plasmas of Arbitrary Neutrality - Academic Commons

by X Sarasola Martin 2011 Cited by 1 4 Oscillations in electron-rich non-neutral plasmas only confine particles of a single sign of charge having temperatures less than the well depth.

Nonlinear oscillations and waves in an arbitrary mass ratio

though standing plasma oscillations in a cold relativistic plasma phase mix and break at arbitrary small amplitude, there exist nonlinear traveling AP wave 


The cold-plasma wave-breaking limit is found from than this would be counterproductive, giving rise to oscillations in This condition is, however, 

Innovative Non-Thermal Food Processing Technologies Used

by HK Saroya 2017 technologies included cold atmospheric plasma and oscillating magnetic The processing conditions could be the intensity of the electric field, the.

Electrostatic wave breaking limit in a cold - Nature

by IS Elkamash 2021 Cited by 1 oscillations in a cold homogeneous magnetized plasma35. frame) will break down once the condition of existence of such solutions is violated, 


by JP Freidberg 1971 Cited by 397 Gionless regime the breaking of the electron plasma waves or oscillations In the resonant region takes the place o* collisions In limiting the amplitude of.

Sheet simulation of upper-hybrid oscillations in an

oscillations in a cold inhomogeneous plasma is studied numerically, using a 1 tions break via phase-mixing, irrespective of the initial choice of 

Waves in Space Plasmas - Swedish Institute of Space Physics

by AI Eriksson 2004 Cited by 1 Plasma oscillations. Electromagnetic waves. Figure 3.1: Dispersion relations in a cold unmagnetized plasma. The dashed line is the vacuum 

Plasma Oscillations and Expansion of an Ultracold Neutral

by SD Bergeson 2000 For classical plasma conditions, i.e., weak Coulomb coupling, the expansion lution of a dense gas of cold Rydberg atoms to a plasma [5],.

Cold Plasma Systems and Their Application in Surface - MDPI

by FL Tabares 2021 Cited by 1 Cold plasma treatment only affects the surface of The electrical break-down of the gas is obtained under specific conditions of pressure 

Robust autoresonant excitation in the plasma beat - eScholarship

than the cold, relativistic (or nonlinear) wave-breaking limit [19, 20]: which sets an upper bound on the amplitude of coherent plasma oscillations useful for is determined by the exact initial conditions of the plasma and the initial beat phase​ 

^WJ^mjzzrzij - International Nuclear Information System (INIS

by WL Kruer 1977 Cited by 62 In the cold plasma limit (electron thermal velocity v - 0), the simulation results agree with the cold wave-breaking prediction for the.

A Review of Laboratory Investigations of Space Plasma Waves

by WE Amatucci 2006 Cited by 10 electrons while the ions maintain a uniform, fixed background. In a cold plasma, i.e., Te = ~ = 0, the oscillations would occur at this frequency alone.

Large quasineutral electron velocity oscillations in - DiVA

by AR Karimov 2012 Cited by 15 in radial expansion of an ionizing plasma, 2012, Physics of Plasmas, 1Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences, 

On the conditions for the breaking of oscillations in a cold

by OS Rozanova 2019 Cited by 5 Quasilinear hyperbolic system, plasma oscillations, breaking effect, loss of smoothness. 1. Page 2. 2. OLGA S. ROZANOVA AND EUGENIY V.

Theory of Resonances Observed in Ionograms - JSTOR

by JP Dougherty 1966 Cited by 68 (Om by considering plasma oscillations along and across the magnetic field. They 'cold' approximation, whereby the thermal motions of the electrons are 

Wave-breaking limits for non-quasi-static oscillations in a

by R Trines form, and wave breaking limits are derived for waves in warm plasma having non-constant density. condition as found for a cold plasma[1], independent of.

Effects of Collisions and Finite Length on Plasma Waves in a

solution of the matrix equation (5.37) obtained by retaining (a) 8 terms and Chapter 5 discusses the normal modes of plasma oscillation for these cold.

ABSTRACT Electron Distribution and Electrostatic Oscillations

by KA Twedt 2012 Cited by 3 We show the effect of electron loss on plasma oscillations, and from cold atoms gives equilibrium ion and electron temperatures as low as 100 µeV.


The oscillations may result from wave motion in the plasma or from an instability. Certain of the conditions necessary for a drift-type instability at.

Phase-mixing self-injection into plasma-wakefield

similar in scaling to the phase-mixing of free oscillations. The wave-breaking limit in cold plasma for electron plasma waves of relativistic phase-.

Ultracold Neutral Plasmas REVIEW - Science

Ultracold neutral plasmas occupy an exotic regime of plasma physics in which electrons form a atoms and cool them to temperatures as low as.

Wave breaking of electrostatic waves in warm plasma - Indico

Wave breaking for an oscillation in cold plasma with wave number k and amplitude A, according to. Dawson: ▫ Neighbouring plasma fluid elements collide 19 pages


by R Trines Cited by 15 Plasma wave breaking is considered to be the dominant plasma oscillations in terms of oscillations of a virtual par-.

Residual sisal fibers treated by methane cold plasma

methane cold plasma treatment to delay the degradation of the residual sisal fibers in the presence of a Portland cement environment and these fibers 

Microbiological Control and Mechanisms of Action of High

by L Han 2016 Cited by 2 ATMOSPHERIC COLD PLASMA. Ms Lu Han. A thesis submitted to Dublin Institute of Technology in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of.

General Plasma Physics I Notes AST 551 - Princeton University

Over time, these bumps in density will rise and fall but stay at constant position in space in a cold plasma. to say about plasma oscillations in chapter 5.

Aspects of High Field Theory in Relativistic Plasmas Haibao

by H Wen 2012 we investigate the electrostatic and electromagnetic oscillations in cold plasmas D. Wave-Breaking Limits and Dispersion Relations for Cold Plasmas in.

Study of Plasma-Based Acceleration for High Energy Physics

by S Hillenbrand Cited by 2 monic oscillation of the plasma electrons around the beam propagation axis. gradient scales proportionally to the cold plasma wave breaking field.

arXiv:physics/0006011v1 - CiteSeerX

by SS Gupta Cited by 46 The physics of the damping of nonlinear cold plasma oscillations is a topic of Studies of wave breaking and phase mixing damping are.

Advantages of a Novel Plasma Generator for the NexION

of the plasma akin to a donut shape where temperatures can The primary advantage of an oscillator-based plasma generator.

A Numerical Algorithm For Simulating Two Species Plasma

by RF Datwyler 2013 which agree with electrostatics, plasma oscillations at zero pressure, of the initial conditions for a resistive MHD tearing mode benchmark and a static 

Wave-breaking condition of space-charge waves in a

by B Bx 1989 Cited by 7 Wave-breaking conditions, in terms of the electron velocity or the maximum wave amplitude, of nonlinear electron plasma waves in a cold plasma is in-.

Oscillatory Reconnection

reconnection and reconnection-generated oscillations. We will also look at how this relates Key feature of fast wave propagation (linear + cold plasma).

Exact analytic solutions for nonlinear waves in cold plasmas

by G ROWLANDS 2008 Cited by 12 Large amplitude plasma oscillations are studied in a cold electron plasma. that the electric field amplitude is limited either by wave breaking or by.

Wave breaking limits for relativistic electrostatic waves in a

by R Trines It was shown by Dawson[1] that wave breaking in a cold plasma occurs when elements of the plasma temperatures for which the warm-plasma approximation is.4 pages

Cold Relativistic Wavebreaking - [email protected]

by JK Kim 1998 The two-dimensional wave-breaking of relativistic plasma waves driven temporally increasing transverse plasma oscillation in the wake 

Investigation of the Chemical Kinetics in an Atmospheric Cold

by D Piatek 2020 A non-thermal plasma can be also referred to as a cold plasma due to the electrons having much higher temperatures than the ions and neutrals in 

Relativistic warm plasma theory of nonlinear laser-driven

by CB Schroeder 2010 Cited by 27 which point fluid oscillations can no longer be sustained. For a cold plasma, this singularity corresponds to a peak amplitude of the fluid velocity equal 

Breaking of Large Amplitude Relativistically Intense Electron

by A Mukherjee 2018 Cited by 1 of excited plasma oscillations/waves plays a major role in the particle ac- cold plasma case where the wave-breaking limit is de-.

On the surface extraction of electrons in a pulsar - Oxford

by DA Diver 2010 Cited by 13 plasma oscillations occur close to the regions of maximum magnetic field curvature, free electron density of Fe under standard terrestrial conditions as.

Large amplitude oscillations in a trapped dissipative electron

by F Haas 2018 Cited by 2 On the other hand, in the cold plasma case, the Lagrangian varia- bles approach allows the derivation of exact damped nonlinear oscillations. The conditions 

Plasma Physics - RPI Plasma Dynamics Laboratory

Note that plasma oscillations will only be observed if the plasma system is plasmas, the very cold (i.e., with kinetic temperatures similar to the 

Modelling Nonlinear Electrostatic Oscillations in Plasmas D A Diver1

are vital to understanding wave breaking and energy transport in energetic Consider a cold electron plasma, in the absence of a magnetic force. Since the focus of this article is the plasma oscillation, the electrostatic condition can be.


by H Bindslev 1994 Cited by 5 We now break this symmetry by assuming that the plasma dielectric unacceptable to regard the fluctuations as cold collective oscillations.

Optimisation and Applications of Raman Plasma Amplifiers

enced by the plasma conditions, investigated here using large scale com- phase velocity of the wave, however wave-breaking can happen even in cold 

Plasma Oscillations and Expansion of an Ultracold - CORE

by S Kulin Cited by 281 In this work we excite plasma oscillations in an ultra- cold neutral plasma by applying a radio frequency (rf) electric field. The oscillations are used to 

Echoes and Scattering from Plasma in a Magnetic Field F. A.

by FA Blum 1968 APPENDIX B: Nonlinear Electrostatic Oscillations in a. Nonuniform Cold Plasma. 128. APPENDIX C: Detailed Experimental Conditions for. Data Given in Figures.