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Emergency medicine is the country's newest medical specialty. When we discuss the evolution of that specialty, forty years ago is ancient history, predating specialty training in emergency medicine, board certification in emergency medicine, or even the notion that emergency medicine might really be a specialty. Forty years ago, emergency

Medical Education Digest, Vol. 7 No. 4 (July/August 2005)

medicine maintaining its emphasis in primary care, allopathic medicine will be molding the postdoctoral careers of D.O.s. In 2003, the specialties of emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, and general surgery constituted 43 percent of all D.O.s

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Professor and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine Martin H. Fischer, an influential doctor of his day, could say without irony, A

Le Petit Prince: Lessons From a Beloved Fable for Our Current

An Official Publication of the Society of Hospital Medicine ®Journal of Hospital Medicine Published Online April 2021 E1 ONLINE FIRST APRIL 27, 2021 PERSPECTIVES IN HOSPITAL MEDICINE Le Petit Prince: Lessons From a Beloved Fable for Our Current Time Shaurya Taran, MD1, Allan S Detsky, MD, PhD, CM2*

Barriers to Formal Emergency Obstetric Care Services Utilization

This is an irony of the urban context where health facilities are supposed to be within reach, as compared with rural areas. In fact, a majority of the urban poor lack stable and regular sources of income, and the high cost of living in cities results in residents and women in particular

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Emergency Medicine a postgraduate course that will be running for two years. Diseases of shame At JASH, one of the first speakers was Prof. James K. Tumwine who made a dramatic presentation about Diseases of shame Among these was lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension and the Irony of Kira

An Introduction to Flexible Adaptive Designs

Emergency Medicine Currently beginning trial implementation 25. Components of an Adaptive Trial Sponsor Irony Little changes (e.g., amendments) may

Utility rather than futility in emergency medicine

Utility rather than futility in emergency medicine emm 1488 530 531 Mike Ardagh1,2 1Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Otago, and 2Emergency Department, Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand See also pp. 640 643 The word futile is derived from the Latin word futilis meaning that which easily pours or

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Department of Emergency Medicine at the Emory Univer-sity School of Medicine. The registry evaluates OHCA of non-traumatic etiology for patients that receive resuscita-tive efforts, including CPR and/or defibrillation. Participat-ing sites include data from three sources that allow for a patient centric outcome to be measured by linking data

Caution: Wit and Humor During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When we spoke with an active emergency medicine phy-sician who has also led previous global disaster responses, she commented that gallows humor may actually be help-ful when used carefully, and front-line providers shouldn t have to feel guilty about using it. You just have to under-stand that it has a time and place.

Special Circumstances October 2007 Occupational Injury

Pediatric Emergency Medicine, California Emergency Physicians, San Diego, CA Gary R. Strange, MD, MA, FACEP Professor and Head, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL Adam Vella, MD, FAAP Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Pediatric EM Fellowship Director, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York Michael

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Resident Physician, Emergency Medicine The unimaginable mass in his abdomen Pushes mercilessly through his back Passes instantly through the hospital bed And sinks into the center of the earth Pinning him in position Ð a specimen in a collection a great recumbent termite queen a distended and humbled, Jabba the Hut Ballooning

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Broton, Claire UPMC Medical Education-PA Emergency Medicine Bryan, Dianna North Shore U-Manhasset-NY Emergency Medicine Budman, Elizabeth U Massachusetts Med School Neurology Budman, Elizabeth St Vincent Hosp-Worcester-MA Medicine-Preliminary Burzynski, Adam University Hosp-Cincinnati-OH Orthopaedic Surgery

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Mar 09, 2021 overwhelmed with psychiatric patients in need of inpatient beds, and the painful irony is that the sickest, most unstable, and rarely, but significantly the most violent patients are the ones who remain longest in our departments.

rginal Article Spectrum of paediatric orthopaedic injuries in

3Assitant professor, Department of General Practices and Emergency Medicine, GMCTH Correspodence : Dr. Ishwar Sharma Kandel, It is an irony that thousands of

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Family Medicine: Some members should demonstrate scholarship Internal Medicine: Similar to above Emergency Medicine: one piece scholarly activity per year per core and one scientific peer reviewed publication per year per 5 core members (averaged over 5-year period) General Surgery: Similar to FM and IM must show scholarly

COVID-19 RECOVERY SERIES: COVID-19 and Climate Change: A True

T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She is also a practicing emergency medicine physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Salas has served as the lead author of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change U.S. Brief since 2018 and founded and leads


emergency facilities good or bad for emergency medicine? There is a certain irony in my sense of alarm about this because I was, at one time, considered a pioneer in the development of freestanding minor emergency centers in DFW in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. Though I sold these facilities long ago, those same


Non-Consensual Warnings 3 Although the Seattle Flu Study s original consent materials likely included provisions about the return of flu test results, those materials naturally did not inform participants

In Response: A Practical Approach to the Assessment and

support network can frequently attenuate the emergency, minimize medication and avert hospitalization. T he irony of emergency psychiatry is th at like all emergency medicine, the emphasis is generally placedon rapid intervention and disposition. Paradoxically in emergency psychiatry, tincture oftime is often a powerful treatment intervention.

Old Docs, New Clicks: The ConCert Examination and the Aging

Examination and the Aging Emergency Physician Getting old stinks, but it beats the alternative. Anonymous I n this issue of AEM, Marco et al.,1 present their original research findings in the article titled, Physi-cian Age and Performance on the American Board of Emergency Medicine ConCert Examination. Marco

Establishing Clinician Well -Being as A National Priority

May 01, 2018 Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. Neil Busis, American Academy of Neurology. Pamela Cipriano, American Nurses Association. Robert Harbaugh, Society of Neurological Surgeons. Art Hengerer, Federation of State Medical Boards. Sandeep Kishore, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Clifton Knight, American Academy of Family Physicians

Deanna Wilson, M.D., M.P.H. Assistant Professor of Medicine

Apr 14, 2021 suburban middle-class families. My patients would comment on the irony of addiction now being seen as a disease requiring medical treatment when they lived in communities devastated by the War on Drugs and mass incarceration the treatment strategies they had been offered. These policies devastated families, communities, and entire neighborhoods.

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The Changing Practice of Emergency Medicine An Information Paper June 2004 1 Executive Summary Significant challenges face the practice of emergency medicine. The impact of policy decisions is often more acute for the emergency department (ED). Because emergency medicine is the health care safety

Medical Planning and Response Manual for a Nuclear Detonation

Two decades after the end of the Cold War, we face a cruel irony of history the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up. Remarks by President Obama at the Opening Plenary Session of the Nuclear Security Summit, April 13, 20101

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3.Gill H, McLeod S, Duerksen K, Szafran O. Factors influencing medical students' choice of family medicine: effects of rural versus urban background. Can Fam Physician. 2012;58(11):e649-657. 4.Zun LS, Downey L. Is a third year clerkship in emergency medicine correlated with a career choice in emergency medicine? Teach Learn Med.

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success. Use the irony and contrast inherent in these situations to grab attention and tell your story. Suspense Arouse curiosity by using suspense. Ask a question at the beginning of your essay, but don't answer it until the end. Implicit in these suggestions: don't start with the common or expected. Don't begin your


field of emergency medicine involves the analysis of vast amounts of data with regard to injuries in order to improve prevention as well as treatment. In order to make the job of policing more safe, a nationwide repository for [law enforcement officer] injuries sustained is desperately needed. A robust

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Emergency medicine does not real-ly exist here. There is no EM training in the medical school and there are no emergency (casualty) department ro-tations in the undergraduate or man-datory 3-year postgraduate training streams. The casualty doctors are either recent local graduates, physi-cians putting in time to build up a pri-


topics related to wellness in medicine. The current issue is dedicated to the subject of Optimal Nutrition in Residency. Similarly to the previous issue on sleep during residency, we once again recognize the irony in informing physicians about the importance of a balanced nutrition on the prevention of physical ailments, as well as

The Climate Crisis and Clinical Practice

ples for emergency medicine, such as serving as a health safety net Despite the irony, I often de-scribe our current knowledge of the health effects of climate crisis

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Emergency Medicine Traumatic or medical emergencies Surgery Operating techniques of many types PART I. DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions on the lines provided. 1. Friar Lawrence s administration of medicine to Juliet might fall into a number of fields of modern medicine. Refer to the chart.

Bioexpectations: Life Technologies as Humanitarian Goods

medicine described by Ivan Illich to William Beveridge s blueprint for a right to health imagined amid Britain s stoic endurance of the Second World War. Not-ing the irony of claiming life amid an intense episode of killing, his text locates the birth of a new somatocracy in the decade of 194050, comparing the new

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Specialties such as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, and Emergency Medicine are increasingly using US to evaluate musculoskeletal disorders.9 13 Radiologists, who have years of training in anatomy, pathology, US physics, artifacts, and technical aspects of US im-aging, are uniquely suited to apply this versatile

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The overarching irony particularly with PLP denials is the history of these denials dating back to the original evolution of PLP in 1988. Since this landmark criterion was set payers have persisted for decades denying and delaying emergency medicine claims. Today the issue extends beyond Medicaid programs into virtually

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Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care in Karpacz, Poland. This meeting occurred March 2-6, 2010. The meeting chair was a (Irony: Judy Tintinalli is of Polish


Medicine at The University of Vermont UVM LARNER COLLEGE OF MEDICINE 3 AROUND THE LARNER COMMUNITY NEWS O n March 4, 2021, the Larner College community members for their outstanding commitment to gender equity during the second annual Celebration of Gender Equity in Medicine and Science, hosted by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


2 A History of Emergency Medicine THE FIFTIES: HAPPY DAYS FOR SOME The period between the end of World War II and the 1960s generally is regarded as one of economic prosperity and social stability in the United States. The mid-1950s have been described as prosperous, stable, bland, religious, moral, patriotic, conservative, domestic, and

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by introducing one-year family medicine fellow-ships in emergency medicine and PA and NP residencies - in a degraded use of the term - that are directly competing with EM resident education in the institutions that host these programs. And then there is the issue of residency clo-sures. This trend of poorly run, poorly staffed,

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Mar 26, 2021 for disaster medicine, the departments of emergency medicine, internal medicine, infectious diseases, infection prevention and control, medical informatics, tele-medicine, logistics, human resources and public relations. The task force formu-lated a contingency plan based on prin-ciples outlined in the WHO s directives