Classical Spacetime From Quantum Gravity

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Hilbert space structure in quantum gravity: an algebraic perspective

than the program of starting with a classical description of spacetime, via general relativity, and attempting to quantize it. Plausibly quantum mechanics plays a 

Covariant Loop Quantum Gravity

the conclusion is correct, and characterizes the physics of quantum spacetime. In Bronstein's words: Without a deep revision of classical notions it seems.

An Introduction to Quantum Gravity - Encyclopedia of Life

oleh G Esposito Dirujuk 25 kali Classical and Quantum Foundations. 2.1. Lorentzian Spacetime and Gravity. 2.2. From Schrödinger to Feynman. 2.3. Spacetime Singularities.

Time and Evolution in Quantum and Classical - MDPI

oleh AY Kamenshchik 2021 The problem of disappearance of time in quantum gravity and four-dimensional spacetime contain the second time derivatives: four of 

Relativity and Quantum Field Theory

oleh J Bain Dirujuk 3 kali and NQFTs also suggest that routes to quantum gravity are more varied than is typ- between Minkowski spacetime and classical spacetimes.

Loop Quantum Gravity : An Overview - World Scientific

that of general relativity and quantum mechanics, although both provided guiding rise to a quantum extension of classical spacetimes, creating new 

Space and Time in Loop Quantum Gravity - Archive ouverte HAL

oleh C Rovelli 2018 Dirujuk 12 kali In quantum gravity, Minkowski spacetime and hence Newtonian space appear only as an the role of time in classical or quantum mechanics,.

Does time exist in quantum gravity? - CEJSH

oleh C Kiefer 2015 Dirujuk 15 kali quantum gravity leads therefore to a problem of time In my es- space is analogous to q, and the classical spacetime corresponds to q(t).

From Classical Theory to Quantum Gravity - MPG.PuRe

oleh BF Schutz 2009 Dirujuk 1 kali tests of quantum gravity. However, if it replaces continuum spacetime with a fundamentally different structure, then Lorentz invariance 

Some Remarks on the Semi-Classical Limit of Quantum Gravity

oleh ER Livine 2005 Dirujuk 2 kali define for we mean by a semi-classical theory of quantum gravity, then we would how the non-commutative spacetime of deformed special relativity is the 

Classical and Quantum Gravity - IOPscience

There has never been a better time to publish in Classical and Quantum Gravity the subjects of gravitational physics and the theory of spacetime.

Introduction to Quantum Effects in Gravity (PDF) - University of

transformations; particle creation by classical backgrounds; quantum scalar fields in the de Sitter spacetime and growth of fluctuations; the Unruh effect; 

Levels of spacetime emergence in quantum gravity - CORE

oleh D Oriti Dirujuk 19 kali of quantum gravity resulting from quantizing a classical theory of geometry and gravity (e.g General Relativity) [2 4], the other in which spacetime,  20 halaman

Quantum Gravity - University of Helsinki

Chief problem: spacetime must be an emergent quantity, too! Page 9. 4. Einstein classical gravity, black hole solution v escape.

Quantum Gravity : Has Spacetime Quantum Properties ? 1

oleh R Hedrich 2009 Dirujuk 4 kali the gravitational field, as well as spacetime, should have quantum properties. What, if gravity is instead an intrinsically classical phenomenon?

Quantum Mechanics of Gravitational Collapse - Project Euclid

oleh P Håjíček 1992 Dirujuk 45 kali 2 and 3, we study the classical Hamiltonian and the corresponding dynamics of the shell and spacetime. The Hamiltonian is not bounded from below; the solutions 

Problem of time in quantum gravity - Wiley Online Library

oleh E Anderson 2012 Dirujuk 243 kali or Spacetime Reconstruction Problems. These are all ensured by the nature of the Dirac algebroid. From. (8 10), closure is clear. In classical 

Quantum cosmology in the light of quantum mechanics

30 Jan 2019 3 Classical analogy: the geometric minisuperspace. 7. 4 Quantum picture. 10. 4.1 Quantum field theory in the spacetime

Quantum Gravity - Springer

theorems that spacetime singularities are unavoidable in general ory of quantum gravity is needed since the semi-classical approximation leading.

Fact and Folklore in Quantum Gravity - JSTOR

oleh C Wüthrich 2005 Dirujuk 77 kali can be coupled to the classical spacetime geometry via the classical quantity Semi-classical quantum theories of gravity may or may. AwFT FwS.


functions of spacetime coordinates which are weighed in the functional integral with solutions nor quantum fluctuations near the classical solutions.


oleh J Ambjørn 2008 Dirujuk 62 kali gravity aims to describe the nature of space time. KEY CONCEPTS n Quantum theory and as the state of a classical object can be described.

The Philosophy behind Quantum Gravity

oleh H ZINKERNAGEL 2006 Dirujuk 16 kali (and thus a classical description of gravity) with quantum theory. tort the curvature of spacetime and the curvature of spacetime 

Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics in a Classical Spacetime

oleh H Yang 2013 Dirujuk 107 kali Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics in a Classical Spacetime. Huan Yang,1 Haixing Miao,1 Da-Shin Lee,2 standard formulation of linearized quantum gravity [1],.

General Relativity Histories Theory - SciELO

oleh N Savvidou 2005 Dirujuk 21 kali preserving the classical Dirac algebra of constraints. ii) then, one has to find the zero spacetime focussed, approach to quantum gravity that is char-.

Lessons from Classical Gravity about the Quantum structure of



oleh M Bojowald 2010 Dirujuk 1 kali loop quantum gravity, based on symmetric (sometimes exactly solvable) model systems corrections to the classical equations in low-energy regimes, 

The Quantum Spacetime 1 Opening 2 Classical spacetime

oleh J Maldacena Dirujuk 2 kali give a (somewhat biased) overview of quantum gravity, from generalities to more current developments in string theory. 2. Classical spacetime dynamics.

download paper - PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE

Indeed, what if quantum mechanics had preceded classical mechanics and the unified physics, in which quasi-classical spacetime might emerge at low (i.e. 


oleh S Lorenz 2006 Dirujuk 2 kali gravity's research programs throughout its short history include the semi-classical theory, string theory, and canonical quantum gravity.

Which quantum states are dual to classical spacetimes? arXiv

oleh M Botta-Cantcheff 2017 Dirujuk 4 kali The AdS/CFT correspondence represents the paradigmatic case of gravity/gauge duality where spacetime with fixed (AdS) asymptotics can be defined 


can look for evidence of quantum gravity that is detectable in astrophysics. 3 Canonical Quantum Gravity and The Semi-classical Correction.

Classical and quantum physics mix - Nature

oleh J Maddox 1995 Dirujuk 21 kali not avoid the need for a quantum theory of gravity; but that would be a huge extra. MIXING together classical mechanics and quantum mechanics is a 

The emergence of spacetime in quantum theories of gravity

oleh N Huggett Dirujuk 18 kali The problem of unifying quantum mechanics with general relativity in a theory of gravity is an emergent classical spacetime metrical geometry. But.6 halaman

Loop quantum gravity

oleh A Perez Dirujuk 5 kali ical treatment of spacetime geometry, are appropriately taken into account. physics (either classical or quantum) as long as gravity is neglected.

Quantum time uncertainty in Schwarzschild anti-de Sitter

oleh P Galán 2007 corrections to the classical spacetime geometry. From the nonperturbative point of view, both gravity and quantum mechanics are treated on 

Aspects of loop quantum gravity - Imperial College London

oleh A Nagen 2020 In GR, gravity arises as a property of spacetime. However,. GR is a classical theory and, hence, cannot be a candidate for quantum gravity.


with the aim to proposing an alternative quantum theory of gravity The idea is to start from a non-commutative classical spacetime.36 halaman

Concept of Time in Canonical Quantum Gravity and - CERN

oleh C Kiefer 2009 Dirujuk 12 kali in classical mechanics, which allows the construction of a particle trajectory. In this sense, the classical spacetime can be interpreted as a.

Gravity and the Quantum Abstract - Penn State University

oleh A Ashtekar Dirujuk 144 kali general relativity and quantum mechanics must unavoidably meet. in the classical theory several manifestations of these difficulties.

Can Spacetime be a Condensate?

oleh BL Hu 2005 Dirujuk 103 kali A. Classical, semiclassical, stochastic and quantum Gravity gravity [9] refers to the theory where classical spacetime is driven by 

On the Study of Quantum Properties of Space-Time - ICTP

phenomenon of gravity waves. In experiments searching for classical grav- ity waves the presence of quantum space-time fluctuations would introduce a.

Entanglement of quantum clocks through gravity - PNAS

oleh EC Ruiz 2017 Dirujuk 43 kali quantum clocks entanglement gravity classical limit. Acrucial aspect of any physical theory is to describe the behav-.

Spacetime quantization induced by classical gravity

oleh S Doplicher 1994 Dirujuk 878 kali classical gravity. Quantum spacetime is described by a non-commutative algebra whose commutation relations do imply our.


of spacetime within the realm of quantum field theory, O. Babelon, D. Bernard and M. Talon Introduction to Classical Integrable Systems†.

Lessons from classical gravity about the quantum structure of

oleh T Padmanabhan 2011 Dirujuk 100 kali D - 1 of a D dimensional spacetime. 5th International Workshop DICE2010. IOP Publishing. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 306 (2011) 012001 doi:10.1088  19 halaman

Binding Quantum Matter and Space-Time, Without Romanticism

oleh A Tilloy 2018 Dirujuk 9 kali Keywords Quantum gravity Semiclassical theories Collapse models as representatives of all hybrid quantum-classical theories.

Newtonian Quantum Gravity*

oleh KRW Jones 1995 Dirujuk 62 kali We develop a nonlinear quantum theory of Newtonian gravity consistent The argument hinges upon exploiting the verified classical conservation laws to.

The emergence of spacetime in quantum theories of gravity

oleh N Huggett 2013 Dirujuk 18 kali One family of approaches to quantum gravity, the 'canonical' theories, takes classical general relativity as its point of departure and attempts to quantize the  6 halaman

Philippe Allard Alessio Belenchia Caslav Brukner Esteban

entropy, related to completely classical components of the Wightman In quantum gravity, information about the spacetime distribution of energy.