Chronotoxicity As Related To Chronobiology

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potential carcinogenic effects related to melatonin suppression, especially breast cancer. Other diseases that may be exacerbated by circadian disruption include obesity, diabetes, depression and mood disorders, and reproductive problems. Conclusion. The natural 24-hour cycle of light and dark helps maintain precise alignment of


chronopharmacokinetic, chronopharmacokinetics, chronotoxicity, circadian rhythm. WORLD JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES SJIF Impact Factor 7.632 Volume 9, Issue 10, 1010-1047 Review Article ISSN 2278 4357 Article Received on 05 August 2020, Revised on 25 August 2020, Accepted on 15 Sept. 2020

Molecular therapies and precision medicine for hepatocellular

27 virus (HBV) or hepatitis C virus (HCV), alcohol abuse, and metabolic syndrome related to diabetes and 28 obesity2,3 In developed countries, surveillance programmes lead to early HCC diagnosis in 40 50% of 29 patients, at a stage amenable to potentially curative treatments2,4,5 Patients with intermediate-stage

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related to the time of day at which the toxi- literature devoted to the chronotoxicity of the International Society for Chronobiology, Part A. Little Rock, AR, 3 6 Nov. 1985. Alan

Hydrogen Peroxide Chronotoxicity in Salmon

chronotoxicity in Atlantic salmon treated with H 2 O 2 and suggests45 increased sublethal toxic 46 effect during the first half of the day. These results have direct relevance to the salmon and 47 broader aquaculture industry by optimising the timing of treatment administration, opening 48 the door to chronotherapy to treat fish diseases. 49 50

Controlled drug deliv er y sy stems for or al cancer

cases of oral cancer and 1250 oral cancer-related deaths were reported in Canada in 2017 alone [5,6]. Most often diagnosed at late stages (approximately 60% of patients present with advanced stage disease at the initial diagnosis, OSCC remains one of the most di cult challenges in head and neck oncology,

Fish welfare and biological rhythms: time to regulate

this species, the chronotoxicity of MS-222 appeared to be related to daily rhythms in detoxification mechanisms (hepatic glutation-S-transferase) and plasma MS-222 concentrations, which were higher during the day than at night (142 ng/ml vs. 96 ng/ml, respectively) 16. Moreover, in this species the toxicity rhythm

Circadian haematotoxicity of the antiepileptic valproic acid

organism as a whole (Berger, 2008b). Chronobiology is the study of biological rhythms and the mechanisms of biological timekeeping. It is clearly relevant to the fields of medicine, pharmacology, and drug delivery (Smolensky and Peppas, 2007; Berger, 2011). The concept of homeostasis in therapy implies that the kinetics and dynamics of

Chronopharmacology: A Great Future for the Medicines

Chronopharmacology is the branch of chronobiology concerned in this effect of drug upon the timing of biological events and cycles related to biological timing and endogenous periodicities to the effect of drugs. When a drug administered the pharmacological action of the drug can be predicted based on the body circadian rhythm.

Original Article Multidirectional analyses of hepatic

chronotoxicity. In this report, to confirm the character of the Cd-induced chronotoxicity, we performed multidirectional examinations. Male C57BL/6J mice that received a single intraperitoneal injection of CdCl 2 at ZT6 showed drastic hepatic injury estimated by histopathological analyses, i.e., nuclear con-

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Chronotoxicity of Contaminants (etanol and heavy metales) in a Chronobiology is the study of biological rhythms and the mechanisms of alcohol-related birth


Chronobiology International of time-related differences in the desired (chrono- effectiveness) and sideeffect (chronotoxicity) of drugs. Finally, chronotherapy implies a chrono-


carried out, studies should also endeavor to explore gender, genetic and age related differences. Clinical curricula should incorporate a certain level of exposure towards the concept of chronotherapy, as this seems to be neglected. Key words: Chronotherapy, Asthma, Meta analysis

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called chronobiology. The branch dealing with the pharmacologic aspects of chronobiology is termed chronopharmacology, which may be further subdivided in to chronotherapy, chronopharmacokinetics and chronotoxicity.l No wonder in man all functions of the body including those

Some implications of melatonin use in chronopharmacology of

Losee-Olson, 1987; Van and Turek, 1989). In addition, time-related variations in toxicity and undesired side effects must also be taken into account (chronotoxicity) (Beauchamp and Labrecque, 2007; Erkekoglu and Baydar, 2012). Indeed, the general idea of chronotherapeutics has been defined as the optimization of drug effects and/or

Go Human! Circadian translational medicine has come of age

chronobiology into human health. First, numerous genes involving drug efficacy and toxicity are under circadian regulation [2], therefore it is necessary to examine the time of day effect of a medicine, even in the early, pre‐clinical stage of drug development. Second,

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Chronobiology 462,479 Chronokinetics 471,472 Chronopharmacology 462,471 Chronotherapeutics 457,467,472-474 Chronotoxicity 472 -related dementia 460

Integrating Circadian Activity and Gene Expression Profiles

Chronobiology and chronotoxicity of D. suzukii provide valuable insights for monitoring and control efforts, because insect activity as well as insecticide timing and efficacy are crucial considerations for pest management. However, field research is necessary for extrapolation to agricultural settings.


Chronobiology is the branch of science which examines periodic phenomenon in living organisms and their adaptation to biological rhythm. These biological rhythms can be yearly, monthly, daily or more frequent. Daily (24hr) rhythms are called as circadian rhythms.

Opening the Debate: How to Fulfill the Need for Physicians

teaching on the topic of circadian-related disorders and chronobiology would be difficult to incorporate in an already demanding curriculum, alternatives include devel - oping core competencies that focus on: i) understanding what drives a person s internal clock, ii) the nature of the patient s circadian disorder (e.g., delayed/advanced sleep


Modern Chronobiology. History : - Chronotoxicity Thus it can help to decrease the drug related toxicity and enhance

Sex-, feeding-, and circadian time-dependency of P

Sex-related variations were also reported for both tolerability and therapeutic response of anticancer drugs in laboratory animals and in cancer patients 6,9. Worse toxicities and better response rates and survival have been consistently reported for women as compared to men on cancer chemotherapy for the vast


The branch of chronobiology dealing with the pharmacologic aspects is termed CHRONOPHARMACOLOGY. Chronopharmacology is the investigative science concerned with the biological rhythm dependencies of medications. It may be subdivided into chronotherapy, chronopharmacokinetics and chronotoxicity. New technology makes possible CHRONOTHERAPY (=

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