Development Of Canine Oocytes Matured And Fertilised In Vitro

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vitro and in vivo fertilization J Assist Reprod Genet 11, 514-529. Pollard JW, SP Leibo (1993) Comparative cryobiology of in vitro and in vivo derived bovine embryos Theriogenology 39, 287 Presicce GA, X Yang (1994) Parthenogenetic development of bovine oocytes matured in vitro for 24 hr and activated by ethanol and cycloheximide.

Influence of maturation culture period on the development of

shown the development of in vitro-matured and fertilized oocytes to the early embryo stage [9 12]. In the fo ur studies, the oocytes were collected from bitches at various oestrous stages, matured for various incu-bation times (24 72 h) and fertilized with spermatozoa. Therefore, the relationship between the maturation culture period and

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Morphological studies on bovine oocytes matured in vitro - Parreira ATP, Franco RVR, Vasconcelos AB. 9. Levels of serum and follicular glucose related with oocyte quality on Girolando cows - Alves BG, Alves KA, Vale E, Silva TV, Lucio AC, Sabino PH, Bombardelli G, Mazon E, Beletti ME, Jacomini JO, Gambarini ML - 10.

Maturação e fecundação in vitro de ovócitos de caninos

ability to in vitro embryo development. d) canine oocytes in vitro matured, in vitro fertilized and in vitro cultured are capable of development to 8-cell embryos. Key words: canine, oocyte, in vitro , maturation, fertilization, cleavage, estrous cycle. **Doctoral Dissertation # 28 (Field: Biothecnics of Reproduction). 119p.

A. M. Millert, M. E. RoelkeJ, K. L. Goodrowe§, J. G. Howardt

20-0 ± 5-9 eggs/female). Overall fertilization rate was 43-5% (total eggs fertilized = 40) despite using inseminates containing 82-99% pleiomorphic spermatozoa. Of the 36 immature oocytes matured in vitro and inseminated, 12 were fertilized even though 50% of the inseminating spermatozoa contained an acrosomal defect. Fertilization rate


The in vitro use of feeder cell or CM probably involves MVs that may participate in this required cross-talk, as studied in the bovine in vitro embryo production by Lopera-Vasquez et al. (2016). To understand the signals that are carried from epithelial oviductal cells to canine oocytes, we studied

Mammalian oocyte growth and development in vitro

tion that fully grown mouse oocytes matured and fertil- ized in culture, after isolation from large antral follicles, can undergo embryogenesis and development to live off- spring (Minato and Toyoda, 1983; Schroeder and Eppig, 1984). Since then, offspring derived from in vitro ma- tured and fertilized oocytes of several mammalian spe-

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Jul 19, 2021 that live kittens from in vitro matured and fertilized oocytes have been obtained more than once [18,19], whereas in dogs births were obtained only after IVF of in vivo-matured oocytes [20], and the scientific community is still waiting for IVM-IVF puppies. Unfortunately, little progress has been made along the years with traditional culture


oocytes fertilized during the NB season. These findings reveal that the seasonal decrease in cat oocyte sensitivity to FSH occurs both in vivo and in vitro. Furthermore, this decline is unrelated to changes in expression of FSHR mRNA or mRNA of FSH-induced genes in COCs from antral follicles. Reproduction (2012) 144 111 122 Introduction

Contribution of the oocyte nucleus and cytoplasm to the

most of the SN/SN oocytes matured (84%) and reached the blastocyst stage (83%). When the metaphase II (MII) plates of in vitro-matured NSN/SN oocytes were transferred into enucleated MII oocytes

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Mar 23, 2021 conducting an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) programme and they needed to have the oocyte from the carrier females in as mature a state as possible. As dogs have an unusual reproductive physiology that was different to other mammals their oocytes only go through the final stages of

[Frontiers in Bioscience 13, 6730-6751, May 1, 2008

immature oocytes and those matured in vitro for 48 h, even if at 24 h the ZP structures were more similar to those of in vivo matured oocytes (59). On the other hand, using traditional SEM observations, Magerkurth et al. (60) reported that human oocytes had an extremely heterogeneous morphology of the ZP surface, within and among patients.

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Feb 23, 2021 and blastocysts developed following IVF of in vitro matured dog oocytes [8 10], yet no puppies were born from these attempts. Even when in vivo matured oocytes were used, the outcomes were low, and only 7 puppies were born out of 19 transferred embryos [11]. It has recently been reported that IVF of in vivo matured oocytes begets in 66.67% of

In Vitro Maturation Rate of Bligon Goat Oocytes Supplemented

maturation in vitro and yielding more mature oocytes for future in vitro fertilization. REFERENCE Abdoona A.S.S, O. M. Kandil, T. Otoi, and T. Suzuki. 2001.Influence of oocyte quality, culture media and gonadotropins on cleavage rate and development of in vitro fertilized buffalo embryos. Animal Reproduction Science 65 : 215-223.

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maturation. The development of embryo IVP systems in which oocytes are matured and fertilized individually, and the resulting embryos are cultured individually, are anticipated to accelerate our understanding of how developmental competence is acquired by the oocyte. Applying this knowledge in IVP embryo transfer programs may increase the

Improvement of the developmental competence of canine oocyte

The matured oocytes were in vitro fertilized using frozen thawed spermatozoa. The improved nuclear maturation and subsequent embryo development preimplantation


vitro and in vivo fertilization J Assist Reprod Genet 11, 514-529. Pollard JW, SP Leibo (1993) Comparative cryobiology of in vitro and in vivo derived bovine embryos Theriogenology 39, 287 Presicce GA, X Yang (1994) Parthenogenetic development of bovine oocytes matured in vitro for 24 hr and activated by ethanol and cycloheximide.

In vitro sperm penetration through the zona pellucida of

in vitro matured dog oocytes. Only oocytes matured in vitro with clear signs of mucification were used for experiments. In each replicate, fresh, chilled/warmed and frozen/thawed spermatozoa were added separately to 100- L Fert-Talp drops containing 10 15 immature or in vitro matured oocytes, at a final sperm concentration of 5×106

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make the defined in vitro system routinely applied for oocytes of other species, unsuit-able for canine oocytes. In the last few years, research has been directed to the identification of adequate cultural conditions for canine oocytes, but still relatively limited success in terms of embryo development has been achieved. 2.1. In vitro maturation

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ovulated oocytes than in those matured in vitro. Thus, IVM canine oocytes are able to decondense the sperm chromatin during IVF, and this ability increases with time. Nevertheless, sperm chromatin decondensation is less efficient than in ovulated oocytes and may not be completely synchronized with nuclear development as it occurs in vivo


EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT OF IN VITRO MATURED AND IN VITRO FERTILIZED DOG and Development TABELA 5- Developmental capacity of in vitro matured canine oocytes

Male Pronuclear Formation using Dog Sperm Derived from

mation in xenograft derived canine sperm af-ter ICSI was compared with testicular and epididymal sperms. However, due to the low availability of biological material (bitch ova-ries) and the inefficient developmental com-petence of canine oocytes matured in vitro, the sheep oocyte, for the first time, was em-ployed. Materials and Methods

9 Literaturverzeichnis -

Development of in vitro matured/in vitro fertilized bovine embryos into morulae and blastocysts in defined culture edia. m Theriogenology. 37:127-146. Bavister, B.D., and Yanagimachi. 1977. The effects of sperm extracts and energy sources on the motility and acrosome reaction of hamster spermatozoa in vitro. Biol Reprod. 16:228-37.

Similar patterns of embryo development in canine oocytes

development, and morphological quality of canine em-bryos produced in vitro from oocytes matured in vitro.To our knowledge this was the first study describing produc-tionof canine embryos in a low-oxygen(5% O2,5%CO2, and 90% N2 [5% oxygen]) in vitro culture system. 2. Materials and methods 2.1. Chemicals


oolema. For canine MII stage oocytes, levels of [Ca2+] i were within the same range of AFI as bovine. Ranges of fluorescence intensity compatible for optimal embryo development for bovine and optimal fertilization for canine oocytes were 30-300 and 20-35, and 20-30 and 20-25.5 for rhodamine 123 and Fluo-4, AM, respectively.

Phytohemagglutininimprovesthedevelopment and ultrastructure

that regulate follicular development and to assure the in vitro follicular growth up to the stage at which the oocytes are capable of being matured and fertilized in vitro.In different species, great advances have been made in culturing preantral follicles. In human, bovine and canine species, secondary follicles have grown in vitro until the

Oocyte maturation in bitches

vitro media to mature oocytes of other species are considered inadequate for IVM of canine oocytes (Ribeiro et al., 2010). The clear understanding of oocyte metabolic needs in culture systems for in vitro maturation requires new studies to establish an ideal condition for oocytes to acquire competence, be fertilized and be able to


The limited efficiency of canine oocytes in vitro maturation (IVM) is conceivably due to either the peculiar reproductive physiology of the dog or to the deficient maturation media employed up to now. Many ultrastructural changes of oocytes, during acquisition of their competence, are common to all mammalian oocytes (Tesoriero 1982), but it is

Effect of Culture Medium Supplementation with b

amino acid and mercapoethanol addition in culture medium (NCSU-23) have no effect on embryo development. The development rate of embryo until 16 cell stage in NCSU and NCSU supplement are 4.67% and morula stage are 3.73% and 4.67%. Key words : intergeneric clone embryo, canine, ( amino acid (AA) b- b-b-b-mercaptoethanol b-ME), Introduction


in vitro maturation. Age and phase of the estrous cycle of the donor, oocyte size and nuclear and cumulus morphology influence in vitro maturation rates. Canid oocytes can be fertilized and developed in vitro, but at a reduced rate and to a limited stage of embryo development.

Current status and future perspective of canine and feline

knowledge, in vitro. folliculogenesis also has practical potential. Because the ovary contains thousands of primordial and primary follicles, culture in vitrocould provide access to enormous numbers of oocytes that, if viable, could be matured and fertilized to produce in vitroembryos for offspring production. For the field in

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Treatment on Development of Swamp Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Oocytes Matured In Vitro and Fertilized by Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. Reproduction in Domestic Animals. 2011;46(1):e67-e73. 45. Charoenwanthanang P, Lawanprasert S, Phivthong-ngam L, Piyachaturawat P, Sanvarinda Y, Porntadavity S.

Effect of Oocyte Diameter on in vitro Embryo Production in Dogs

of the IVM. At the second step (experiment II), in vitro matured oocytes were fertilized with fresh spermatozoa for 24 h and in vitro cultured for 7 d. At the end of the IVC period, embryonic development was assessed by microscopic observation at 24 h intervals and fixed for staining by aceto-orcein staining method after 7 days.

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new approaches to study egg and sperm cells and embryo development and it will address the increasing demand for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to overcome infertility problems that are encountered by an increasing number of couples worldwide. It will include 30-40 chapters written by experts in their