Teenage Pregnancy And Mental Health

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Teenage pregnancy is not a public health problem - Oxford

by DA Lawlor 2002 Cited by 222 that, in Britain at least, teenage pregnancy has become labelled alongside cardiovascular disease, cancer and mental health as a major public health problem.1 

Perceived, Psychological Impact of Teenage Pregnancy

by MA Elnagar 2018 Cited by 1 Abstract Teenage pregnancy is a major health concern because teenage mothers and their children are at high risk of illness and death. Aim of the study: was to 

Stress, Discrimination And Repeat Pregnancy In - EliScholar

by M Angley 2014 The results support the need for postpartum services that address the physical health as well as the mental health of adolescent mothers to help them avoid a 

The Role of School Mental Health Services in Addressing

by KH Cornell 2010 Cited by 2 school mental health; teen pregnancy. Introduction. According to national estimates from Centers for Disease. Control and Prevention (CDC), 724,000 teenage 

Teen Pregnancy and Childbirth - Minnesota Department of

Aug 1, 2019 with teen pregnancy. Children benefit too, they have better health outcomes, less behavioral and developmental concerns, and greater school 

Psychosocial Effects of Teenage Pregnancy - Science

by L Gselamu Cited by 1 One a study examined the trend mental health of teenage mothers after the pregnancy is completed specifically at depression [7]. They typically 

A framework for supporting teenage mothers and young fathers

Mental health and emotional wellbeing. Teenage mothers have higher rates of poor mental health for up to three years after the birth. 3x. Teenage mothers are 3 

Early Management of Depression in Adolescent - ThaiJO

The purpose of this article was to discuss the factors associated with depressive symptoms in adolescent pregnancy and its early management. An integrative 

Teenage Childbearing, Reproductive Justice, and Infant

by SL Hans 2019 Cited by 8 perspective contributes to infant mental health work with teenage mothers and their families. It explores the historical framing of teenage pregnancy in which 

Adolescents, Pregnancy, and Mental Health - Journal of

by RS Siegel 2014 Cited by 143 Terms entered into the search in various combi- nations included adolescent, pregnancy, postpartum, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, psychosis. Limita-.

Association between perceived social support and anxiety in

by PJ Peter 2017 Cited by 35 pregnant adolescents, with a positive effect on mental health. Keywords: Pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is considered a social problem involving both the 

Adolescent Pregnancy

by World Health Organization 2004 Cited by 392 Work is also under way to develop similar documents on HIV/AIDS care; chronic illness; mental health; and substance abuse. Page 7 

Teenage pregnancy - RACGP

teenage pregnancies include increased exposure to domestic violence (which may be exacerbated by the pregnancy), mental health disorders, substance use, 

Social Support and Outcome in Teenage Pregnancy - JSTOR

by RJ Turner 1990 Cited by 350 the occurrence of health and birth problems among adolescent mothers and psychological adaptation was indexed by depressive symptomatology among.


Items 15 - 21 (b) Pregnant teenagers are likely to experience psychological distress in the form of anxiety, insomnia, social isolation and depressive symptoms and.

Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Pregnant and

by S Hodgkinson 2014 Cited by 199 teen pregnancy, teen parenting, mental health, mental health interventions. ABBREVIATION. AAP American Academy of Pediatrics.

Health Reform & Adolescent Health - AMCHP

prevention-oriented provisions, including investments in teen pregnancy prevention. newborn care; mental health and substance use disorder services 

Do children born to teenage parents have lower adult - PLOS

by M Khatun 2017 Cited by 27 experienced by the young adult offspring of teenage mothers. birth of child, planned pregnancy, depression, smoking and binge drinking.

Teenage pregnancy & mental illness

ADOLESCENT PREGNANCY AND MENTAL ILLNESS. Introduction. Mental disorders during and after pregnancy represent a growing disease burden in 

A Mental Health and Parenting Intervention for Adolescent

May 30, 2016 Without interventions, adolescent mothers may put themselves and their children at risk and face further challenges than their non-parent or older 


Teenage pregnancy can have a profound impact on a teen's life, yet pregnant and parenting teens are often overlooked and stigmatized. Teen mothers 

Teenage Pregnancy and Its Health Implications - CORE

by G Hayward Cited by 18 In 2008, UNICEF Malaysia carried out research that indicated that teen pregnancy and motherhood can have detrimental socio economic and psychological 

Is underage abortion associated with adverse outcomes in

Jul 7, 2016 tional levels and poor physical and mental health. Whether Key words: teenage pregnancy / teenage motherhood / abortion / socioeconomic 

Teenage pregnancy and mental health - Sabinet African

by D Govender 2019 Cited by 1 Maternal mental health problems include anxiety, depression and psychosis. Mental illness may be an outcome and predictor of teenage pregnancy. Mental 

TEENAGE PREGNANCY - Psychiatria Danubina

by G Goossens 2015 Cited by 37 Introduction: Teen pregnancy remains a public health problem of varying Results: The teen mothers are more at risk for postnatal depression, school dropout 


Adolescents, Including the Prevention of Teen Pregnancy No adolescent had prior mental illness; (iii) 58% of suicide cases occurred in adolescents.

Managing teenage pregnancy - SAGE Journals

by A Cantlay 2015 Cited by 6 Teenage pregnancy can impact on the physical and mental health of the mother, child and family. (see Table 1). Young mothers are more likely to be.

Promoting Protective Factors for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Most pregnant and parenting teens are also exposed to multiple risk characteristics and skills for teen mothers has rates of depression among teen mothers.

Teenage Pregnancy, Professional Agendas, and Problem

by RA Weatherley 1987 Cited by 28 Adolescent pregnancy and childbearing gained promi- nence as a social problem psychiatric orientation and from casework experience that most unmarried 

Meeting the Needs of Pregnant and Parenting Teens:

parenting teens are tailored to teen mothers, public health professionals interested in strengthening the education and mental health of program participants.

Teen-age births: some social, psychological, and physical

by WC Oppel 1971 Cited by 181 Royston, B.A ADOLESCENT mothers and their off- spring have long been considered a high risk group, because their health.

young women's perceptions of their mental health and

by G Lucas 2019 Cited by 6 Keywords: Depression, Mental health, Meta-ethnography, Pregnancy in adolescence, Systematic review, Wellbeing,. Teenage pregnancy, Young mothers.

Promoting young mothers' wellbeing - Mental Health Foundation

The rate of teenage pregnancies continues to be higher in the UK than in most mothers are at a higher risk of postpartum depression than average, which is 

Teen Mothers' Mental Health - CEConnection

2016 Cited by 32 Key words: Adverse childhood experiences; Depression; Pregnant teens; Psychological distress; Teen mothers; Trauma. Copyright © 2016 Wolters Kluwer Health, 


by MP VanDenBerg Cited by 11 Teenage mothers are at increased risk of developing mental health problems (i.e., depression and anxiety), because pregnancy and parenting can lead to 

A Community Conversation on Adolescent Pregnancy and

by TGJ Leech 2014 Cited by 10 Similar to other health issues, adolescent pregnancy and parenting is rates of teen pregnancy are also faced with the challenge of providing emotional support 

35.2 Adolescent Pregnancy - Journal of the American

choices of contraception; the incidence of teenage pregnancy and risk fac- tors; somatic and mental health issues that pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers 

Teenage Pregnancy and Mental Health - MDPI

Compared to nonpregnant teens, pregnant teens may have an even greater risk for depression. Figures vary across samples, but rates of 25 [7], 30% [13], band 42% [14] have been reported. Depression may present many serious risks for adolescent pregnancy, birth outcomes, repeat childbearing, and parenting.

Mental Health in Pregnant Adolescents - The Journal of

by JR Weis 2016 Cited by 5 Given this data, medical professionals working with teen girls are extremely likely to treat pregnant teens also strug- gling with mental illness. Unfortunately, the 

Pregnancy in Adolescence

Teenage pregnancy. Mental health. MEDLINE. (1946-2017). MeSH: Pregnancy in Adolescence/. Keywords: adolescen* mother* or. adolescent pregnanc* or 

Teenage Pregnancy and Motherhood - SAGE Journals

by SN Wolkind 1985 Cited by 27 women on a wide variety of measures of physical and mental health. A comparison of the teenagers with another sample of women who did poorly (those who 

Evolving State Policies on Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood

discourage teen pregnancy, encourage teens to stay in school, ensure the physical and emotional health of young parents and their children, improve job 

Association between perceived social support and - SciELO

by PJ Peter 2017 Cited by 35 pregnant adolescents, with a positive effect on mental health. Keywords: Pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is considered a social problem involving both the 

Examining Emotional Resilience of Adolescent Parenthood

Significant supportive structures for adolescent mothers may contribute to School counselors play an important role in the treatment of mental health for at-risk.

English PDF - World Bank Document

tial psychological consequences of being pregnant during the adolescence or ments in health and education outcomes, teen pregnancy and early childbear-.

Exploring the Influences of Intergenerational Pregnancies on

by T Greensberry 2018 1,000 teenage girls (Office of Adolescent Health, 2016). Teenage mothers are faced with many psychological, social, emotional, and economic issues in their 

Mental Health of Adolescent Mothers - ScienceDirect.com

by PV TRAD 1995 Cited by 97 suggest that teenage girls who become pregnant and give birth are more likely to report MENTAL HEALTH OF ADOLESCENT MOTHERS. Menarche occurs 

Teen Pregnancy PDF

Jan 8, 2020 Psychiatric Disorders. ✤ 77% of teen pregnancies are unplanned. ✤ Postpartum Depression- rate double that of women aged >25yo.

A Risk Factor Tool for United States Teenage Pregnancy

by K Loganathan 2017 Cited by 1 Running head: RISK FACTORS FOR TEENAGE PREGNANCY. 1 Like cardiovascular disease, mental health, and cancer, teenage pregnancy is a public.

Depression and anxiety in pregnant adolescents - MedCrave

Apr 2, 2019 psychiatric disorder, sociodemographic characteristics (low income), single or separated marital status, unplanned pregnancy, teenage.