What If I Am Underweight

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Candidemia (Blood Infection) and Other Candida Infections

Infants who are very underweight are also at risk for developing Candidemia. Finally, persons who inject themselves with illicit drugs are also at risk for developing Candidemia. How can I get Candidemia? In the hospital, up to 10% of bloodstream infections are caused by the fungus Candida. Most often, Candidemia develops within 3 weeks of being

The National Nutrition Survey

The National Nutrition Survey (NNS) is a comprehensive survey conducted every five years since 1978 and the latest of which is in 2013. In-between the five-year period, the Updating Survey of Nutritional Status of Children and Other Population


Aug 09, 2016  Sungurtekin H, J Am Coll Nutr. 2004;23227-232; 9. Lim SL, et al. Clin Nutr. 2012;31(3):345-350. Infection1-3 Pressure ulcers4 Falls5 Complications8 Mobility7 Quality of life6 Hospital length of stay9 Readmission9 Mortality9


Underweight 28-40 lb. Overweight 15-20 lb. Most of your weight gain should occur in your second and third trimesters. Aim for gaining ½ - 1 lb per week after your first trimester. Gaining too much weight can be unsafe for you and your baby. For you, too much weight gain can lead to high blood pressure during pregnancy,

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Underweight. 20. Give 3 problems caused by being underweight. Health problems like a poor immune system, lack of energy or tiredness, lack of vitamins or minerals. 21. What do we become if we eat too much food or eat food too high in fat? Overweight. 22. What do we call someone who is

nformation for youI - RCOG

Being underweight increases the risk of your baby not growing as well as he or she should. Is it safe for me to diet while I am pregnant? Trying to lose weight by dieting during pregnancy is not recommended as it may harm the health of your unborn baby. If you are concerned about your weight, your midwife can advise you and may refer you to

Physical Education

Activity 1: Where Am I? Let‟s play a brain teasing fun game called Word Scramble. Find Below 18.5 Underweight 18.6 24.9 Normal 25 29.9 Overweight 30.0 Above Obese Part II: What to Process 11 A.1 Weight the heaviness or lightness of a person


Underweight Binge eating Overweight Eating too little or refusing to eat CONDUCT Verbal aggression Physical aggression Used a weapon against people (stones, sticks etc.) Cruel to animals Physically cruel to people Stealing or shoplifting Deliberately sets fires Deliberately destroys property Frequent lying Lack of remorse or guilt

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You are underweight. You are losing weight without trying. You are unable to eat enough dto ue poor appetite, nasea or other u symptoms. You have increased energy and protein requirements. Energy refers to the kilojoules or calories in our food and drinks. Some foods have more energy than others. The amount of energy delivered depends on the

My Nutrition Minced and Moist Diet IDDSI Level 5)

You are underweight You are losing weight without trying You are unable to eat enough due to poor appetite or nausea You have increased energy and protein requirements High Protein foods include: Meat, fish and chicken Eggs Dairy products Beans, legumes, nuts e.g. Smooth peanut butter or smooth nut spreads